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Friday, August 17th.
So, anyone NOT going to be here?
Vanea is the only one I know of that will Not be able to make it. Also from what I understand, Efluvious will be sitting the night out except for Netherspite. Psion will be coming. NarNar is coming. Uh, not sure about anyone else.
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It's true -- I wont be around tonight. I've got a meeting that I scheduled for tonight, as I wasn't planning on raiding this week. I'll probably be back at around 8.30 or so (guess.. no real idea, actually) I'll be around tomorrow though for gruul and whatever else we might do.
I shall be here! There will be much smashing and grabbing.

<eyes Vanea's signature>
I will be here.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

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Sorry for the late notice, but it looks like I need to quit by 7:30. Feel free to fill the slot if you need to. Otherwise, I'll plan to stay as long as I can.


Edit: And now it looks like I'm going to get stuck at work past 5. Please find someone to take my spot.

/double sigh

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