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Geshik Twinaxe
I. Your character
"I am Geshik Twinaxe of Warsong. I'm an orc, and proud of my strength as a warrior. My story spans fourty-eight years, if you count the time I spent as little more than a pup. I was born into the Warsong in Nagrand, always admiring Grommash's strength. I have witnessed many battles under his leadership, and aspired to become just as strong. I was just a nameless grunt back then, I hadn't earned the name Twinaxe until the day Cenarius fell. Those days haunt me, for I had fallen for the same trap, not once, but twice now. My eyes still speak of the rage within, the unbelievable bloodlust I had felt back then. My first axe was Gar'mak, meaning Anguish, for I would carve into my foes a great pain. But, when I picked up my second axe and charged at Cenarius, I declared its name to be Lok'tar, for it had aided in the heralding of Grommash's victory. When Mannoroth fell, the haze had lifted, I was no longer a slave to the Legion. With every fiber of my soul, I vowed to never again become a weapon of the legion, but instead, hone myself into the spear of the Horde. Meditation and training taught me to focus my hate and rage into a precise weapon, and with my demon-granted strength, Lok'tar and Gar'mak felt so much lighter. But the quest for calm dulls one's ability to fight, I did not deserve to wield Lok'tar and Gar'mak, having grown so rusty. But I will earn them back, in due time. My goals are simple enough, in words: Uphold the honor and glory of the Horde, and help prepare them for what we all know, and wish was not true: the legion's return. Unlike most orcs, I walk with a straight back, and despite my calm demeanor, I am as a tempest when given cause to fight. Lok'tar and Gar'mak rest upon my back, always, yet I rarely draw them anymore, as I resolve myself to restraint, until I deserve to carve my way through the battlefield with them once more. One might also notice my disdain and hate for the one I have dubbed the False Hellscream, Garrosh is the one I speak of, of course. I hereby vow that I shall uphold Ironsong's honor, just as I uphold the Horde's honor, no matter the cost."

II. Yourself
I wasn't really in any guilds before, however, I reside in two major guilds, one for my alliance, and this will make one for my Hordes. Last Refuge, while not an RP guild, is a cozy, if small, Alliance guild.

Honestly? All I'm looking for from Ironsong is a good, enjoyable time. And RP. RP is always nice.

How long have I played Warcraft? About since just before Burning Crusade, the exact numbers escape me.

I don't have a particular time table in terms of when I play, I just hop on when I feel like playing.

As for any noticeable aspects about myself, I don't really have any significant ones, except that sometimes I'll play the devil's advocate, whether it be to gain insight into a topic, or just to see how my fellows react to a certain perspective. I'm just trying to learn more about people and topics when I do that. I'm also incredibly blunt about my opinion. I will only ever use sarcasm for effect. Or because It's IC. I hope none of those things are too much of a problem.

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