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Application form from the Blood Elf Warlock known as Garro. It's written in black ink in a swirling, generous cursive elvish script.

My name? Let’s see… well that would be Garro wouldn’t it? Yes that is a pseudonym, and no I shan’t write my real name. Why? Because my chosen profession and the things I’ve done make it necessary for me to protect my family.

As an elf, oh yes we do call ourselves blood elves now, don’t we? Blood elf, I have come to live a great many years upon Azeroth, and living as long as I have has taught me one very important thing: survival is paramount. Survive at any means necessary. This is my in-a-nutshell reason for having delved into the occult and developed an in-depth knowledge of afflictions, demonology, and pyromancy. I am a warlock, simply put.

I wasn’t born into a noble House, but rather as the servant of one. The matriarch of this unnamed House raised me, treated me as one of her own, and had me attend the academy in Silvermoon, where I graduated with high enough marks to earn an apprenticeship in Dalaran. The circumstances of my becoming a warlock are long, and I shan’t waste your time in recounting the events. Was there death and destruction at the hands of the Scourge? Yes of course. Did it spur a young mage to delve into the darkest, most forbidden recesses of the magical spectrum? Certainly.

I served faithfully under Prince Kael’thas, and supported him despite him being a dreadfully weak person. Politically he did what he could for his people. I believe that of him, at least at first. When I think on him now, I can’t say that I blame him completely for the mistakes he did. Demons are powerful, and the Fel is an energy that corrupts absolutely, unless one is able to find a means to continuously purge oneself of its influence. Still to lay all the blame at his feet like some of my compatriots do is asinine… It would be the same as blaming a starving dog for eating a rotten piece of meat that’s dangled before it.

As for my goals? Why that’s quite simple… I wish to live. Yes, warlocks are sanctioned by the horde, as well as by the regent and council, but that doesn’t stop most of us from living with a degree of fear. Any warlock who tells you he’s not afraid of being burned in a pyre is lying to you. Beware the living, the Forsaken say, they don’t know how right they are.

Successes and failures? Now there’s an interesting question. My greatest failure is my inability convince more of my compatriots of the necessity to oppose the convocation. Oh it’s not that I have anything against nobles like Lord Theron, in fact he’s a rather good chap isn’t he? No it’s because of what each of the seven lords represents, and where the dynasty of kings has led us to. The economic and political systems need to change if we’re to have any opportunity to survive, and thrive, in the future. Can anyone argue that we do not live or die at the whim of a few, unelected despots at the top? They sign the treaties, they tell us where to go, where to work, who to kill… when to die.

My greatest success was the practice of soul-whispering. It’s quite fascinating really. Whenever a living being dies there remains a connection between their body and the after-world. With concentration and the power of a soul shard, I can pull on that connection, like setting my fingers upon a spider’s web, and force the spirit of the deceased to speak to me. Unlike what shamans do, that “communing” with the dead thing, my methods are more forceful but they also yield swifter results. To commune with a spirit means trading words with a deathless being and one is subject to obfuscation, evasion, lies. When I soul-whisper, I bring back a being in pain who’s willing to tell me anything I want so long as I release them back to the peace of the grave.

Approach me any time you wish, that’s as much advise as I could give. If you’re desperate for an opening line, however, then I suggest you first understand a number of things about me… I know a few things about a great many topics. I’m arrogant, but not overly haughty or pedantic. I know what I’m good at and I know where my shortcomings lie. I do not consume meat. Does that shock you? I find it repugnant to kill animals except in self-defence or under threat of starvation. Of the things I do that are very me, I enjoy taunting my enemies when it comes to fighting. I laugh, I deride, I threaten them with words that will haunt them if they survive an encounter with me.
I have read the code of conduct and I hereby make my mark, confirming that I both agree and abide by the rules therein.


  1. With this character? Only one. Legion of the Seraphim. I was a member for two years I believe, and I’m no longer with them because of the oppressive language within the guild chat channel. It’s not about offense, but rather about oppression. I have no issue with someone saying “f---”, for example, but I do have an issue with someone using gendered or racial slurs. The former might offend someone, but it oppresses no one. The latter does.
  2. RP, first and foremost, but it’s right up there with “a safe haven from oppressive language”. You can only tell someone to stop, and then explain to them why, only to have them double-down and bring out frozen peaches so many times until you throw in the towel.
  3.  I’m an old school player. I’ve been on WoW since the game launched all those years ago. Back then I played on EU servers, and if I were to recount my history of guilds, victories and disappointing failures, I’d never be able to stop typing.
  4. I don’t have a preference per se, but I generally play at noon, and in the evenings. If I didn’t have to eat or work out I would probably play all day, but then I’d also wreck the computer so I’m thankful that I don’t.
  5. Hmm… I don’t rightfully know what I could volunteer, other than to say I’m a cisgender heterosexual man, and I play similar characters. I’m a real life Marxist, Feminist ally, Anarchist sympathiser, Post-Structuralist and I write fantasy fiction as a hobby. I’m Mexican by nationality but Italian by birth, I’m currently finishing off Master’s Degree in English at the University of Texas. I’m a fierce believer in community, empathy, helping others, and I stand in solidarity with all oppressed peoples.
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