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((Alrighty, I forgot where you wanted me to put this, so feel free to move it, kretol.

I made this video a while back, Goji, Anua, Qoukash, and I (With other friends too) were going to make a small series of videos spoofing the show COPS, so this is just the intro. This small video even made it to the Community Spotlight! *Inflates Ego* *flex* Here it is and all it's glory! Ohh yeah, that cheesy Orc voice at the end... that's me, O_O;

The Official Site Kinda

I acctualy have all the video and voices done for the first episode... I'm lazy when it comes to editing Tongue Maybe i'll pick it up again... hrmm....yeah so, enjoy!))

(( Heehee, that made me giggle. It's really well done! And the voice isn't too cheesy. I'd love to see the first episode! *searches for her popcorn* ))
*sits down beside Acha and hands her a bowl of popcorn* Movie start yet?

That was well done! *waits for the next installment*
and just last night a friend of mine found it on YouTube *flex ego more*
some guy is probably claiming it for himself since he has some other WoW videos.
Time to sue.
*Laughs hard*
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
I remember this very fondly from when it was first posted on the server boards. Smile It's really well done, and I highly encourage working on the episode!!
Ok, the First episode is on it's way, it may be a bit shorter then expected, but we'll see. I'm working on it as you read this... well... not literaly... but yeah, im working on t now... see you made me do a typo... :x

Later I will be needing some new cast to fill up what Deputys I have lost now, Esgul (Undead fellow), Qoukash (Troll mage), and Kinda... for now, Anua (Tauren Druid). So if anyone would like to try out for some new episodes then please feel free to post here and I'll keep ya'll informed on what's coming up.
I'd like to drop in as the undead fellow =)
I want to be a deputy! Wink
Cherep Wrote:I'd like to drop in as the undead fellow =)

I'm not acctualy "replacing" certian characters, more like looking for new ones. (Just incase my friends come back). We will definitly be looking for more characters though.

Kretol Wrote:I want to be a deputy! :wink:

I'm sure father can grant you the title of Jr. Deputy, and give you one of those cool lil' stickers too! =P

Ohh yeah, and the Offical (Kinda) site is up, SaturnValley.net
This sounds like fun! If I can help let me know.
There are some more things to take care of here (Production) Goji and I are going to have to go over some stuff for this episode before it's done. Sorry ya'll it will be here soon... Soon!!!! *cries*. =/
hehe good stuff, very entertaining :lol:
Very funny. Can't wait till you have a full episode! Tongue If you need anyone to streak as criminals, I'm totally game.
*Bump to tease Kretol cus he no get Mr. Wiggles any muffins.*

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