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Frost Tanking: Advice needed
So i was considering going frost when duel specs come out for tanking but i realized i have no idea what im doing. If anyone has any advice on frost tanking or tanking in general it would be really appreciated Big Grin
All I can say is that you will need to get your Defense up to 540....that seems to be the priority for most plate wearing tanks. But I cant think of a Death Knight tank in Ironsong at the moment.
All you have to do is stay in Frost Presence (or whatever they changed it to now).

Bovi has no hard times getting a boss off of Kosath. xD
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1. Keep shield wall up at all tim...oh wait...
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Just a minor note many miss - you only need 535 defense for heroics. 540 is strictly for raid tanking. I built my gear for 535 as I don't expect to ever need to be a raid tank in this guild and purely tank to facilitate 5-man groups actually happening when I am looking for them. Wink Now, of course with upgrades I've pretty easily gotten to 540 but don't worry about it too much when you are practicing tanking in 5-man.
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