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Getting To Know You 2 !!!
Another in the Getting to Know You series;

Describe your characters home.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Bloodbound Lives in the Sunstriders house which is a rather large house in the royal district of Silvermoon. She has a huge library of Spellbooks, Scrolls, Poems, Songs, and other various artiffacts. She also has a room completely dedicated as a "Hall of History" sort of that she has many statues of great figures in the history of Azeroth, some of stone and more recently magicly animated cloth figures that she made herself, among which are members of the Ironsong Tribe that she made includeing: Warlord Sreng, Dispaya, Eveline, Melikar, Thanuist, and the one very grumpy looking orc warlock we all know as Dergash.

Tutelary's original home was a farm which was destroyed during the scourge invasion and when she returned and found it destroyed and her family dead she burned it down along with her parent's bodys. She sometimes returns to where it was to pay respects to her dead familiy. But now she lives most of the time in the Warchiefs Elite bunker, Which is large building with training rooms, long hall like rooms for the lower ranked soldiers bunk and independent rooms for the higher-ups which her room is littered with various weapons and a chest that she keeps her valuables in. But sometimes she spends long times in other military bunkers depending on where she is posted at the time.

Ziilla doesn't know where her original home was because she lost all memory of the time before she was 14 and washed up on the shores of durotar. But now her "home" would be her caretakers hut in Sen'jin Village which often has multiple raptors around it but other than that it is a sparsely decorated troll hut.
Wow, I've never even thought of this for Mel. I always assume he's just living in the various inn's of whichever city I log out in. xD

I suppose he would want a home that captures his Zandalari roots, like a typical troll hut. But he also wants a house with walls and has the essence of the Kel'Dorei house he grew up in. He would probably live in the forest or near one, with a fire place and some non-Horde influenced pieces of furniture, like...a bed.

Kardwel would live in a regular old Sin'dorei styled home, complete with floating red diamond-looking things. And gold intricate lines on the walls, can't forget those. He would also have a large foyer in the front of his house, the tiles covering it looking remarkably like the Sunwell. And blue, see-through curtains.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Efluvious/Partario has a small nest of rags and trash in the sewers of Undercity, he has some shiny trinkets there, mostly worthless junk, the really important things he always carries with him, some of them he doesn't even remember what they are for, just that he must keep them. His nest resembles a rats nest.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
Where would you live if you were a rogue on the run? A hideout, of course. The Hovel. Here, in limited detail, is the house that RP-built.

The Hovel is located in a wooded area, generally off the beaten path and far from any towns or inns, so newcomers cause a bit of a stir. Those who do come often do so to seek peace and respite from the hubbub of the more populated areas. Nine times out of ten, they get it. The other time, they just happen to find it and are often unwanted interlopers.

Inside, the Hovel is a simple one-room building with a front door, fireplace, a few windows, a table, a few chairs, and a plethora of blankets. The blankets are often in piles, and a few inhabitants suggest that they have been multiplying on their own. The rafters are open, and often have rogues or large cats hidden somewhere in their shadows. The walls and floorboards are dented, stained, and scorched in spots, hinting that is not always tranquil in this place. Some would say the house has an odd living quality to it. Despite the number of occupants, the room always seems just large enough. Whether this is caused by some, as yet unknown, magical power or from some strange twist of space within the realm none can be sure, but the changes are so subtle that most who visit regularly cannot tell. However, sometimes, when one does not visit very often, the change seems evident but becomes natural with time spent inside.

No one claims ownership of the building, but most who frequent it look after it's upkeep. The unwritten law of the place is that it is one of peace. Fights and destructive actions should be taken outside. Of course, for varying reasons, the rules are not always followed. However, time seems to heal the damages, fading gently and with nearly imperceptible slowness.

--excerpt taken from secondary source and much gratitude to Qaza for the site where this content once lived.
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
Ronx used to strictly be a nomad, keeping no place as his personal home. Though now he has since taken up residence in a cave.

Algernon used to live in a grave, just as a joke. Now he has something of a home in the inn at Tarren Mill
Naamah, Sunjian and Xiaodun are all siblings from the same family minus their eldest brother who went missing shortly after the scourage marched on Silvermoon. Thier parents owned tracts of land near the scourge stronghold of Deathholme as well as a manor house and a merchant area inside the southern town before it fell. When the scourge invaded thier family was one of the first ones attacked simply due to the physical location. Naamah was present when the scourge killed and transformed her parents and rest of her family into the undead, this has left lingering mental scars on the young rogue. She managed to get away by hiding in he woods near the ruined Windrunner Estate which shared a border on the northern end of her parents land. Sunjian and Xiaodun were away in Silvermoon under the tutelage of the paladins and mages respectively. Naamah is the youngest, and thusly was not yet ready to go into training when the scourge attacked. She is young enough that in the sense of a human life span, we would call her a teenager. Now the three of them tend to be drifters but all seem to have thier favorite places to go to at the end of the day.
Home is where the heart is. My heart is with the tribe. The tribe is my home.
Dispaya's Sanctum

At the end of a long tunnel connected to the mage quarter you can find Dispaya's crypt. It is secure behind a large heavy door that swings shut with a loud squeak and >thunk< when closed.

There is a large inner chamber/laboratory with various magical experiments, potions, enchanting supplies and such all strewn about. The walls are stone and the room is dim yet flickers with magical flashes. The room is lit by magical torches that constantly burn yet give off no heat.

A large Ironsong tapestry lines one whole wall.

Another tapestry depicts the great battle of the Molton Core. The tauren shaman Akora is seen locked in a death grip with Ragnaros.

One large table has a stack of old musty tomes and scrolls. On these scrolls are written various spells, enchants, songs, poems and stories. In a very special corner of the desk inside a magic box is Dispaya's personal journal. A small lute sits next to the desk.

There is a secret door behind one bookcase that leads to the city's tunnels and can be used as an emergency escape should the need ever arise. Anca is fond of using this entrance and is one of the few tribe who know about it.

In another corner is a large glass chamber big enough to hold a large Orc or Tauren. Several tubes lead to large empty bottles on the chambers floor. The chamber appears to not have been used in quite some time.

A clockwork Rocket bot and mechanical squirrel are oft seen having a chattering conversation in one of the room's corners.

A large white rat is busy snooping about for a morsel of food.

Dispaya's personal servant, "Cadavera" is busy running errands or trying to keep things straight. She complains loudly when tribe members drop by unannounced.

In a sub room lies Dispaya's personal chamber. In the center of this room is a large casket that is draped with silk curtains. A painting on the wall depicts the Warlord Sreng who is Dispaya's adopted Father. A finely crafted Sageblade hangs at the center of the wall. Several large trunks rest neatly against one wall. The locks appear to be sturdy.

A small almost forgotten frame on the table holds a picture of a human man who looks proud and noble. His arm is around a young human girl with long dark hair.

Dispaya's sanctum is a place where tribe often gather for impromptu meetings and gatherings. All are welcome. Please come in, sit and make yourself at home here.
Sing True Ironsong!

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