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Friggin' add-ons
OK folks, I have been putting this off for to long now. I am hoping I can get some helpful advice and instructions on the use of specific add-ons.

I am one of the few online gamers who chooses not to use any add-on services, for two reasons. Reason one is I tried using one while playing Everquest and it effectively screwed up my gameplay, Reason two is just because I am not computer savvy, and don't wish to become so. So downloading and running things (while generally easy to do when I think about it) is just a PITA for me.

That said, can someone point me to an appropriate DAMAGE meter and THREAT meter, and perhaps some brief instructions of how to get it going.

Thanks folks.

~ Krell
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The Ironsong Tribe

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hehe, sign on MSN/wow and vent tonight, Krell. I'll guide ya through getting each of those and installing 'em.
No worries Krell, I only use about 5 add-ons myself and all are stand alone.
The fun part of WoW is that installing add-ons is dead simple. Unfortunately I don't use either a Damage or Threat meter so I can't help you there.
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