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Flask of the Titans
A big part of the reason we toppled Ragnaros is becuase our Main Tank had a Flask of the Titans made. This gave him 1200 more hit points, that stayed with him even after multiple deaths.

I have an important job for the tribe and qualified Alchemists.
We need the members of the tribe to contribute toward the making of these flasks.
Currently I know only that Akora & Shillatae can make the Flask of the Titans are there others?

I’d like to have a Flask of the Titans made for our main tank for the next few Ragnaros attempts and maybe longer. This allows us a little more cushion while we learn the encounter.

Such as the life of a Hordeling, nothing good comes easy and this flask is no exception.

It requires:
• Knowledge of how to make Flask of the Titans – the recipe drops off of General Drakkisath in Upper Black Rock Spire
• An Alchemy Lab – found in Scholomance & Black Wing Lair
• 30 Gromsblood
• 10 Stonescale Eel Oils
• 1 Black Lotus
• 1 Crystal Vial

Please let me know if you can:
• Make this flask
• Would be willing to journey into Scholomance to the Alchemy Lab
• Or we could get someone who has recently cleared Black Wing Lair to group with the Flask maker and use the Alchemy lab in there
• Could donate some of the materials for it

For Ironsong!
Vote Akora for MA!
I can help by fishing for the eel and can help with Scholo. I'm not on a lot recently due to some family issues, but if someone would leave some round about times they'd like to do it, I'll make a point to get on and help.
I'm usually saved to a cleared enough BWL zone that anyone can pop in with me and run to an alchemy lab
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