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G'huun heroic
Okay, Oryx and I have done some research on G'huun since Tuesday.  Here is the upshot:


The MOST CRITICAL part of this fight is running the orbs.  So our orb teams need to learn how to be FAST and ACCURATE, and get the orb to the Reorigination Drive as fast as possible, before the rest of the raid down on the main floor gets destroyed.

The job of the raid on the main floor is to SURVIVE until the third orb is placed in the drive.  At that point all the adds will die.  So the raid doesn't need to kill all the adds, we just need to handle the mechanics well enough that we survive until the third orb.

If the orb teams are fast enough, we should get to the third orb right around the time the second Dark Young is spawning.


We will need SIX orb teams, each with two DPS and a very mobile healer.  When you are up there, you need to grab the orb and move as FAST AS YOU CAN.  Use warlock portals, use speed buffs, sprint, roll, jump, use whatever tricks you have to increase your speed.

Don't get too distracted by DPSing the cysts.  Yeah, you can hit them with a DoT or a couple quick hits to decrease their slowing void zones (3 hits = max reduction of radius) but don't get too distracted by them.  The goal is to get as far up the platform as you can, as fast as you can.  Don't be too afraid of stepping in the grey stuff -- it'll slow you but if you're running forward AoEing the radius will shrink under you quickly and your speed will pick up.

Holding the orb puts a stacking debuff on you that slows you to a stop after about 10 seconds, so some classes may need to throw the orb to their partner.  Use the special action button, which gives you a targeting circle on the ground visible to both players.  Target your partner and click the button to throw the orb.  Your partner needs to stand still in the targeting circle to catch the orb.

The next orb will spawn 15 seconds after the previous one was deposited, so the next team should be ready to go right after the last orb is done.


The goal of the raid on the main floor is just to SURVIVE until the three orbs are done.  We can't kill all the adds, there are too many.  If the orb teams are fast enough, the phase should end right around when the second Dark Young spawns.  So we need to survive just that long.

On several attempts on Tuesday we did survive until the second Dark Young with much of the raid intact, so if we just tighten that up a bit, so that we get to that point in better shape, we should be able to make it.  We're really close.

The terrors constantly do a channeled cast.  This increases in damage as the cast goes on, especially in the last third.  So interrupting the terrors is important, especially late in their cast.  New terrors will spawn every 25 seconds.  Interrupting the terrors late in their cast is more important than killing them.  Melee can interrupt the close terrors, but ranged should keep an eye on the terrors that are further from the raid and interrupt them.  Interrupting them is more important than killing them.  If you have an AoE interrupt, use it.

If you're on a terror and it is early in its cast, switch targets and interrupt one that's further along.  Keep doing that, prioritizing interrupts over DPS.

Run your explosions CLOCKWISE, behind the raid, or at the very least run them OUT of the raid.

When the tendril spawns, we need to get on it, interrupt it, and kill it.  The tendril is the only add that actually NEEDS to be killed.  This is the top priority -- interrupting and killing the tendril is more important than killing the terrors.  We should not have to handle a second tendril -- the orb teams should be done by then.

Remember, this is NOT a DPS race.  We don't need to kill everything.  We just need to survive.  Don't worry about getting one more hit on an add.  Don't cut things close.  If you have the explosion -- if you see numbers over your head -- get out of the raid.  If you see a lint ball coming at you, get away from it.  Reducing your inbound damage is WAY MORE important than doing extra DPS.

All the adds will die after the third orb is deposited so we don't need to obsess about killing them.


The boss will come out, and the tanks will tank him in the middle of the room, facing him toward the room he came out of.  Tanks should swap him at about 6-7 stacks of Growing Corruption.  The raid should SPREAD OUT with a 5-yard spread.  This will prevent splash damage and 'splash stacks' from the shockwave.  Each shockwave gives you 1 stack of a debuff (Putrid Blood).

The fourth orb team should head up as soon as the orb is available.

When the boss reaches full energy, he'll cast Blood Feast on one player.  This player is immobilized and a big red circle will appear around that person.  After 10 seconds an add will spawn on that player.  Anyone standing in that circle will have their Putrid Blood stacks removed, but will ALSO buff the add.  The add will also cast a raid-wide interrupt every 15 seconds so it needs to be killed fast.  A tank needs to pick up the add.  There are several possible strategies for handling the red circle and the add:

"Ready Check Pull" suggests that we clear Team #6's stacks, then the raid's: Have only the SIXTH (last) orb team stand in the first red circle to clear their stacks.  This will spawn a pretty weak add that we can kill quickly.  Then the whole raid stacks on the SECOND red circle to clear their stacks.  Ideally, the second orb blast will be ready right about this time, so we can remove our stacks and get the second add killed all at once.

We will still need to run explosions out and dodge the lint balls during Phase 2.

If we don't manage to get the third orb to the drive in time to kill this second add, we will wait for the THIRD red circle, clear the raid's stacks, and deposit the orb to kill the third add. This means the last orb team may need to wait at the top of the platform for the right time to deposit the orb.

Once we reach this point, we will use Bloodlust right before this second blast.  He will take double damage during the explosion so this is EXCELLENT DPS time.  The goal is to get him to 20% health, and thus trigger Phase Three.


Debris will start falling from the ceiling during this phase.  This will be indicated with a brown ground effect -- get out of those areas!  This only happens for a few seconds during the start of the phase.

There will be no more red circle or adds, but we'll still have to deal with Explosive Corruption and the lint balls.

In Phase Three the boss will cast a set of three abilities in a set sequence:

1. Exploding ground effect safety dance:  The boss will spawn red blobs in a giant cross shape on the ground that explode after a few seconds.  Then a SECOND set of red blobs will spawn in the blank spaces left by the first set.  --> Everyone needs to get to a spot that's safe from the first set, let those explode, then move into the vacated spots to be safe from the second set.

2.  Avoidable raid-wide fear:  Right after the second set of blobs explodes, the boss will cast a raid-wide fear that can be avoided by turning our backs to G'huun. --> Turn your back to him.

3.  Wave of corruption.  Right after the fear the boss will cast his Wave of Corruption shockwave.  --> Everyone needs to be spread with a 5-yard spread to avoid splash damage.

So the rhythm of Phase Three is:  When the red blobs spawn get into the safe spaces.  After the first blobs explode, move to where they were, staying spread out.  Face away from the boss to avoid the fear, spread for the Shockwave.  Then get back to DPSing the boss.

Safe spot, safe spot, look away, spread.
Just a bit of healer perspective: in phase 1, if the orb runners are fast enough, they don't really need a healer to go with them. It's only 2k per tick. So if they are topped up and have a HoT when they go up there they should be able to deposit the orb and get back down. (obviously this works best if the healers get them topped up and HoTed before they go)
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