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Gathering Skill
Greetings fellow Ironsong!

I wish to know what the most profitable gathering skill is, any help would be appreciated
Hmm, really I think you can make good moneys doing any of mining, herbalism, skinning. I don't sell a lot of my ore but on those occations I do it usually sells pretty fast. I sold off a bunch of ore to afford my mount at 40. If you don't really have a firm creation profession picked out you can double up on 2 gathering professions.

Best way might be to take a good look through the bazaar and see what stuff is selling for.
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((My opinion: Get two gathering professions, but make sure one of them isn't skinning Big Grin

Honestly, I was Skinning/Mining for awhile until I just got too sick of the bloated skinning market. I was selling stacks of light and medium leather for 6s on average, which just is not worth my time. Allegedly it gets better at higher levels, but I find it easier to cater to both markets and deal with the tracking issue than to invest 250+ points in a skill that isn't paying much.

There's a UI out there called "Gatherer" that will keep track of any plant/mineral that you harvest and put it on your map. So rather than spam a button to switch between the trackers, you can go to an area and track one type, then track anther for awhile, and the next time you visit you can switch when you think you're near one or the other respectivly.

Prices really switch too much to give a good answer to which will earn you more money. I've sold a stack of copper from 40s to 1g+, and I've had herbs that I've put on the AH several times, not sold them, and then finally they'll sell for 3x more than what I expected, simply based on what's out there and the current going price.

Just remember, it's not necessarily about -what- you sell, just how much. Know who your consumers are. For gathering sales, you're selling to people grinding their skills, sometimes on level 60 characters who they want to tweek out without filling up their profession slots with gathering skills. Sell copper, sell bronze, sell stones, sell gems, sell it ALL. If the prices drop and you're sitting on 6 stacks, wait. If you notice that there isn't much bronze on the market, take advantage and sell sell sell!

Hope this helps...))

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