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Gathering of Souls: Week 2 Results!
Here is a synopsis of the night's events, for those of you that missed:

The members of the Gathering received a letter from Ilidiir, explaining that he had something important to reveal. When they came to his home in Silvermoon, they found the place to be ransacked. Furniture and papers were strewn about, tapestries were slashed, and the walls were marred with scorchmarks. Of Ilidiir himself, there was no sign.

As the tribemates speculated about what could have happened, Skrap began searching for clues. Her attention was drawn by a strange humming noise coming from beneath the bed. She warned everyone to stand back, and she approached with caution. Efluvious stepped forward and slashed the mattress open.

Inside he found a strange device... a mana-bomb! It seemed that the followers of Kael'thas were responsible for Ilidiir's abduction! Efluvious' careless handling of the device seemed to cause it to engage. Skrap hurriedly waved the Death Knight off and tried her best to disarm the device. She removed the casing, but her technical expertise was stymied by the arcane inner workings of the threatening machine.

Meanwhile, the mana-bomb showed all signs of imminent and catastrophic explosion. Nervous tribemates prepared to run, but quick-thinking Dispaya grabbed the bomb and teleported herself to parts unknown. All that was heard of her was a shriek, and then no more. She has not been seen since!

Later that night, a wild surge ripped through the Fel and Light shards inhabiting the spirits of the Gathering. A new power has made itself known!

Ilidiir is gone, and Dispaya is too. Where did the mana-bomb go? What do the followers of Kael'thas expect to do now that the Gathering Stone is destroyed?

((OOC timeSmile)

These questions have been raised by the course of the events, and it is up to you all to find the answers! Decide on a course of action and describe it on the forums, and I'll reply with the results. If you can actually do it (or simulate it) in-game, so much the better. Seek answers!

Players are encouraged to explore the powers within them via roleplay. Significantly good RP will be rewarded with secret powers and advantages within the game! Post your RP here on the forums!

Also, this week we're introducing a NEW RULE!


Each week past, when you submit your vote, you've been trying to eliminate someone on the opposing team. Now, as the powers within you grow, you are able to submit TWO VOTES per week: one for a player you wish to eliminate, and one for a player you wish to protect.

For example, if I were on the Fel side and thought that Hoobamonkey was too, and I believed that Bugface Pete was Light-side, I'd submit my protection vote for Hoobamonkey, and my elimination vote for Bugface Pete. If a player would normally be eliminated by enemy votes, but receives more protection votes than elimination votes, they are not eliminated. Note that you may NOT vote for yourself!


The Fel Vote was exceedingly weak this week. Fel energy brushed Zanzi lightly, but no elimination occured. (There was only ONE Fel vote submitted this week. LAME, Fel players! I've decreed that such a weak showing results in no elimination).

The Light Vote burned strongly. It lashed out at Dispaya, but no elimination occurred... strange, there must be some strange arcane force shielding her. Could it have anything to do with the mana-bomb and her being missing?

NO eliminations this week! What is in store for next week? Only time will tell!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]

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