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Forsaken no more: Prologue.
I, Ghol'jan the Shattered, write this log as part of our renewed investigation into the Scourge. The tribe took the news harder then I thought, resulting in a few furious spats. I forsaw this as being the case, but I never could have thought it would fall down to outright threats. Nor did I guess that Yaetherin would keep information from me. I must not rely as much on the grace of the elves to aid the horde, or maybe it is just that proud elf.

Be that as it may, I've been charged with another action on behalf of the tribe. I've started forming our reconnaissance star, and will be moving out on tuesday. I pray that things do not change before we act.

I will also post all of the information we have recieved at this time, I hope I have more to share in the future
The Fateful Letter..
Quote:Ghol'jan the Shattered;

As requested by the Officers of the Hand, and yourself, I have begun an investigation into the reinforcements of the horde. While finding no sure numbers, the initial glance appears to be a 50fold increase. What puzzles me more, is that I recognised a few of those in their forces. Not from before the plague, but I could have sworn I've saw them not a fortnight past in Undercity. If it is true, do not tell the Argent Dawn. They only see scourge, not undeath.
((the rest of the not is torn and covered in a thick green fluid))
[Image: 2738341mWkUR.png]
The letter that never arrived: The information Yaetherin knew.

Brother, I can only hope that the Blood Knight I gave this to will convey it your way. I have been out to Zul'mashar again. My zombies, they are all being taken over! All but two have been lost. It seems, that the plague of undeath that was thought stymied is rising up again. The dead cry out, the lich king's will is to great. I don't know what it means, but I have seen many I once knew as forsaken running rampant in the plaguelands. They all move toward Naxxramas. I think, he is calling his creations back to him.

I will be doing what I can to calm the spirits of the dead here. In the end, I think I will be binding and sending more then calming. To quell such a dire cry is near to much for one death speaker. This explains more what the winds were telling me a week past. The Lich King stirs again, the tribe is not safe.
Most honorable Matriarch,

Upon the mission that was delegated, ten of ours did return. It was as the first courier feared, he was indeed wise to bring it to our attention first. I am sure that it will cause some dissidence but such can not be avoided. They would look away again as our city was laid waste by the very beasts that still darken our doorstep. But such are the aspects of the horde, thankfully however their shaman are quite astute. I know this one the courier spoke of, he is quite the dark fellow. His knowledge of death alone is enough give one pause. He conducts his investigations at Zul'mashar, there for I shall start there.

M'lady, at the time of writing this something has occured. It is ghastly to even write it, but the death guard that were sent here just dropped dead. Then as if they were just rendered unconscious they rose up again and began attacking the squads! It is as the letter speaks, they are being turned but how? Mayhaps this has something to do more with that zombie we had slain, the one that bore the seal of the Shattered Hand. Mayhaps he bore something that, slowly spread to the others. My suggestion is to keep an eye on those that were close to him. I will also make a plea with the horde tribe I reside with to contain their people. Just incase it is as the troll spoke, that they are being called to the cursed one.

Until more is know,

Knight Master Yaetherin Bloodkite

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