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Gathering of Souls: Week 3 Results!
As Saevel feverishly worked to find the origin of the mana-bomb attack and Ilidiir's abductors, the twin wills of the Tribe made themselves manifest.

Dispaya, recently returned from her sojourn into the twisting Nether suddenly found herself wracked with Light energy. But before it could twist out whatever impurity might have been hiding within her, it was driven back by a strong Fel force. The Light side voted to eliminate Dispaya, but she received the majority of the Fel protection votes also, and no elimination occured!

Zanzi, meanwhile, enjoyed no such protection. All his naaru-derived powers availed him not when the Fel will of the Tribe made itself manifest. Zanzi, blessed with Light energy, was stripped of his energies by the Fel will, receiving the majority of the Fel elimination vote.

The light protection, sadly, was elsewhere. It touched gently on Skrap and on Saevel, and lashed angrily at Efluvious, but those characters only received a small portion of the vote.

Final summation: Dispaya's elimination by the Light side was countered by her protection from the Fel side. Zanzi's elimination by the Fel side was not, and the Light energy was scoured from him.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
At last evenings moot Dispaya showed up riding a skeletal steed...her raptor no where in sight. She was drunk and disheveled...and while peon inductions were happening she interrupted in a stupor and began shouting and asking if the new peon would be foolish enough to poke at a mana bomb with a sword. She directed her comments to Efluvious with a stare and then staggered away to the graveyard and collapsed. The light could not save her this week.
Sing True Ironsong!
True to form, Efluvious drooled all over himself and was quite oblivious to the fact he was being insulted. After having lived in Efluvia's Lair for some time, being called a "Foolish fool who is foolish" was taken by him as a compliment. Efluvious also mentioned going back to visit his old home in the Badlands to "get his head fixed."
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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