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Garnering interest again (another Kara group, Wed/Thu)
Okay, I'm trying this again!

Today I've been talking with Graeleight of Dark Tribunal about his past attempt at gathering interest for a mid-week Karazhan run. After expressing my interest of helping create such a run, he checked with guildies and friends, and was able to get a few folks.

I am wondering if any Tribemates would be interested in participating. As I mentioned previously, it would be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the tentative hours would be from around 6pm to probably around 10pm, Pacific (server) time.

The classes that we have thus far (or that have expressed interest) are as follows:

Hunter: Lupus
Mage: Zyzzyx
Paladin: Cynarcyn (Holy)
Priest: Graeleight (Holy), Kofu (Holy - Likely available starting near the end of August)
Rogue: Vugkush
Shaman: Kretol (Enh)
Warlock: Zenbones
Warrior: Galdorin (Prot)

Please feel free to post any comments, questions or expressions of interest.
Oooo! Oooo! Pick Me! Pick Me!
*cheers at Lupus*
I don't get home from work on Wednesdays till 10 now... 7 Pacific time. I'm game for Thursdays and later on Wednesdays, though.
Moved the thread here so the non-guildies specified can participate in the thread if they choose.
If you need fill-in dps spots I know there's several people in Moon Ascendant that would probably be happy to fill in. Unfortunately we don't really have any extra healers or tanks which is what usually seems to be lacking when trying to fill out a group. If you have extra spots feel free to contact just about anyone in the guild and they can at least relay the message to guild chat.
Grymtooth - officer/raid leader of Moon Ascendant
I could be a raider if there's room. Those days generally dont involve me working or band practice or anything.
I'll add ya to the list!
I dont have a key...I am a bit behind on it, but would be interested if I can get keyed in time for when it starts

I know you've been scarce recently and a bit burned out on WoW, but if you're inspired to make this happen and need some Face Melting™ goodness, let me know. I'd be happy to help you guys get started at least.

Any week where I'm unemployed, I'd love to help out.

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