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Getting to know: Your family
I was just thinking about this and i thought it posed an interesting question: who are your character(s) related to and how?

Azsharra/Kureei's mother was Shelithel Riversong and her father was Belorash Hawkwing. The two were never married as Shelithel left Quel'thalas before Azsharra was born. Her husband's name was Alayden. She also had a daughter by the name of Shelitha. Azsharra is the descendant of Lady Vashj's daughter who survived the sundering.
Wakaraina comes from the Winterhoof family, a group of Tauren who reside in Thunder Bluff. When I created Insel, I just decided that they were cousins, and he is also a Winterhoof. (Back when I had FlagRSP, they both used the surname) When they discovered a Taurahe camp in Northrend bearing their same name, they started to wonder more about their heritage, and Wakaraina has started asking around with the Elders to try and determine whether or not there is a connection. Insel, on the other hand, simply accepts the connection as true and proven by his unusual hairiness.

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