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Garrosh guide
The fight against Garrosh is a four-phase fight:

Phase One: lasts until Garrosh reaches 10% health, at which point he heals himself to FULL and sends the raid into a transition phase. During Phase One Garrosh has two abilities and gets help from adds.

Transition Phase: Lasts for 1 minute. During this phase the raid is sent into another realm where we have to defeat several adds and reach Garrosh in order to interrupt a cast channel that increases his power in the next phase.

Phase Two: Garrosh has 2.5 times as much health as he did in Phase One, but any damage done to him in the Transition Phase carries over to Phase Two. During Phase Two Garrosh will periodically send the raid into the realm where the Transition Phase took place, and we'll have to repeat the Transition Phase there.

Phase Three: Phase Two lasts until Garrosh reaches 10% health again, at which point he heals himself to 25%, and the raid enters Phase Three. This lasts until Garrosh dies. Garrosh has the same abilities as Phase Two.

Phase One

Garrosh's abilities in Phase One:

* Desecrate & Desecrated Weapon: Garrosh targets a random RANGED raid member every 40 sec (even if they're standing in melee), and creates a Desecrated Weapon at that player's location and does damage in a 15-yard radius. The Desecrated Weapon is a hostile, non-attacking NPC surrounded by a large void zone. The size of the void zone is proportional to its health. When the weapon is killed, the void zone disappears.

* Hellscream's Warsong: buff that Garrosh casts on any adds present, every 30 sec, which increases the targets' damage and health by 150%.

Phase One Adds:

* Kor'kron Warbringers spawn in packs of 6 (3 from each side of the room) every 40 seconds. They cast Hamstring, which deals a lot of physical damage to the tank and reduces the tank's movement speed by 50% for 10 sec.

* Farseer Wolf Riders: spawn one at a time, every 40 seconds, on alternating sides of the room. They have three abilities:
1) Ancestral Fury: stacking self-buff that causes the rider to gain 25% cast speed every time one of their spell casts is interrupted.
2) Ancestral Chain Heal: interruptible chain heal.
3) Chain Lightning: interruptible chain lightning.
--> We'll be interrupting the Chain Heal but NOT the Chain Lightning.

* Siege Engineers: low-health adds that spawn two at a time on small ledges on either side of the room. For 15 seconds, they will channel an uninterruptible spell into a giant spiked wheel (called an Iron Star) which are located at either side of the room. If they complete their casts the Iron Stars roll through the fighting area. Any players in the way take lethal damage and are knocked back. Adds in the way take a lot of damage. When the Iron Star crashes into the wall on the far side, it smashes, dealing a massive amount of fire damage to all raid members (but it's lower further away from the impact).

We can prevent the engineers from activating their stars by having ranged kill them.

Strategy for Phase One

* One tank picks up Garrosh
* The second tank picks up the Warbringers and the Wolf Riders.

* Single Target the Wolf Riders. High priority target. Interrupt Chain Heal but NOT Chain Lightning.
* AoE the Warbringers. Not a high priority, but don't get overwhelmed, and don't let them get two buffs.

-- Desecrated Weapons --
* Ranged stay at range to avoid placing a weapon in melee.
* When the weapon appears, ranged group moves out of void zone.
* Ranged DPS kills the weapon. Not a high priority -- just dot them up.

-- Engineers and Iron Stars --
* One or two ranged players will be designated to kill one Engineer (the one on the left of the room, further from Garrosh's throne). We'll let the other Engineer activate his wheel.
* Get out of the way of the Iron Stars
* Be far from the wall where the Iron Star hits (at least halfway across the room)
* Place the adds in the way of the Iron Stars by having a tank position them close to the path, then have a player with a knock-back (druid, elemental shaman) knock them back into the path.

Transition Phase

When Garrosh reaches 10% health he heals up to full and transports himself, and the raid, into the realm of Y'Shaarj. This phase lasts for 1 minute.

Garrosh's abilities in the Transition Phase:

As soon as this phase starts we'll be teleported into a new area, chosen at random between phased-out versions of the Terrace of Endless Spring, the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and the Temple of the Red Crane.

Each area contains adds which, when killed, confer a buff to players in a small radius that reduces damage taken by 50%. These buffs last to the end of the transition phase.

While any of the adds are alive, Garrosh, who is located behind the adds, is immune to damage, and he is "absorbing energy from the Heart of Y'Shaarj." Killing all the adds removes Garrosh's immunity, and attacking him stops him from further training energy from the heart. The less energy he gains, the better it is for the raid later on.

Once he is engaged by the raid, he'll spam Annihilate, a frontal cone attack that occurs in random directions. It does lethal damage to anyone in front of him, and very high physical damage to everyone else.

One minute after the start of this phase, Phase Two will start. We'll be sent back to the room where Phase One was fought, and we'll face Garrosh there. He'll have healed to full health, and his max health will be about 2.5 times higher than it was in Phase One. Any damage to him done in the Transition Phase will be carried over into Phase Two.

* Terrace of Endless Spring
-- Adds: Embodied Fears.
-- Name of buff: Consumed Courage
-- Add numbers: lots of low-health adds

* Temple of the Jade Serpent:
-- Adds: Embodied Doubts.
-- Name of buff: Consumed Faith
-- Add numbers: these come in packs.
-- Raid configuration: We'll need to split into two groups because the path to Garrosh splits up. Each half of the raid will handle the adds in its path. We'll meet up at Garrosh.

* Temple of the Red Crane:
-- Adds: Embodied Despairs
-- Name of buff: Consumed Hope
-- Add numbers: There are two of these adds
-- Raid configuration: We'll need to split into two groups because the path to Garrosh splits up. Each half of the raid will handle the adds in its path. We'll meet up at Garrosh.

Strategy for the Transition

* Kill the adds as quickly as possible
* Pile on top of the adds when they die to get the buff
* Deal as much damage as possible to Garrosh
* Don't die to the frontal cone attacks: Stack up inside Garrosh's hitbox, and move slightly behind where he is facing. That way we benefit from AoE heals and only have to move a little to avoid his frontal cone attack.

Phase Two

This phase starts once the transition ends. We'll be sent back to the room where Phase One took place. Garrosh will be at full health minus whatever damage we did to him during the Transition Phase.

Garrosh's Abilities in Phase Three

In Phase Three, Garrosh has an energy bar. He gained energy during the Transition Phase (from the time the transition started to when we engaged him), and he gains more energy throughout Phase Two. His energy bar determines the state of his abilities. He has four abilities, and each one of these abilities becomes "empowered" when Garrosh reaches a certain amount of energy. The empowered ability replaces the non-empowered version, and is basically a more dangerous version. Here are his four abilities:

(1)Whirling Corruption: 6-second Whirlwind attack. Deals moderate Shadow damage every second to the entire raid, but less the further you are away.
--> at 25 energy, Whirling Corruption becomes Empowered Whirling Corruption, which adds a missile attack at a random raid member, dealing a high amount of Shadow Damage to all players in an 8-yard radius and summoning an add called Minion of Y'Shaarj. These adds have no abilities, but when they die, they heal other nearby Minions to full health and grant them 200% increased maximum health and damage. This buff stacks.

(2)Touch of Y'Shaarj: Mind control cast on several random raid members. While mind-controlled, these players attempt to cast Touch of Y'Shaarj on other raid members, which, if successful, also mind-controls those players. Mind-controlled players' Touch of Y'Shaarj can be interrupted, and the mind control is broken when these players reach 20% health.
--> at 50 energy, Touch of Y'Shaarj becomes Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj. This more dangerous version turns the mind-controlled players into Sha. They are immune to loss-of-control effects and have more health.

(3)Desecrate: This works just like it does in Phase One (the weapon + void zone attack).
--> at 75 energy, Desecrate becomes Empowered Desecrate. In this version, the weapon cannot be killed, and they regenerate health over time. They can be damaged, and lowering their health reduces the size of the void zone.

(4)Gripping Despair: Stacking DoT on the tank that deals Shadow Damage. This ability requires a tank swap.
--> at 100 energy, Gripping Despair becomes Empowered Gripping Despair. This version causes Explosive Despair whenever the Empowered Gripping Despair DoT wears of or is removed (though immunities, as it can't be dispelled). Explosive Despair deals damage to the affected player, and stacks a debuff on them. The damage done is equal to the current value of Gripping Despair on the target (depending on the number of stacks) and the debuff causes the player to take 10% increased damage from Explosive Despair per stack of the Empowered Gripping Despair. This debuff continues to build up on the player from successive Explosive Despairs, and has a 2-minute duration which means that it won't have time to drop off.

At regular intervals, about every 2.5 minutes, Garrosh will take everyone back into the realm of Y'Shaarj, where we will have to almost repeat the Transition Phase (kill adds, reach Garrosh, damage him).

Strategy for Phase Two

The strategy for this phase depends on proper positioning and movement. The adds and the Iron Stars are gone, so we can use the whole room.

* Tank Garrosh in the center of the room.

* Tanks perform a tank swap to deal with the Gripping Despair ability. Swap when it reaches 8-10 stacks. Same with Empowered Gripping Despair (swap at 8-10 stacks). The effect will be the same except that the tank not currently tanking Garrosh will sustain high damage from Explosive Despair.

* Ranged start in one corner of the room, and stack & move together. With each new weapon that spawns on them, ranged must move slightly, so as to have each new weapon placed next to the old ones, conserving space. Don't bother killing the weapons. When Garrosh begins casting Empowered Desecrate, keep ignoring the weapons.

* Don't stand too close when he casts Whirling Corruption (the wirlwind attack). He can be moved while he's channeling the spell, so the tanks can drag him a bit away. When he begins using Empowered Whirling Corruption, kill the Minions away from the other Minions. Best way is to have each ranged DPS pick a Minion and attack it, pulling it away from the other raid members. Make sure that, while spread out dealing with the minions, no weapons fall in a problematic location.

* Interrupt mind-controlled players (use stuns and CC too), and bring them down to 20% as quickly as possible to break the mind control. When Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj starts and they turn into Sha, we can't stun them any more, so they'll need to be taken down to 20% very fast so they don't get a cast off.

* Whenever we're sent into the realm of Y'Shaarj, reach Garrosh as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of energy that he gains, so that he doesn't get access to too many Empowered abilities.

Phase Three

When Garrosh is brought to 10% health in Phast Two, he'll heal up to 25% health and Phase Three will begin. This phase lasts until he dies.

Garrosh's abilities in Phase Three

During this phase he uses the four Empowered abilities from Phase Two: Empowered Whirling Corruption, Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj, Empowered Desecrate, and Empowered Gripping Despair.


Identical to Phase Two, the only difference being that we'll have to deal with stronger versions of all his abilities right from the start.

This is a brutal burn phase, because we need to kill him as fast as possible. While we might run in to Desecrated Weapons problems, with void zones taking up too much space (the ones from Phase Two will still be up), the biggest problem will be the Minions of Y'Shaarj, which will be more and more difficult to handle the less room we have the maneuver.

We'll use Bloodlust in Phase Three to kill Garrosh before we run out of room, and before the tanks become unable to survive the damage caused by Empowered Gripping Despair.


* Phase One: one tank takes Garrosh, the other takes the adds.
* Phases Two and Three: perform a tank swap on Garrosh, and pick up any Minions of Y'Shaarj

* Phase One: beware of damage from the Iron Star impact explosions
* Transitions: beware of high raid-wide damage from Annihilate (frontal cone attack: lethal if struck, high damage on everyone else).
* Phases Two and Three: beware of high tank damage from Empowered Gripping Despair, and high raid-wide damage from Whirling Corruption.

* Phase One: Kill the Wolf Riders as soon as they appear. Kill the Desecrated Weapons.
* Phase Two and Three: DPS the mind-controlled players, kill Minions away from other Minions.

* Phase One: Interrupt the Wolf Riders' Chain Heal but not Chain Lightning.
* Transitions: Stack on the adds when they die, and don't get hit by Annihilate
We made a LOT of progress on this last week! We smoothed out Phase 1 so that it felt very good: we handled the weapon void zones, knocked the adds back into the path of the Iron Star etc.

Then we handed the transition phases: we saw all three locations and were able to split smoothly into two groups as needed to clear the adds quickly, acquire the buff (remember it appears as a white bubble on the ground that pops when someone steps on it!), and reach Garrosh, then we learned how to move swiftly around him to avoid the frontal cone while DPSing him.

We made our way reliably into Phase 3, where we dealt with Garrosh's 4 regular abilities: the whirlwind, the weapon throw, the mind control (interrupt and damage the MC'd players to 20%), and the tank DoT. We learned how to deal with the first of these abilities in its empowered version: the Empowered whirlwind casts a Minion add towards each player, which much be separated from the others and killed separately. We learned to scatter -- but to one side of the room to facilitate heals -- in order to have the Minions land far apart from each other, in which state they can be easily picked off one by one.

Tonight we will be trying Garrosh again. We will be perfecting our strategy for the Empowered whirlwind (handling the minions) and we'll be seeing the other three abilities in their Empowered versions. We'll be seeing:

* Empowered mind control: in this version the MC'd players will turn into Sha, which are immune to stuns and have more health, which means it will take more concerted effort to bring them down to 20%. However, they MUST be focused down, as each MC'd player will try to MC other players, and this can rapidly spiral out of control.

* Empowered weapon toss: in this version the weapon cannot be killed, and it slowly regenerates health over time. Therefore, the void zones are here to stay. They must be layered onto the floor in a way that saves space. The weapons can be hurt (which reduces the void zone size for a while, but it'll regrow) but this may or may not be a good use of our DPS.

* Empowered tank DoT: This version does extensive damage to the tank not currently tanking Garrosh.

We will be seeing each of these Empowered abilities as Garrosh gains energy during Phase 3. We can reduce the amount of energy he gains by reaching him quickly during the transitions, thus staving off the later Empowered abilities for a while.

Garrosh will enter Phase 4 when he reaches 10% health in Phase 3. At this point he will heal himself to 25% and he'll gain access to ALL FOUR Empowered abilities. Phase 4 is therefore a massive burn phase during which we'll need to deal with all four Empowered abilities while DPSing Garrosh like mad!

Come prepared to play at the top of your game tonight!
We made good progress last night, handling Phase 1 and the transitions well, and getting ourselves reliably into Phase 2 (his second health bar), and handling all Garrosh's regular abilities and working on handling his Empowered Whirlwind (the Minion adds) and Empowered mind control (the sha). We managed to kill several waves of Minions and break players out of the Sha mind control.

Our biggest issues were getting back together after we scattered for the Minions, and handling two mind-controlled players in the ranged group:

During the scatter for the Minions we got out of range of healers, and people died. Once the Minions were down, or mostly down, it was difficult to get back into a rhythm in which we were all working in concert. It was straggly.

When we had two MC'd players in the ranged camp and melee did not make it back, one of them often got an MC off, creating a third MC'd player. If the melee did make it back this removed valuable DPS on the boss.

Here are some ideas for next time:

Collapse for mind controls

We will spread raid markers around the room. Ranged will collapse into melee for the mind controls, then go to the next raid marker for the desecrate. We'll try to put the desecrates partly into the wall to save space.

To keep the distance between Garrosh and the ranged from being too far, we'll tank Garrosh closer to one wall (not in the middle of the room) and will work our way down that wall.

With this strategy we should be able to:
(1) get the MC'd players down super-fast as we'll all be together,
(2) maintain higher DPS on the boss (as melee don't have to run out to break MC'd players out),
(3) facilitate healing as we'll be bunched up, and
(3) layer desecrates around the room in an orderly fashion.

Spread out in a more orderly way for the Minions

We'll spread out for the Minions that come with the Empowered whirlwind, but NOT as far as we have been. We need to get out of the purple swirls on the ground where the Minions are going to spawn, as these do a lot of damage, but we don't need to run so far away. Run 25 yards away and stop rather than "scatter."

Once the minions have spawned players will need to pick them off (more on this below), then collapse back for mind control.

The Minions should be killed before the next MC.

If we're fast we should get only 2 Empowered whirlwinds before we push him over into Phase 3.

Strategies for killing the Minions

Handling the Minions is the hardest part of this fight. Reading up on strategies online, this is the biggest stumbling block for many raids. The empowered MC's and weapons are much easier to handle. So once we figure this out I think the hardest part is done. Details on the mechanic:

* We (everyone but the tank) should start running out 5 seconds BEFORE the empowered whirlwind is cast. Garrosh will shoot bolts at people which cause a purple swirl to appear under their feet. Everyone needs to move out of these swirls as they do damage. Minions spawn in these swirls. It's possible to damage a Minion by 25% before it even gets an aggro target. The adds won't kill you, they can be face-tanked.

When it's time to pick off the Minions, here are some strategy ideas I've read:

* A tank can pick up two Minions. Killing one of them and then the other (which now has a single stack of buff) is not a big deal. DPS can also pick up two if needed.

* Hunters can use distracting shot to pull a Minion out. Also, pet taunt & burst to deal with one.

* Those with taunts can taunt one out.

* Elemental shamans with several adds on them can thunderstorm them apart.

* A DPS should run to a healer to help them kill their add.

* We may try Bloodlusting during Phase 2 after the 2nd transition to get through it faster (and avoid going through a third transition) though this will decrease our output in the Phase 3 burn phase.

* Use a healthstone / personal mitigation to survive the whirlwind + adds.

* Dynamic positioning idea: if you dodge a purple swirl, that add is yours. This will help assign people to adds. There's no need for DPS to run far away from a swirl. Just stand outside a swirl's edge and grab that add when it spawns. E.g. as Whirling Corruption is cast the call would be, "Spread out a bit & go to the edge of a swirl."

* Assigned positioning idea: When the Empowered whirling corruption starts, have two healers go to two corners of the room along the narrow side-wall (where an Iron Star was) each joined by a melee. Ranged stands loosely spread between them. The adds spawn and the ranged roots, snares, and targets them as they approach. Melee handles their own adds then the healers'. Everyone is still in range of the healers. As Whirling Corruption is cast the call would be, "Healers go to your corners with your melee, ranged spread loosely between, snare and kill."

--> Ideally we should only be getting two Empowered Whirlwinds before we push him into the final Phase. We can use bloodlust here to get him to 10% and thus push him into Phase 3 before we get a third transition.

Eliminate transition #3

The fight will be easier if we are able to reduce the number of times Garrosh sends us into the transition realms. Every time he sends us through he gains energy, thus Empowering another of his abilities. Ideally, we should only be seeing two transitions before we push him into Phase 3.

Transition 1: we get to Garrosh before he reaches 25 energy. When we come out he has no Empowered abilities. We've handled this fine.

Transition 2: we get to him before he reaches 50 energy. When we come out he has Empowered Whirlwind so we need to deal with the Minion adds.

Transition 3: During the third transition he'll go over 50 energy, so that when we come out we'll have to deal with Minions AND Sha, AND we will probably still have Minions up from the previous phase (which was the case last night). This is the transition we want to eliminate.

Strategies for putting more DPS on Garrosh:
--> Bloodlust in phase 2 to get him down to 10% before he goes into a third transition.
--> Raid balance: have more healers go DPS.
--> Put more DPS on Garrosh during the transition phases. We get to keep this damage in Phase 2. I know it's hectic, but every bit counts!
--> increase personal DPS. If your DPS is low (check recount or the posted logs) check your rotations. Noxxic.com is a good place to start.
--> Gear up if your iLevel is in the 540s. We have many players over 550, and apparently the DPS increase from 550 to 560 is quite large. If you are in the 540s see what you can do to get a couple more pieces of gear.

We'll ignore the Minions in Phase 3

We haven't seen Phase 3 yet (Garrosh's final health bar which starts at 25%), but when we get there we won't worry about the Minions at all, we'll just burn Garrosh. The off-tank can pick the Minions up and hold them / kite them. If none are killed they won't be buffed so they shouldn't be too bad. Note, though, that the off-tank will also be subjected to the Empowered tank DoT.

If we're fast and burn all our cooldowns we should have only one wave of Minions to deal with. We will still need to deal with MC'd players -- they will need to be interrupted and taken down to 20% as before.

--> So for Phase 3 we'll be burning Garrosh hard, blowing bloodlust (if we still have it) and personal cooldowns and ignoring the adds, switching from Garrosh only to interrupt and break out MC'd players.
Here's a summary of what we're going to try tonight:

GOAL 1: Push Garrosh into Phase 3 after the second transition.

In Phase 2 (Garrosh's second health bar) we are going to work hard on pushing him to 10% (which triggers Phase 3) after the SECOND transition phase. This means a hard burn on him during Phase 2, maximizing Garrosh and dealing efficiently with his abilities.

* We will burn bloodlust, personal cooldowns, etc. during Phase 2, after the second transition but before the third.

* We will GROUP UP on Garrosh for mind controls.

* Squad of 3 players handles desecrates: We will experiment with having three designated ranged players [e.g. Andro, Anca, Yohdah] run out of the group for each desecrate. (We wanted to do just one player, but forum commentary suggests that there need to be at least 3 ranged players at range for Garrosh to target one of them. If there are fewer than 3, he will target a random player. In a 25-man, it's 5.) These 3 ranged players will work to layer the desecrate void zones around the room. These players will also do this in Phase 3 (run out for desecrates, run back in for MC).

Everyone else will stack tight on the boss (healers too) so we don't trigger a desecrate on us.

We will not DPS the weapons. Ranged will return to the group once the desecrate has been placed.

GOAL 2: Handling the Minions

The minions are one of the HARDEST parts of this fight. Once we learn how to handle them the rest of the mechanics are much easier to manage.

* Five seconds BEFORE he starts casting Empowered Whirling Corruption, we will move toward a designated zone that is (a) free of Desecrates and (b) is a moderate from Garrosh, say 10-15 yards, while © staying a few yards from each other.

We will try to throw a couple raid markers up to show people roughly where to move to.

* When you see the purple swirls appear, take one or two steps to get out of the swirl at your feet, then stop.

* The Minions spawn a few at a time, not all at once. Kill the ones close to you, dragging or pulling them away from each other.

* Once yours is dead scan the room quickly to see if there is any one nearby that you can reasonably help, especially healers. Use your judgement: Help only if they're close by. If it would take more than a few seconds to do this, return to Garrosh to DPS him and help with the upcoming MC.

--> The goal here is NOT for everyone to help clean up every single Minion before returning to Garrosh. We need the DPS on Garrosh and we need people bunched up for the upcoming MC! So help only if you can do so quickly, otherwise return to Garrosh.

Desecrate during Minions: During the Minion phase Garrosh may cast Desecrate. If it's cast on you, you have 4 seconds to get to a safe spot to drop it e.g. the edge of the room. Sprint, use speed boosts, etc. to get it away if needed.

Mind Control after Minions: Toward the end of the Minion phase Garrosh will cast Mind Control. MC is more important than the minions: we must be bunched up and interrupt/free the MC'd players as fast as possible, EVEN IF there are still Minions up.

Cleaning up the last pesky Minions: If we have 2 (at most, 3) adds in melee at the end that's okay -- we can just cleave them down. No more than 3, though, or they buff each other too much. If there's a 4th we can have one designated player drag that one away to kill it.

Ideally we will be getting ONLY TWO Empowered Whirlwinds before we push him into Phase 3, so we'll only need to do this twice.

GOAL 3: Hard burn in Phase 3

We will stack up on Garrosh, ignore the Minions, and burn him down.

We will need to spread loosely for the Whirl so we don't die to the purple swirls. Use cooldowns to survive -- it'll be a lot of damage. There will be 2 Whirls in Phase 3.

The order of his attacks in P3 is: Desecrate --> MC --> Whirl --> Desecrate (happens right at the end of the whirl, so make sure you go to a safe spot to drop the weapon) --> MC --> Desecrate --> Whirl --> Desecrate --> MC...

Possible alternate "stack on Garrosh & eat damage" strategy: between transition 1 and 2 we all stack up on Garrosh and eat a LOT of damage: we let the weapons fall on us (and kill them fast as they're right there), and we stay through the regular whirlwind. This would be enormously demanding on our healers but if the damage/healing numbers seem feasible we may give this a try to maximize DPS on Garrosh during Phase 2. After the second transition this strategy is no longer feasible due to the minions, so at that point we would revert to the above strategy of having a squad of 3 bait the weapons, and a loose spread & kill for the minions.
Okay, every time I try to write something BRIEF it gets long, so I'm going to try a nutshell summary here. Again:

Phase 1

Same as we've been doing.

Transition 1

Same as we've been doing, with extra effort to put DPS on Garrosh.

Phase 2.1

* We'll ALL stack on Garrosh.
* Three (or four) ranged will run out of the group to bait the desecrate and layer it around the room. Then they will return to the group.
* We'll DPS the MC'd people in the group.
* We'll run a short distance away for the whirlwind, then return.

Alternate strategy: we stack on Garrosh and heal through the desecrates and whirlwinds during this phase. This strategy would put enormous strain on the healers and may not be feasible. But if it works it would eke out more DPS on Garrosh.

Transition 2

Same as we've been doing, with extra effort to put DPS on Garrosh.

Phase 2.2

* We'll all stack on Garrosh.
* As in 2.1, three (or four) ranged will run out of the group to bait the desecrate and layer it around the room. Then they will return to the group.
* We'll DPS the MC'd people in the group.
* 5 seconds before the Whirlwind hits, we will spread out a moderate distance in a controlled, coordinated manner into a safe area, and stop. When the purple swirls spawn, we'll step out of them. When the Minions spawn, kill them, using your best judgement. Then help others (especially healers) who are nearby.
* A desecrate may fall at this time. Be mindful of your position and move to a safe spot to drop it if you are targeted. Do not drop a Desecrate in the middle of the room.
* Collapse for the next Mind Control.
* If there are a few (three or fewer) Minions up, it's no problem, bring them in and we'll kill them in melee. If there is a 4th, one person will pull it out and kill it.
* The 3 ranged will continue running in and out to handle Desecrates.

We will push Garrosh to 10% before the third transition:
* Blow bloodlust
* Blow personal cooldowns.

Phase 3: Garrosh will heal to 30%.

Chronological order:
* Desecrate: 3 ranged will step out to bait it.
* Collapse for MC.
* Spread moderately for Whirl. Ignore the Minions. Tank picks them up.
* Get in a good position for Desecrate.
* Collapse for MC.
* 3 ranged run out for Desecrate.
* Spread moderately for Whirl. Ignore the Minions. Tank picks them up.
* Get in a good position for Desecrate.
* Collapse for MC.

He should be dead by the third Whirl.
We were able to try the pile-on-Garrosh strategy after the first intermission and it worked!! With one healer blowing a raid-wide cooldown per whirlwind we were able to heal through it. Our healers rock. So we will be using the pile-on-Garrosh strategy after the first intermission on Thursday.

After the second intermission we can't pile any more due to Empowered Whirling Corruption + Minions, so we'll:
(1) tank Garrosh to one side of the room,
(2) send three ranged out to bait and layer the Desecrates along that side of the room,
(3) spread out in a controlled manner for the Minions / drop one Desecrate along the side of the room, and
(4) collapse for the mind controls.

We will Bloodlust during Phase 2, either after the first or second intermission, in order to get him to 10% before the third intermission.
Notes on our first kill: The pile-on-Garrosh strategy worked for us and we got our first kill on 2/13/14! We piled on him after the first intermission, killed the desecrated weapons as they fell on us, freed the mind-controlled players in our midst, and were able to put a massive amount of DPS on Garrosh, getting him WAY down before the second intermission. One healer blew a raid-wide cooldown for each whirlwind, and we also used rogues' smoke bombs and Melikar's shout to reduce damage.

After the second intermission, it worked best for us NOT to send ranged out to bait and layer the Desecrates after the second intermission. This turned out to be too disruptive. Instead, we piled on Garrosh after the second intermission, killed the first weapon, then started dragging Garrosh slowly around the room, leaving the desecrates behind us. We spread out a moderate distance for the Minions, killed most of them, then collapsed back for the mind controls and killed remaining minions.

We successfully pushed Garrosh into Phase 3 before the third intermission, which was our goal. But more than that, the post-second-intermission phase was brief because we'd gotten him down so far after the first intermission.

Phase 3 was chaotic but brief. There was a lot of running around to avoid desecrates, minions (which were tanked and kited, not killed), and to find and free mind-controlled players, while also trying to hit Garrosh with everything we had. Healers were scrambling, and it was VERY intense, but we successfully got him down!

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