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Getting to Know You...again!
It's a new Getting to Know You topic! I hope I'm not repeating questions here, but here it goes.

First question, why did you pick Horde?

I (like many WoW people it seems) started off on Alliance. After killing Trolls in STV and feeling sorry for them, I made Mel. I quickly discovered the Horde story was much more interesting to me.

Second, why did you pick your race and class?

I picked Trolls because, as I said, I felt sorry for killing all of them in STV. Only after I made one did I realize that the ones in STV were Hakkari worshiping fools anyway. And I picked Warrior because it was a class I hadn't played yet. I didn't really intend to get all the way to 70 with Mel. I feared I would get bored and leave him at around level 20, but that so didn't happen. Smile

Your turn!
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Actually, I can probably answer all of those together.

I picked EVERY race and class, on both sides! I've made up characters of all types because I wanted to experience everything the game had to offer.

The roleplaying servers and guilds have been the most fun, so they've gotten most of my time. I picked a tauren warrior because it seemed interesting to play a peaceful, contemplative type who specializes in bashing things. (Toward that end, I've trained almost no Fury skills and don't use Berserker stance.)
Simple to answer for me one I love elves always have always will. And Warlock due to the fact that I got tired of getting killed by them as my rogue and I wanted to be the one doing the killing.....That worked out very well for me. ^.^
I've always liked the horde, from Orcs and Humans all the way through the series. When I first heard about WoW, I was really hoping for a Warcraft 2 deathknight. Since they didn't have one of those, I went with Orc warlock, and then Undead Warrior.
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"Why Horde"

While I don't play Horde exclusively, the reason I do play it is two-fold. One: there are 2-3 % fewer people that I put into the category "Goober". You know, the ones that hang around Crossroads wanting to duel anybody and cannot speak properly without inserting "STFU", "Lawls-you suxors", or "I is more l33tz than u." There is a larger percentage of folks that act more mature. I'm not speaking to actual age here, just behavior. Two: the Horde races offers a perspective that is only available with that faction. My orc thinks/acts/sees the world in ways that only an orc could. Three: (yes, I said two-fold, but orcs can't count very well) while some Horde races may not be as 'pretty' as their alliance counterparts, their histories are often more interesting, dynamic, and if one looks into the history, it's actually easy to be quite sympathetic to their plights (i.e., orcs and undead).

"Why Hunter"

My very first MMO character was a ranger in EQ. When I started playing WoW, the Hunter was the natural class that closely resembled that play style. It is just the class I identify with the most. They are a hybrid class. They are quite capable of dishing out a lot of physical damage, but must be played with a degree of finesse and intelligence to keep your rear in tact and all in one piece. I do sometimes wish it was not the most popular class (Yea, Death Knights - hunters, please form a double line starting your new main), because that introduces its own challangers ("Oh, another hunter. How unique."), but eh... It doesn't rob my love of the class.

"Why Orc"

For me, it just seemed like the perfect choice. 5% increase to pet damage really adds to a BM Hunter's ability to kill things, plus (and this is the biggest one) Durkham is just tooooo fun to RP. Big Grin
Why did I pick Horde? Originally, coming from EQ, I started with some of my old guildmates on another server as Alliance. Having played a gnome wizard in EQ, I started a gnome mage. It was a regular server, not RP, and that lasted about a day. Eve, Tae, Sreng, and Fleethoof had started Horde side on an RP server, so I moved here, originally intending to play both. I ended up liking the atmosphere of the Horde, and specifically the tauren, a lot better. Mulgore remains one of my favorite places in Azeroth.

Choosing a tauren was pretty simple for me. I liked their character in warcraft 3 and they are the one Horde race to have never served the burning legion in some capacity. In the grand scheme of things I tend to consider them the most "good" race in WoW. It also made a nice switch from previously playing a gnome, and I have always liked the minotaur race in the Dragonlance setting, which parallel warcraft tauren in certain ways.

For warrior, there were two reasons for that. Playing a wizard in EQ gave me an intimate understanding of the importance of aggro control. I was interested in playing a class that could effectively control the flow of a battle. Also, my friends lacked a tank among the classes they had chosen, so it balanced out the group nicely.
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Why horde?

Most of my forays horde-side have been to play with friends. The last one that started this way just happened to have lasting results because I love the character.

Why blood elf?

Because I just could not seem to level a character of any of the other races. And being the altoholic I am, believe me, I tried. Several times.

Why priest?

Once you do know me better, you might ... just might ... see that I have a little obsession with priests. I just love the class!

My first hordie was an undead rogue that made it to 11, a poor substitute for the EQ rogue I had loved so much. I discovered the priest class shortly after but as a night elf. That just struck a chord for me. The hunter/priest duo I was part of at the time was excellent and both of us are just more comfortable in those shoes than any other in the game, even now 3 1/2 years later. When that duo had to break up for a time (because of that thing called "real life") and I decided to find a good RP home, I created night elf priests on every RP server (at the time, 10-12 or so) and played them into the teens. Silverhand was by far the best experience and Fieryheart became my main, all those other little ones eventually deleted. (Fieryheart was renamed Cinnea last fall.)

Because I had friends playing both sides on Silverhand, I tried multiple times to get characters going horde side too: a couple trolls, shaman and you-guessed-it-priest; an undead priest at some point; tauren druid, I think; even an orc rogue at one point. Probably others along with several blood elves (including a lowbie version of Neely that was on Silverhand for over a year, deleted her when I transferred the paladin I leveled on Sisters so I could rename that one). And failed miserably because none of them held my interest.

I started Saerrina on Sisters of Elune just to pester a friend that was playing horde side there and taking time away from Silverhand alliance side. I fell in love with that specific character for gameplay and she is still my favorite to play. However, my RP is much better developed for Cinnea and even my mage Neecia than for Saerrina. Saerrina's RP is coming along though and I hope to enrich that as I get more involved with the Tribe. Cinnea's gear is finally coming along too and she is becoming more fun to play. It is a hard decision to tell which of these two (both priests, of course!) is actually my main some days.

Neely? She's a paladin. For survivability. Her initial purpose and reason for being leveled at all was to supply Saerrina's raid needs: potions and herbs mainly, as a potion-spec'd alchemist. Not a love of the class and probably never as a main but I do a passable job playing her.
I have two characters to explain...

Why Horde?

For the most part...Xerrik talked me into getting the game and playing. He was playing Horde side and due to the factions we could not communicate. Tried Alliance and the first thing I saw when I zoned in to the newbie zone was a bunch of naked Human females dancing...that ended quick. Horde side seems to have much more maturity than what my experiences have shown me on Alliance side. For the Horde!!!

(Mokimi) Why an Orc?

Come one...Mokimi has sexy abs...cant go wrong with that. I also at the time felt that the orc females were the prettier on the horde side in comparison to the other races. However now I feel that they all have their looks and I appreciate all of them.

Why a hunter?

The whole concept of having a pet is something I understand. Its not owning something, its a bond that is forged over time and in order to maintain that bond you need to feed it and nurture it. I grew up with animals and I felt that this class is suited to how I feel about animals. She has the concept that if your fighting your enemy its best to fight along side your companion than to let him take the hits while you shoot arrows. Thus why Mokimi is a Meelee hunter which is consistant with the comment just made.

(Eruadan) Why a Blood Elf?

I have always enjoyed elves. Night elves were on Alliance side so I couldnt have one. However when BC came out they gave us Blood Elves. I waited a while before rolling a Blood Elf knowing that there would be swarms of them around. Blood Elves are the "pretty" race of the horde. They look cool and have the "anime" look that I have always enjoyed and been attracted to. Thus why I took the elf.

Why a Priest?

To be honest...I felt Ironsong was lacking Priests...so I rolled one. I fell in love with the class and leveled as a Holy Priest. It was always about being able to heal my tribesmates, and it still is. I felt a priest has the potential to more portray my personality in an RP environment. Spiritual, quiet, compassionate, understanding and helpful are some of the qualities that Eruadan and I share and thats why I chose the Priest. He has since become a "Smite" priest geared for healing, and I have always enjoyed playing a class differently than what is expected.
Why Horde? When Is tarted up Wow with my ex all of his friends were horde so he and I just joined in. I didn't mind because I've always been the "anti". It seemed like alliance would be what any noob would pick, so why do that? Big Grin

Why priest? I WAS a nursing major. I saw priest as kind of an expression of me. I can heal you, but at the same time I will also teach you lessons (holy and shadow face melting). I just loved shadow more.

Why Druid? Ex played a druid and I thought taurens were cute. Plus my sister's love for her druid poked me in the right direction.
I... sort of started out as Alliance (as a friend of mine was already playing Alliance on Alleria), but only got my nelf rogue to level 10 before I started checking out the Horde, first with a tauren warrior, whom, IIRC, was also on Alleria. I ended up on Silver Hand after a friend of mine said he was joining a furry guild called Bloodbound, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As for the race/class, I wanted to play a tauren (srsly, cows), and I preferred the look of the female tauren to the male. Shaman... I'm not sure. I think I just looked through the descriptions and I'd already played a warrior and found it difficult starting out, and shaman was the most appealing to me of the other three choices.
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Why Horde?

As a rule, in my observation, Alliance people need helmets. There are exceptions, but I prefer not to take my chances with percentages when there are 10 million players: those are bad odds to play. Plus, the horde story is much more interesting than 'Generic Human Story A'. And it seems like the Alliance, as a faction, are the "bad guys". Well...of the two, anyway.

Why Warlock?

I love pet classes and I love spellcasters. Simple as that.

Why Blood Elf?

Because it was a horde race my wife would finally play, so I tend to make mostly blood elves. Plus, I dig the story, the look, and the body language attitude.
Why Horde?

Well, when the game initially launched, I had decided I was going to try each: my original plans were a Troll Hunter and a Human Paladin. I've been a huge fan of all things Azeroth since Tides of Darkness, and have a genuine affection for all the lore and content. I didn't want to miss a thing. But when reality set in, I became much more interested in playing Horde. I'm more Barbarian than Civic.

Why Troll Hunter?

Trolls have always held a special place in my heart. For a time, my job description at Games Workshop was "Mail Order Troll" (until we got a manager who decided trolls were stupid and goofy, and made us become super-elite "Hobby Specialists"). My kenning in the SCA is "Half-Troll". Trolls seemed a natural choice.

As for Hunter, what really appealed to me was the idea of taming a pet, naming it, and having it for all time. Meathook was the first beast I ever tamed, not counting the boar they make you train on. I still have him, and I always will!
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Pull up a chair, 'cause this is going to be a bit lengthy.

Much like Quiniah, I've played just about every race and class. Some more than others. My very first character I made was an orc shaman; I was looking for an opportunity that hadn't been available in EQ. I'd always thought the idea of playing an orc or goblin would be neat. After reaching level 14 or so with the shaman, I found out the guild I had last been with in EQ was established over on Medivh...Alliance-side.

So, Cephelange, my human Warlock, was created. I quickly grew to love the Warlock class; it had some of the flavor of the Necromancer from EQ, but with much more pizzazz. I kept in touch with Kretol on the forums of the last guild we'd been in together in EQ, and found out he was playing here on Silver Hand.

So, I came to Silver Hand and created Silat, my Forsaken Mage (yes, he was my first character created here). The Forsaken interested me, as did the mage class; after hitting a difficult patch with him, I decided to take a break and made an orc hunter. I had always liked the female Klingons from Star Trek, and envisioned female orcs being much the same as them, mentality and attitude-wise. I could play a "non-girly" female character, and noone would really question it. So, Lhuurssa came to be; I grew to love the hunter class for many of the same reasons as others have stated. Even if I knew then that they were going to be one of the most overpopulated classes, I'd still have gone that route. Lhuurssa has since taken over from Silat as my "main," and I still tend to think of myself as Horde, even though I play both factions about the same.

Same as those that have related unpleasant experiences on the Alliance-side, I tend to cringe the moment Trade chat floods my screen. I know there are immature players on both sides, but same as others, they seem to exist in larger quantities on the Alliance side.

So, "why Horde?"

For the flavor and experiences it offers.

Why my race and class?

For all of my characters, it's an opportunity to experience the game from the perspective/role of that class and race. I feel it helps me understand (instance) group dynamics better.
Orcs are better than Humans...

That pretty much sums up why I play Horde and Orcs. As for classes, well if Orcs could be Druids, Cloudjumper would be an Orc. Mynos plays a Shaman so that choice was out. I have an Orc Hunter, Rogue, Warrior, and Warlock, really it is more what I feel like playing at the time that determines which character I am using. However Dergash is my favourite, I just like something about the Warlock class, I guess it reminds me some of my EQ Necromancer.
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Glad to see all the replies.

As a warrior, I've grown to hate Hunters. Simply because they send their pet in to do all the physical work while they just stand there and shoot at you. Why don't you get over here and swing a huge axe around while twenty paladins jump on you because they see the word "warrior" and think "easy kill"? They'll all slam you with Hammer of Justice at the same time, by the way.

Sorry, PvP bit slipped out there.
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