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Garalon nutshell guide
Garalon is a single-phase fight. The boss does NOT melee, and must instead be KITED for the duration of the encounter. Tanks will still be used, however, to soak a frontal cone attack that the boss does that needs to hit at least two players.

Garalon will FIXATE on a random raid member and move towards them. WHO he fixates on is determined by a debuff he applies, which can be passed from player to player. The raid can control who he follows. The same player cannot have the debuff for very long because it deals increasing damage.

All 4 of Garalon's legs are separate NPCs which can be attacked and killed. Killing one of his legs damages and slows Garalon (the slow effect is proportional to the number of legs killed). Slowing him makes kiting him easier.


When engaged, Garalon will cast Pheromones on the PLAYER THAT PULLS HIM. He only casts this ONCE, but it will remain active for the entire fight. Pheromones has several effects:

* It will deal a small, yet increasing amount of damage to the entire raid, every 2 seconds
* Garalon follows the player who is currently carrying Pheromones
* The player currently carrying Pheromones will receive a stacking debuff, called Pungency, which increases the damage that Pheromones deals to all raid members by 10% per stack. Pungency lasts for 2 minutes in the 10-man. In addition to this, the player will leave a trail of damaging void zones behind, called a Pheromone trail.
* Pheromones can be passed on to a different player by getting to within 2 yards of another player.

Each time Pheromones passes to another player (without the Pungency debuff) its damage is reset to its base damage. If it passes to a player WITH the Pungency debuff it will do damage according to that players's stacks of Pungency.

If the player currently carrying the debuff DIES, the debuff will remain on the corpse and its number of pungency stacks will continue to increase. Someone has to move over to the player's corpse and take the debuff from them just as they would if the player were alive.

==> Players must pass Pheromones between each other, as seldom as possible so we don't get too many Crushes, but not so seldom that the raid-wide damage of Pungency overwhelms the healers. We will experiment with the #stacks at which to swap. Icy Veins recommends switching at 20 stacks (which corresponds to 45K raid-wide damage every 2 seconds). Because this is a high-movement ability, we will preferably assign it to RANGED and HEALERS. Also, make sure to SEPARATE as soon as Pheromones is swapped, or it will jump back and forth, triggering multiple Crushes.

We will set up an order for players to take the Pheromone debuff.

==> Players kiting Garalon must kite him around the outer edges of the platform to minimize the amount of space taken by the Pheronome Trail. The player that STARTS the encounter must run to a corner, wait till Garalon is near, then start moving along the edge of the room. To minimize void zone coverage, the kiter should move out of the current void zone and stand at the edge of it until a new one spawns This will make the void zones partially overlap, which will take up less space. The players must make sure NOT to get hit by the frontal cone attack, which has a range of around 15-20 yards.


He has two damaging abilities:

* Crush: raid wide damaging attack, with extremely high damage to any raid members under Garalon. Raid-wide 2 second stun. He casts Crush when:

(1) a raid member is under Garalon -- so DON'T GO UNDER HIM, and
(2) !!!! whenever the Pheromones debuff passes to a new target. This mechanic is not present in LFR.

* Furious Swipe: Frontal cone attack every 8 seconds. Must hit two players each time or the boss will gain a stack of Fury, which increases his damage and speed by 10% per stack.

==> Two tanks must soak Furious Swipe. They must be in front of Garalon at all times.

==> Nobody should go under Garalon, EVER.


Each time a leg is killed Garalon takes 3% of his max health in damage, and gets a debuff that slows him for 15% per stack, stacking up to 4 times. Players within a 12 yard radius of a leg get the Weak Points buff that increases damage by 100%.

==> Kill his legs! Ranged DPS should also stand within 12 yards to get the Weak Points buff.

==> Blade Flurry, Sweeping Strikes, and Inferno Blast will do damage to the boss while ALSO damaging the legs (boss damage is normal, leg damage is 2X). This will help a lot.


The tanks will regularly receive large hits. The whole raid will be taking a varying amount of nature damage every 2 seconds -- this is low just after the Pheromones switch targets, then increases the longer the target holds on to the debuff. Expect ticks of over 40K every 2 seconds at the highest.

Crush will deal a large amount of raid-wide damage -- the raid will be controlling this through pheromone swapping.

Any players under Garalon when he casts Crush will be instantly killed.


We'll use it at the start of the fight.

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