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Galven's return.
*Tattered and beaten, he barely stands, shoving his staff into the ground and gripping it for posture.*

..*Cough* Ironsong, please, head me! I come to plead myself to the Tribe, to redeem myself! There is much I want to say, much I wish to tell, yet only dire details must be explained.

After my leaving some time ago, I was distraught with anger and confusion..no guidance in this world. Lonely without companions I saught out to create a new home for myself, desperatly wanting something, somewhere to call my own. I hopped around from one place to another, never seeming to catch the feelings I had with Ironsong.

During my time away, I ventured not only into the World, but also into myself. I saught to learn my purpose for being here, why I was taken from my past life to join this Crusade. I traveled for long days and nights, passing through Orgrimmar occasionaly to see how my fellow comrades where holding. In Orgrimmar, I met an odd fellow. He did not reveal to me his name, only his word. This man told me that if I was to find myself I would never find it through travel or constant movement. I must stop and meditate, ponder the world as it is, as it was, and as it is to be. So I did.

*Letting out a few hacking coughs, he begins to stumble over onto his knees, and decides to sit down.*

I went into my trance with a broken spirit and a clouded mind. I saw visions of my former life with a wife..children....and a home. I saw that I was also a Priest then, in service to the King of Stormwind. My true name...was Galven Fraycaster. When this vision came to me..I stopped. I fell over onto the ground shocked and amazed. Collecting myself I saught to delve deeper into these visions. My death appeared, along with my ressurection as an Undead. At that moment, I discovered my meaning. It was not to be a Human, it was not to fight the Scourge. My life as a human was..training. Training to lead me to this point where I am now, one with a bruised ego.

Learning these things brought me joy..pain..sadness...many things. Knowing what I do now, knowing that I have a purpose to the Horde and it's people, I have decided to return to The Undercity and to serve The Dark Lady Sylvanis in her efforts.

*Galven lifts one leg up, and get's down on one knee.*

Please, Ironsong, I seek a home within you again. You were the people that kept me stable in those tough times until it became too much. You were the people that drove me toward my reconsilliation with myself. I wish to seek a new life within your ranks.
Never once in that period did I doubt my ever-lasting friendship with all Ironsingers. Please, I ask, let us rebuild that friendship, that trust. It will be tough, but I shall endure it.

-Galven, High Priest of Sylvanis, The Dark Lady.

((Ok ok! Now onto those questions.
1. I'm Galven? Whoa cool! I've made grunt, nothin more.
2. I'm a Priest last time I checked Smile
3. I think my sponsors could be all you cool cats that I was with before? Please?
4.Err...did that up top, hehe.
5.Right now I am an enchanter with 295skill...that's it.
6. In my period of abcense I was in Vigilant, but that didn't work out too well.
7. I'm looking to re-join Ironsong because of the fun I had and all the friendship and community that was there. Everyone in this Tribe is amazing...it's just a darned good place to be!
8. Well...in-game trials..not many. Real life, plenty. Personally I do not like talking about them..I'm trying to move on with myself.
9. one of my greatest desires is to Role-play more, and Ironsong is known round the world to do that. Another goal is too possibly (at some time) level another character to 60..even tho I'm workin on that.
10. What I enjoy most is of couse the people, pleasures and places.
11. I have read the Code of Conduct, and I pledge myself to it. Nottin to it but to do it!
I will be attending the moot Thursday, 1/12. I hope to be in good spirits and the same with you all!))
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Good to see you again, priest. Welcome home.

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