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Garothi nutshell guide
Garothi is a single-phase encounter with an intermission.  During the intermission we'll need to destroy one of two weapons, which ends the intermission and removes certain abilities from the encounter.


Decimator:  Casts Decimation, which inflicts damage to anyone within 12 yards of the impact zones and does raid-wide damage too.  This weapon can be destroyed, removing Decimation from the encounter.

Annihilator:  Casts Annihilation, which calls missiles down from the sky that deal moderate fire damage within 4 yards, split between the targets hit, and applies a DoT to them too.  Missiles that are NOT absorbed by players will deal moderate raid-wide damage.  The Annihilator can be destroyed too.

APOCALYPSE DRIVE: the intermission

Occurs at 65% and 25% health.  The boss begins a cast that does damage every 2.5 seconds.  We need to destroy one of his weapons before the conclusion of the cast to interrupt the cast.  If the cast completes, the raid will take lethal damage.

Eradication:  Massive cone attack that does physical damage and a knockback.  Damage is reduced based on distance to the boss.  Eradication is always cast after a weapon has been destroyed.  It marks the end of the intermission.

Empowered:  At the end of the intermission, Garothi gains Empowered, a stacking self-buff that increases his damage by 20%.


Fel Bombardment:  This is an anti-tank attack.  It applies a debuff, which upon expiring causes the player to be bombarded with missiles for 5 seconds, dealing damage to anyone within 7 yards.

Searing Barrage:  Occurs periodically following the first intermission.  Deals moderate fire damage to random targets every 2 seconds.

Carnage:  Occurs if no players are in melee range.  Moderate raid-wide damage.



The boss is stationary.  At least one player must be within melee range at all times.

* The tanks should stand to one side of the boss while the melee stand on the other side.
* Ranged and Healers should form a loose spread around the middle of the room, allowing them to easily spread soak casts of Annihilation.  Make sure to reform that loose spread after Annihilation.
* Players with Decimation should go to the edges of the room.


Taunt swap after Fel Bombardment.  The debuffed tank should head to the edge of the room behind the tanks to keep the missiles away from the raid.  The tank may need mobility cooldowns.  Make sure not to get knocked off the platform!  We will place a marker to make the Fel Bombardment spot clear.  Other raid members should avoid this area (particularly those dropping Decimation at the edges of the room.)

Tanks can help soak Annihilations within melee range, too.

Handling the Intermission

For the first intermission, it is recommended that we destroy the Annihilator, which removes the Annihilation ability, which is the most disruptive.

After the weapon is destroyed, run to the back of the room to reduce damage from Eradication!  We may want to put warlock portals down to help with this.  But as long as everyone gets to max range we should be okay

Extra tips:

* Bloodlust on the pull
* Drop Decimation at the edges of the room.
* Soak every cast of Annihilation
* Kill the Annihilator during the first intermission
* Get at least 40 yards from the boss at the end of each intermission.
Heroic Garothi

Okay, the NUMBERS are bigger on this fight on heroic, as usual, but there are also a couple mechanical changes:

Annihilation, the green circles we need to soak, do a lot more damage so they will probably need at least TWO people to soak the Annihilation circles.

During the Apocalypse Drive phase (that's the intermission where we kill one of the weapons) big Surging Fel lines will appear on the ground.  These will explode after a few seconds --> players must step out of these lines.

Also, during the SECOND Apocalypse Drive phase, these Surging Fel lines will reappear and will continue through the remainder of the fight.  (We may want to stack up and just sidestep these lines so the healers can heal us more easily).

The intermissions also occur earlier in the fight which means that the last phase will last longer.  Healers may want to safe cooldowns for the last phase.

In Sum:

* Two people must soak the green Annihilation circles
* Get out of the big surging Fel lines
* Healers may want to save cooldowns for the last phase

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