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Garrignak wants to join the tribe

My name is Garrignak, to my friends it be Nak.
While it be true, i be a hunta of the Dark Spear tribe, i also hunt for de HORDE! I can recall coming of age in de valley of trials when de world was a simpla place, before the shattering, before the cold bite of Northrend and de lich king's army of the dead, before de strangeness of Draenor <shudders slightly> ... Sorry mon, that place still haunts my dreams. I rememba running from the Great lift, built by our mighty allies, to shadows of Ashenvale. Back in dose days de tribe did not just give you a rapta for being able to put on your own arma, you had to earn that honor. I rememba when if an adventurah came home with 20 pieces of gold they could stay home and start a family, now...it barely pays the smith. Sorry i've lost de trail mon, so In my years of adventure i have come to know the honor of some good an worthy friends and it is now, as their voice, that i come before the great Ironsong tribe not to beg for charity, but to offer my blood and the blood of my companions mon, not for the lust of battle, nor de promise of fame and fortune, but for de glory that is to bear the tabard of The Ironsong Tribe!

Umm, dat being said, my companions also wanted me to ask if you offa a hoof and mouth plan? Oh my companions, dere be a few. Myself called Nak by dem, hunta by birthright of my fathers before me, known for havin a great sense of humah and laughin at tings no one else seein as funny! The family, dere be three Tauren, de twins an der older brother, lost to the scourge durin de war of the frozen throne. i met wintermoon and her twin badmoon in Ogrimmar as de great warchief, Thrall, set out to make a landing on de Borean coast of Northrend. I learned of a bond their people share dat is stronga than race, stronga than tribe even. Dey told me of their family in Mulgore, of their motha and fatha, and their older brutha redmoon. They told me they joined the fight against Arthas because redmoon had been killed by de scourge while across de great sea in de Stranglethorn Jungles, de worst pain dey knew was that dey could not place him with their ansestas in the burial grounds because de bodies of the fallen did not often come home from dat war. It was a year later i was in de battle of Zul Drak fightin some trolls who had lost dere way and gone crazy when i found myself in the company of our new allies, the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade...<shudders again> Stong dey are but...<looks around to see if any Death Knights are near> No sense of huma at all... One day i was called into de command tent and givena dispatch to take to de Argent crusades forward command post and i noticed a name on a list of Death Knights being reassinged to de area...De name was vilemoon...i thought how many could der be? so i sent my own message to my new friends who were helping to secure de Sholazar basin. It was indeed der long lost brutha, a lot had changed but der was still part of that bond that was too strong to be broken, even by death. After da war ended they had been reunited but healin the wounds caused by de Lich King will take a long time. We also have de Blood elves <nak clicks his teeth together> crysanya de paladin and her partner Garayan de mage... De have der own reasons for fighting but they dont let dem come before the group in a fight. De also don't like talkin about der past, it must have been bad. Recently since Deathwing <spits in contempt> made a mess of things i even came into de fellowship of some goblins <grins> Goblins are good to have around mon, dey always know how to get what you need. <Nak laughs out loud> i have my very own assassin, his name be Tinkertrain, in da truth he be better at stealin den killin, but he has dis youngster dat always be around him called Ginfizzle, goblins have de strangest names, She is a scrappy one calims to be a great warrior. she looks up to "T" like a fatha but he swears dat aint de case! <nak belly laughs for a few minutes>... dat be the group aside from ma pets but dey don't talk much. I have grown to like de feelin of friends over de years so i'm hopin to make more in the Ironsong Tribe.

Sooo my story is slightly less exciting as Nak's but here we go. I have obviously been playing WOW for about 5 years, definitely before the Burning Crusade came out...ahhh vanilla. I have only been part of One guild in that entire time, The Red Tide, here on Silverhand... Btw you could add that as a security question for the enrollment process- who is our realm named after---Knights of the silver hand = first paladins on Azeroth. Anyway My guildmaster used to raid with folding circle but wanted to start a small guild of friends from work. yes that means we were an old gummer guild, all 30+ <gasp> and i was the resident pappy being the oldest (36) i takes my geritol, adjust my depends and hit the firelands dailies! The red tide made it to 15 people and started running 10 mans and other neat stuff, god i miss Kara. but soom as with most guilds people left for bigger and better things but not me, i still sweep the dust out of the guild bank and remember good times. I play alomst every day and weekends, but it should be said that my weekends are diff than most others, i usually get sunday-wed off and every other sat but i work at night so im only available for night runs on sun-tuesday nights. I have never been in a real raid past the first boss. i have helped the red tide and our ally guilds if they needed bodies for rep runs or trash farming but never been a true raider Sad i want to change that but with a guild that is not a big mess or Uberl33tists, a guild that is more interested in teaching than picking on each other. I have been an admirer of ...oh my i can't just use the acronym for the guild can i... T.I.T doesn't sound respectful, how bout IST? i have know of the tribe since burning crusade and have done some research and even seen the comissioned artwork. i love it. i have been a DND player for 23 years, i have DM'd RIFTS campaigns in 3 states for 15 years and have a pretty good imagination to boot. What i'm looking for?
I am looking for a creative and friendly guild that has honor not just perks, good people not just good players, a well earned name, somewhere i can use the things i have built with a 5 year investment of my time. it's not what i want from you, it's what i want to give. I don't get upset if i don't get to go on raids, i'm used to it actually, i just want to be a part of the Ironsong that's really about all.
what i'm offering? i have 5- 85s, 1-84, 1-81, 1-30 ...between them i have every profession to either max or near it. i have a guild bank as well (wintermoon has her own guild, just my family but 4 tabs) Some of my toons (i hate calling them that but it's easier to type) wont be joining officially but they will always be glad to help in any way needed. i hope i can be of use and help others to experience and love this game as i have.
Good to meet you, Garrignak!

Your bow is welcome here - the Darkspear have represented themselves with honor in the Tribe and I am sure you will match them. Your many companions are welcome as well - I look forward to meeting young Ginfizzle to see what special deals he can offer me.

Seek me or Zlinka out so that we may begin your peonship.
Oryx - Jadox - Koryx - Atorax - Cabochon - Hargrim - Morwen - Stillweaver - Talindrys
<GinFizzle> ...As of yet, i have not been able to find yerself logged in, course i don't know all the others yet. all week i been camped out in the grom gol inn, checking for any news, i've been told patience is a valuable commodity, but you know what they say...time is money pal. I will check the mailbox again ..."shuffles her feet and returns to her chair in the back of the inn"

How ya doin? I was just hearin from one of da friends in my band "Vilemoon" ya know he only just started talkin to me, he was sayin about how DKs be havin da luck of da gods. He was sayin how he and a group challenged da gods themselves in a place called De Halls of Origination and he said it was a heroic battle indeed. His sista had been sayin Vile been studyin a new discipline of thinkin that help him in battle...really it sound like more dan thinkin to me. He told me they had fought hard to gain the throne room of the gods and had defeated Rajh's friends true enough but their lord remained unchallenged and he be unhappy at that point. Afta just a few moments of battle, Vilemoon lost dat warm feelin when you know your heala is with you and da sounds of the battle had become more like a mighty duel. A quick glance around confirmed his worst fears mon, his friends had been slain and he alone faced da wrath of an angry god! Vilemoon steadied his thoughts and remained calm, Rajh had only been slightly injured by da initial blows and came on with a fury befittin of his title. the great Highlord had once said to him, "Fear is a powerful weapon but it can slay foe and master alike, steele your mind from it and it cannot pierce your armor." Vilemoon let his mind push da fear out and replaced it with de cold determination of his kind, de Death Knights of de Ebon Hold. For what seemed an eternity Vilemoon and Rajh exchanged blows dat would have turned normal warriahs to mush, on and on dey went it seemed as though every time the god was winnin, Vile would emerge as if da healer was with him. He could hear de calls of his fallen companions to give up and join them in death, but Vilemoon told them Death Knights are born from death, it is dere beginning, not dere end. With a roar he swung his axe again and again, and then before the astonished eyes of all who saw it, Vilemoon smote the lord of the Halls of Origination and cast down his broken body before his own throne. Hahahahahahaaaa! i tell ya, Death Knights can be tellin some tall tales...he was jokin right? (Vilemoon takes out Rajh from 75% health with rest of party dead in Heroic Halls of Origination. Healer died first. "Have faith in your Death Knight my children."-Vilemoon, after the battle and after party had been rezzed.
Ginfizzle was invited to the Tribe on 11/7/11.
What a great thing it is to be a part of da horde! I got my rep up with de Tauren and got my green Kodo mon. It is kinda slow but it go anywhere haaahaaaahaaa!



Taz'dingo on your new mount!


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