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Esteemed Ironsong Tribal Leaders,

Please accept this letter of introduction as my application to the Ironsong Tribe. My name is Garhgal Longtail and I am a warlock with many years of experience. Throughout my travels across Azeroth I have encountered, and fought alongside, many of your tribe and have found them to be worthy of respect. I would like to be counted among them.

I am not a young Orc any longer. Born on one world, living on another, surviving 3 wars and learning the arts of a Warlock have turned my hair grey and wrinkled my green skin. Years of mining and skinning the hides of my kills have kept me strong, though. After the last war I found the simple, and risky, life of a soldier was lacking. With the demon rage gone, a desire to learn and explore had taken it's place. I sought to understand some of the power that could affect our people so much and for so long. I studied the demon arts from Warlocks Soulreaper, Strain and Pickman in Undercity and Warlocks Grol'dar, Zevrost and Kurgul in Orgrimmar.

After learning all I could from them I travelled the world exploring and seeking new, or forgotten, bits of knowledge and lore. I learned all I could about First Aid from Doctor Victor in Hammerfall. I've mined Thorium from the Burning Steppes by the packfull and skinned a few dragons here and there (although I snapped a blade or two in the process). I can't cook worth a dwarf's beard and fishing boggles me.

But a few months ago nothing had any meaning for me. I'd seen almost everything this land had and I'd advanced my skills and knowledge as far as I could on my own. So I went home, back to Durotar, and I've spent the last few months acting as a mentor to our younger generation of heroes. Let me tell you, after the past few months of trying to guide and train these younglings in the art of war, I'll take another Scourge invasion.

So here I am, rested and refreshed and ready to fight. Spending the past week in Alterac Valley helping our Frostwolf brothers has cleared away the cobwebs of my sabbatical. I've read the Ironsong Tribe Code of Conduct and, if you'll have me, I'll do everything in my power to uphold your high standards.

Thank you,

Garhgal Longtail
Garhgal is an honorable and dependable orc. Many of my seasons have been spent fighting at his side, overcoming many challenges and foes across the land... or dying trying. /chuckle There are few orcs I'd trust as much as Garhgal.

(( Gar and I are longtime RL friends. He's a great warlock and roleplayer. ))

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