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For Folks Returning (or Considering) - Scroll of Resurrection
For folks considering returning (or definitely going to return), welcome back!
Before you return, however, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Scroll of Resurrection! This will not only give you 7 days of free time, but also a free upgrade to Cataclysm (if applicable) and a character boosted to 80 for free! In order to receive the scroll, however, someone must send it to you! Furthermore, your account must have been inactive on or before March 4th of this year.

I would suggest to contact a close friend that may still be playing so they can take advantage of the benefits of sending a SoR (Scroll of Resurrection). If they already have a reward mount, however, consider posting a reply here so a guildmate can take advantage of it! I'm sure guildies would be happy to help you get 7 days of free gameplay and a free boosted character to 80 (and the full version of Cata if you don't already have it)! Wink Keep in mind that this promotion (with the free upgrade to Cata and a free boost to 80) is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of it while it lasts! I'm unsure how long it will be good for, though.

Please post in here if you would like a scroll of resurrection sent to you! Guildies, if you send one to someone requesting one, please post a reply saying as much as well!

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