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Getting to Know You !
So this will hopefully be the start of a series of threads designed to get folks thinking more about the RP aspects of their characters.

To start we will keep things simple.
List your characters 5 most precious items, and why they are so valued.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Flawless Diamond Solitaire - The ring Amato proposed with. Always with her, though she puts it away in battle, lest it be damaged.

Elegant Writing Tool - A gift from Amato at a Moot, when her pens all ran out or broke. Tucked into a pouch in her pack, she carries it everywhere with her.

Stylized horn caps - Made by various family members and friends, Coranda always wears decorative caps on her downward-pointing horns. Most of these caps have bells on them that tinkle as she moves.

Scrapbook- Every important letter from a friend is carefully placed in this voluminous scrapbook and saved in her bank vault. Occasionally, she hauls it out to page through and enjoy the memories. Pictures, sketches, and small gifts are carefully cataloged and added when she gets around to it. (Which mostly means they sit in piles next to the scrapbook and get haphazardly pasted in when she needs to make room.)

Notebook(s) - No matter where she goes, Cora is carrying at least one notebook full of doodles, observations, pressed flowers, and whatever else she can fit in there. She can't even sit through a five minute wyvern ride without taking one out and starting to sketch.

Wedding Dress (technically, a Mooncloth Robe) - Made in secret by Coriakin and Russetdawn (and one of the last things Coriakin ever did for her), this is what she was wearing on the happiest day of her life. It is the one absolutely pristine object in her bank vault, carefully cleaned and maintained at all times.

(Okay, so that's six... but I couldn't decide what to drop.)


Collection of custom shoes - Most of Toranda's shoes were custom designed and forged by the same family members and friends that made Coranda's horn adornments. Along with her hoof-carvings, they proclaim her lineage and personality. (And, of course, a warstomp hurts that much more when it's done with a truesilver-shod hoof.)

Gnomish Exploding Pasties - ... it's a long story, involving Thrall, a diplomatic meeting, and some well-placed table decorations. If you ask her, she'll tell you about it... just don't do it while Cora's around, or she'll die of embarrassment.

Kang the Decapitator - Despite its low level, this is Toranda's signature weapon. In a trade that made ripples throughout the realm, she exchanged a hard-to-find first-season Easter Dress for the axe and 500 gold pieces. Both women walked away from the deal satisfied.

Stompy the Kodo - An aging grey kodo that has seen better days. Now lame from an accident in Outland, Stompy only comes out for walks now. Fortunately, Toranda is used to walking everywhere anyway.

Map to Stonetalon Abbey - A gift from Vani, this map shows the way to the Abbey she maintains in the Stonetalon Mountains. If Toranda could read a map, she might go visit and try to see if Vani is still around.
Anca's stuff:

a Netherwing Egg - Anca found this warm little egg and decided to protect it from those bad orcs who use and abuse the dragons. She hid it away and hopes one day it will hatch and be her friend.
The Horde's Hellscream - Anca learned to read from a picture book Rinu gave her. Now she's trying to work her way through the big book about Grom Hellscream. She isn't very far into it, but she very diligently sits and studies the words to try to understand them.
bouquet of red roses - though she doesn't understand the magic that replenishes the petals, Anca loves how the petals shower all over anyone she whacks with the bouquet.
Crown of Destruction - three words: Head On Fire!
her collection of pets - though most people don't know it, Anca has a wide variety of little animals she cares for. From the numerous cats to rabbits and frogs, to a spider, a squirrel, a pig and a heffalump. She even cares for an oozling, a miniature yeti, and a clockwork robot. Anca likes animals. She even has a wolpertinger.
Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers because at the time, earning this bow was one of Sreng's greatest personal accomplishments. It represented countless hours in Molten Core, and then struggling against the four demons scattered throughout Azeroth, and the incredible level of help and support he received from the Tribe. Upon claiming it, Sreng accepted the troll honorific of Sreng'jin, and he keeps the bow as a badge of honor and a reminder of how much he owes Ironsong.

Thekal's Grasp and Arlokk's Grasp because of their personal and spiritual significance. Sreng recognizes these as symbols of the power of the Primal Gods, and while he venerates the Emerald Queen Ysera, Sreng also heeds the power of his Zandali roots. He still wields the claws, despite the recent discoveries of much more powerful weapons from Outland and beyond.

Sreng's constant companion, other than Meathook, is Tael'sero the Emerald Whelping. Before the portals to the Emerald Dream opened, spilling the corrupted Nightmare Dragons into Azeroth, Sreng was spirited away by Ysera to try to prevent it from happening. The efforts of Ysera's faithful were not enough, though, and the dragons came through. Tael'sero came through with Sreng (though IRL I didn't expect to have this little token; Shillatae and Fleethoof pooled their resources to get him for me as a gift and a cool prop for the story).
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
The Gladiator's Slicer - Melikar loves his swords. Well, he loves most weapons, and as of right now, the Slicers have his heart. He spent days defending the Horde's lands from the Alliance and it really payed off when he received two of these blades for his courage and hard work.

Flame of the Exodar - This flame is the only reminder Melikar will ever have of his months spent with a lone Draenei woman. Perhaps stealing this flame is what part of her still lives on in him.

Red Skeletal Warhorse - Though he's mainly seen riding his Frostwolf Howler these days, Melikar won't forget the days of riding his dream creature around when he first came to Outlands. The Warhorse was something he'd had his eye on for some time and he was quite happy to finally get one. He seems to have his eyes set on a Talbuk now...

Tuxedo - For some reason, Melikar values this a lot. It's always sitting around in his bank. Perhaps it's for a special occasion he hopes to see one day or perhaps it's just because someone made it for him.

Guild Tabard - The tabard that represents his unity with Ironsong, a place where he finally felt he could call home. No item can replace to preciousness of friends.


Kardwel: ((Can't say anything for him yet. I'm still thinking on that one.))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Dispaya's Sanctum is filled with treasures and momento's of her past exploits. These are among her favorite:

Sageblade : A sword created by the smith DeGrang and presented to Dispaya by Warlord Sreng when she was promoted to Farseer. This was also the same occasion where Sreng took her as his adopted daughter thus giving Dispaya a home in the Darkspear Tribe. It is still her most prized possession. Though she no longer carries it in battle she sometimes wears it to moots as an honor blade.

Violet the Raptor: Dispaya's faithful troll mount was also given to her by the Darkspear tribe when she became exalted with them. She is a symbol of Dispaya's honor with the troll tribe. (I spent 6 months collecting runecloth to finally earn the right to ride this in the pre-BC days.) Dispaya also has a blue raptor she sometimes rides named "Cobalt."

Whiskers the Rat: Dispaya's favorite pet accompanies her almost everywhere. He once followed her home from Blackrock Spire and has been in her care ever since. Whiskers is an albino and quite smart for a rat. His favorite trick is to "play dead." The orphans in Orgrammar love him so much when Dispaya goes there to perform for them that they started naming all their pet rats after him. Other pets in her sanctum include 2 cats...and a mechanical squirrel and yeti that are best friends.

Picture of her Human Father: Dispaya has a single picture of her human father that she keeps in her inner sanctum. She brought it back from Gilneas the time she was called back by her beloved before he died. Dispaya still remembers her human life well and still remembers and quotes her father's words for he was a very wise leader of humans. As he was never a member of the Alliance she considers it ok to speak of him to her horde friends...though she will only do so sparingly. Dispaya is sympathetic towards Alliance humans due to memories of her past...and she will only fight them in defense of her friends or cities. She has never disclosed her father's name nor her family name. A few tribe know her human first name was "Caroline."

She keeps other pictures close as well. In her main lab there hangs a picture of her Troll Father Sreng and in a small crystal globe on the table is a magical 3d image of the Undead girl "Zema."

Blood of the Tribe: When Dispaya was badly burned by the dragon Onyxia it was blood donations by the Ironsong tribe that eventually restored her to normal. She holds this blood sacred in her undead veins and because of this Dispaya has an unusual connection to the tribe that exceeds the spiritual. She can sometimes read the minds of tribemates in peril and often has great insight into events and situations concerning the tribe.

Also in her sanctum:
A vase of flowers given to her by Krell.
A beautiful Mooncloth robe made by Eveline.
A poem given to her by Dokcha.
A song written for her by Mellith.

Dispaya's journal in which she keeps memento's, poems, songs and stories she writes. It also holds an old drawing of two dear friends Drakyth and Oxzen now long gone.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Sing True Ironsong!
Jabadue and his brother, Filiminjaru, are some of the last remaining members of the Bloodsnake clan of the Darkspear trolls.

Jaba always keeps [item]Crimson Snake[/item] somewhere on his person in remembrance of his lost clan. Just remember to be careful where you put your hand if trying to pickpocket Jaba. He also likes to keep [item]Flint and Tender[/item] along with some twigs and sticks in his pockets and boots, in case of emergencies, along with a [item]Candy Cane[/item] or two for the tribes younger members (just make sure you clean it off before consuming).

Deep in the jungle of Stranglethorn, he washes his hands in flaming [item]Volatile Rum[/item] to honor his loa, Oguon.

Jaba loves battle and keeps [item]Earthfury Belt[/item], [item]Earthfury Boots[/item], [item]Earthfury Bracers[/item], [item]Earthfury Epaulets[/item], [item]Earthfury Gauntlets[/item], [item]Earthfury Helmet[/item], [item]Earthfury Legguards[/item], and [item]Earthfury Vestments[/item] in honor of the tribe's battles in Molten Core.

Finally, Jaba keeps a [item]Nubless Pacifier[/item] handy to silence whiners and complainers, and to provide comfort on those cold nights in the Alterac Mountains when he is curled up in a hole.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Well..I am fairly new here and have not had as many adventures as some.

Sun Tattoo: My most prized possession is a tattoo that was created for me by a few tribe members. It was scribed on the back of my neck and contains the power of holy light. Thus...if I am ever turned to Scourge the tattoo's magic will destroy me. This insures that I can never be used as a weapon against my tribe or my people...and is always a reminder to me of the power of the holy light and my duties as a Sun Priestess.


Slinky the Mana Wyrmling: Slinky is a pet I brought from Silvermoon and he has been with me since I left to join the Ironsong Tribe. I was sent by the Priests of Silvermoon as a liason to the Ironsong Tribe and to serve as a healer to them in the coming wars. Slinky was once the only friend I had who I could talk to when I was lonely...though he never speaks back. He also collects and radiates mana which helps me to curb my own Sindorei thirst for magic.

Staff of the Sun: This staff was given to me upon my acceptance into the order. I carry it still for important ceremonies and rituals.

I look forward to getting to know you all and I will do my best to serve the tribe and to keep everyone safe.

Anu belore dela'na

-Faeriel of Silvermoon
Merciless Gladiator Spellblade: Thanuist fought long and hard for this blade despite her dislike for killing members of the Alliance. Acquiring this blade has made her feel more powerful than ever, and she feels that it cements her decision to follow the shadow arts.

Greeny the Green Hawkstrider: Thanuist has been able to gather enough information about her father to learn that besides her mother, Ael'nin loved his own prixe winning green hawkstrider. When she was able to gather the funds for one, she ran right out and bought one she could trace back to the line her father bred.

Carved Witch Doctor's Stick: Thanuist has a lot of fun (harmless of course) bopping tribesmates on the head with this wand. Turning Amato into a dancing murloc and herself into a kitten are two memories guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

White Kitten: Thanuist spent a long time searching for someone willing to sell such an adorable kitten. The large sum of gold she paid was well worth it, in her opinion, as she never sleeps alone with this warm little feline around.

Flawless Diamond Solitare: Although this was given to her by a Blood elf rogue with no strings attached (except for the fact that he probably picked it up in a less than honest way and she shouldn't speak of where she got it), she sees it as a symbol that perhaps there's hope for love yet.
Valtrinity is the last tauren alive of her clan known as 'Alaris', a word derived from ancient Taurahe which means 'outcast'. Her father was known as Galhorn, a hero of Thunderbluff who once fought off hordes of Kolkar centaur before his unfortunate death. He now lies buried on the outskirts of Thunderbluff in the Golden Plains. Veteran members of Ironsong know of his grave's location as many moots have been held there. Her mother was Favaris, a kindly tauren woman who fell into a grieving madness after her husband was killed. For years, she spent time in the presence of the druids of Moonglade hoping that her madness would pass, but it wouldn't be until recently that the veil that covered her mind would be lifted. She passed away in Priestess Shillatae's arms just before last Winter's Veil. Val's history with the Tribe has been long and there are many precious things that she keeps with her.

Bloodmoon - A two-handed axe that Val crafted from the materials of the Outland. This weapon is more than just a simple instrument meant to cut anything that argues with Val short, but it is a precious symbol of her achievement in her craft. Her father too was a great weaponsmith, one who crafted a mighty axe known as Mulgore's Liberator. Her father's weapon has since been lost due to Grimtotem treachery (Rumor suggests that Delgarsida was responsible its theft). Val feels that the Bloodmoon is a close reminder of her proud heritage, as such the weapon is more valuable to her than her own life. Val has also sworn to return the Liberator to its rightful place.

A simple black dress - While it serves as a wonderful fashion statement, this was a Winter's Veil gift given to Val her first year with the Tribe. She was wearing this dress the day she was promoted to the rank of Ironsinger within the Tribe, as such it serves as a reminder of that wonderful day.

Collection of tabards - Val has a vast collection of tabards from many different organizations both from Outland and Azeroth. Val doesn't see them as fashion statements, but rather symbols of proud achievments, pride, and/or loyalty. She has tabards given to her from the Argent Dawn, the Consortium, and even for her service to the Frostwolves. She also has a tabard from the Scarlet Crusade, which she regards more as a trophy. Her most recent tabard was given to her for her service to the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Mood ring - A simple ring that supposedly changes color to reflect the mood of the wearer. While Val doesn't necessarily believe it actually works, it was given to her from Dispaya. Since she was first admitted to Ironsong, Dispaya was the first friend Val ever made within the Tribe. Since then, their friendship has gone close, each one seeking the other's advice on important issues that have come and gone in the Tribe's history. The ring is important to Val as it is a reminder of the special bondship she shares with her.

Hide of the Wild - A cloak made from the hands of Sreng Skullclaimer Ironsong, leader of the Ironsong Tribe. Sreng took pride in the number of these cloaks that he produced for Tribemates and friends alike. Val is happy to be one of the many, especially after all the trouble she went through to gather the materials for one. She keeps the cloak in good condition and it also serves as a reminder of the respect that she has for her leader.

Val's days with the Tribe have been memorable, but nowadays, her thoughts weigh heavily on her mind. Soon, she will reveal her thoughts. Already she has begun making prepartions for a departure. She knows that soon, she will be leaving the Tribe behind.
Mr. Wiggles has many prized possessions, he has a Half-orc rogue (Dezna), A brutal warrior (Dezba), a defiant paladin (Elphonse), a young shaman (Tokala), and an up and coming druid and hunter, (Odakota and Breda)... now that is out of the way. *glares at Mr. Wiggles* Here are some prized possessions of my Half-orc rogue:

Dezna Marie:
First item is a shirt worn by her mother, the [item]Corsair's Overshirt[/item] is the only possession of her mothers that she has. When Dezna was left at her grandmothers house in Elwynn forest, she was wrapped in this shirt. It fits perfectly now that she is all grown up.

Second item is a torch given to her by a kind man named Grayson in Westfall. She used [item]Grayson's Torch[/item] to light her way to grom'gol.

Third is a [item]Driftwood Club[/item] she stole that off a murloc in Westfall. It may have just been a board with a nail in it, but it kept her safe on those many lonely cold nights.

Forth item is a painting of her mother she stole from the Stormwind library. One day she hopes to be reunited with her mother but until that day she has the most beautiful picture of a human female painted on canvas.

Fifth is not really an item, but more of memories. Dezna has many... almost countless scars, lots have healed but some are too deep to ever forget. All this due to the many years of violent treatment from the humans, and orcs alike, because of her half-orc, half-human race. They are a constant reminder of how cruel the world can be and that she will always be different. Despite the horrible treatment from Humans and Orc, she will never lift a finger to a Orc, and Will never kill a human. Her poisons are anesthetic.
This will probably reveal more about Amato than any of the Tribe have ever actually found out. As Amato has relatively few actual possessions besides his armor and sundry trinkets, some of these 'items' require a bit of stretching of the definition.

His Wedding Suit - Amato keeps (Much to my chagrin and the detriment of his bank space) the whole set of clothing he wore to his wedding with Coranda. It was personally tailored by Eveline just for the event and he preserves it carefully and with fond memories.

Silver Nose Ring - For those who do not have FlagRSP, Amato wears a nose ring made of silver rather than the traditional bronze or gold. It is tarnished with age and embossed with a faded vine pattern. It was given to him a very long time ago by a Night Elf with whom he was very close and who fell in battle a similarly long time ago.

Child's Locket - Hidden in his bank vault is a tiny locket, sized for a child of one of the smaller races. It is made of cheap copper beaten in the shape of a stylized lion's head, a pattern popular in Stormwind. It was given to him by a small human child, a resident of Elwynn forest, as a token of friendship. That child has since grown and moved into the city proper, all thoughts of a child's imaginary friend gone from her mind. Amato has been known to occasionally sneak into the city, though no one really knows why he would want to.

His Tattoo - Underneath the thick fur of his right leg is a beautifully crafted tattoo of the Night Elven goddess Elune. Coranda is the only Tribesmember who knows of it, but has not seen it. It has faded somewhat with age and the regrowth of the covering fur but the magic used in it's creation has allowed it to remain relatively crisp.

His Scars - Amato's entire body is covered in a network of scars, legacy of his long years spent fighting tooth and claw against anything and everything the world has to offer. He bears them as a matter of pride, even though they make his fur stick out. Each one is the legacy of a death avoided.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
For Bloodbound.

Small Doll- A rather tatered old Doll that she keeps in her house, its the only memento she has left from her childhood so long ago.

Library- She has a Rather impressive home library containing thousands of old spell books, Novels, Scrolls, and poems.

Collection of Statues- She has a entier hall filled with Statues of some of the Historical figures in the world includeing statues of Ironsong she made herself out of cloth and a spell Includeing Sreng, Dispaya, Cloudjumper, Eveline, and even the grumpy orc Dergash.

Zaelis- A small Serpentine Dragon she found amongest the aftermath of a battle in Alteric Valley.

Blazerunner and Shadow Wing- Her two trusted steeds.

For Tutelary.

Her Scars- She has a assortment of scars across her body the oldest of which are several on her arms and back from a whip and one Jagged one running from the bridge of her nose to her right jaw hinge. Those old scars were given to her by the goblin Baron who had enslaved her after she killed him and escaped she had thought she was marred untill she met met the Blademaster Garkas Bloodaxe who told her that Scars were badges of honor and to hold them with pride.

Mark of Ba'ruun- The marks on her forearms given to her by the a Naruu when she was trying to drive off the Shade of Arthas.

Collection of Weapons- Several weapons she made or collected throught the years includeing the rusty old scimitar that she used to kill her former slaver.

Family Crest- A necklace in the shape of a silver pheonix, she took this from her fathers corpse after returning home to find her parents dead.

Her Monsterous Strength- No one knows how she obtained it not even she does all that is known is that after she found her family dead she wandered in the scourge lands for many weeks killing any undead she spoted and when she returned from the foggy state of mind she found that she had strength that was truely un-natural. She once sent a ogre flying for attacking the Blademaster Garkas.

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