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Gear Check: Axe of Frozen Death
Gear Check: Axe of Frozen Death

By Kenzi • November 21, 2008

Gear Check is a random column that takes a closer look at Death Knight gear and weapons.

Nothing makes leveling easier than a nice weapon! Once you’re in Northrend you get the opportunity early on for a weapon that will last a good 5-7 levels. The Axe of Frozen Death can easily be obtained at level 68, is a nice source of EXP while obtaining and gives a few other nice quest rewards in the process.

The quest lines for both Alliance and Horde are in Borean Tundra. Head over soon as you hit 68 and start your Northrend career in style!

[Image: 94892.jpg]

Key Stats:

* 341-513 min/max damage
* 118.6 DPS and 3.60 speed
* 37 Strength 54 Stamina
* 28 Hit Rating 43 Crit Rating

Below is a table showing each factions quest chain as well as some of the notable rewards you get along the way:

Finding the Phylactery
Buying Some Time -> Death Knight’s Anguish
Words of Power
Last Rites

The Wondrous Bloodspore
Pollen from the Source
A Suitable Test Subject
The Invasion of Gammoth
Gammothra the Tormentor
Trophies of Gammoth -> (Mightstone Helm reward)
Hellscream’s Champion
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Just as a heads up - in order to be named "Hellscream's Champion" you need to have done all of the quests in and around Warsong Hold that lead up to those listed. So just gather up the quests there and work through them in what seems like a natural order for the most part.
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I think the minimum required to get the Hellscream's Champion quest is that you do the Bloodspore line and the farm line (Including the tank quest at the shore).
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