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Forests Came Down, the
Roughly 12 years ago I was out gathering wood for my families dinner fire. It seemed like a normal day, but perhaps I was not paying attention. I had just sat down to take a swig of water when I heard a low rumbling, I drank, I listened, and the sound grew louder. Then there was a whistling sound, followed by the explosive splintering of trees, barely 10 feet away from me as some sort of payload crashed fell from the sky. Immediately, I was on my feet and preparing to bolt when the smell of rot stung my nose. I was stationary for only a second more and as I began running, full out, through the forest. I looked over my shoulder to see the ground and forest where I had just been had wilted and begun to die.

The next thing I knew I was waking up. I could feel the caked, flaked dried blood on my face and assumed that I had run into a tree branch or tripped over a rock at my fastest sprint. My head still throbbed, but the pain was dull and I felt a faint swimming sensation when I stood. The real horror swept over me when I found that woods that I knew so well were dead, all of it. I back tracked to where I was before I started my run into unconciousness and saw the scar. The trail of death cut through the heart of my peoples land. I followed it, terrified as it continued towards Silvermoon. When I reached the once glorious city I realize how stupid I had been to follow this path of destruction, I nearly delievered myself to the Scourge.

The next few weeks, months, years, I dont recall the specific passage of time, were spent hunting and surviving in the only place left that I knew, the Eversong Woods. I felt constantly unnerved, knowing that at any time I could be caught by some rotting horror. Perhaps that is what kept me alive, kept me alert. I became very good at sneaking up on my prey so that I could eat, I became event better from sneaking away from Scourge patrols. Eventually, I heard the voices of a familiar tongue, Thalassian, it was an intoxicating experience. I found out that the elves were going to retake Silvermoon and offered my services. I knew and know, no magic, but I hauled supplies and earned my share. After the city became re-established I was offered training and could not turn it down. I would not let the same fate befall my people twice.

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