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Flamebender Ka'graz
This is a boss in the Black Forge wing of Blackrock Foundry.  There are no surprising mechanics, but it requires raid members to have excellent reflexes to avoid targeted abilities and ground effects, and to prioritize targets appropriately.

The fight has a soft enrage mechanic in the form of enchanted armaments, which never despot, so they will eventually fill up the room.


This is a multiple target, single phase fight.  Flame bender Ka’graz has an energy bar that increases slowly over time, independent of our actions, granting her new abilities at various thresholds.  It takes about 2 minutes to reach 100 energy.  At 100 energy her bar is reset and the abilities are lost, and energy starts increasing again.  This cycle continues through the fight.

Abilities she uses at any time:

* Lava Slash:  These are fire lines.  She targets mostly ranged players, creates a line of fire between her and that member.  When it reaches the player it deals damage to anyone within a 7 yard radius.  If any other players are hit by the Lava Slash, additional fire lines are created between the boss and these players.  The lines persist for some time.

* Enchanted Armaments:  Weapons in the room.  She creates a weapon at a random location in the room which persists to the end of the fight, damaging players in a 6 yard radius with Unquenchable Flame.  These weapons can’t be attacked or damaged.

Abilities she gains as her energy increases:

* Molten Torrent (25 energy):  Targets a random raid member and drops a meteor on that player after 6 seconds.  Damage is split between all players in an 8 yard radius.

* Cinder Wolves (50 energy):  she uses this only once, at 50 energy.  She summons two cinder wolf adds.  These fixate players.  Here’s how it works:  One wolf at a time will fixate a player (typically two players in a row).  Then the wolf becomes overheated, at which point the other wolf will fixate a player, and so forth.

When it is overheated, that wolf must be grabbed by a tank.  The wolf has a frontal cone attack + debuff (called Charring Breath) which requires a tank swap.  It also deals more damage over time.

The wolves are joined with a firefly line which deals a DoT if you touch it.  So don’t touch it.

Lastly, the wolves must be killed within 8 seconds of each other, or the wolf killed too early will be healed to full.

* Blazing Radiance (75 energy): she uses this regularly over 75 energy.  It’s a fire DoT on a random raid member that deals damage to everyone within 10 yards for 10 seconds.  The person with the DoT takes the damage too.  It cannot be dispelled.

* Firestorm (100 energy): she uses this only once, then her energy is reset.  This deals raid-wide fire damage for 12 seconds. Any cinder wolves that are alive at this time will also deal the same damage to the raid.  The amount of damage here is massive.  Once Firestorm is over, Ka’graz will gain two temporary abilities:

—> Magma Monsoon, which lasts 30 seconds.  She’ll throw molten orbs at the location of random raid members which land a few seconds later and deal lots of damage to players within 3 yards.  The landing areas are clearly marked.

—> Flamefury:  self-buff that she gains for 50 seconds.  Her melee attacks apply a stacking fire DoT, called Rising Flames, which requires a tank switch.

Aknor Steelbringer

This guy is present at the start of the fight.  He has low health and 2 abilities:

* Devastating Slam:  frontal cone attack against the tank.  Lots of physical damage.

* Drop the Hammer:  used against random raid members (he prefers ranged).  Leaps toward the target, dealing damage and knocking players back within a 10 yard radius.


We’ll go through several energy cycles during this fight.  We need to handle her abilities correctly each time.

Aknor Steelbringer:  at the start of the fight we’ll face both Ka’graz and Aknor Steelbringer.  We need to burn Aknor down as quickly as possible, ideally before Ka’graz reaches 25 energy.  Face Aknor away from everyone.

Ranged and healers should be spread out around the room for the entire fight, which will minimize damage from various abilities.

0-25 energy:  kill Aknor in the first one. In subsequent 0-25 phases we’ll be dealing with her post-100 abilities.

25-50 energy:  stack on players with Molten Torrent.  Easiest is to run into melee.  If a targeted player has an ability that makes them immune to damage, use it and say so so the raid doesn’t have to move.

50-100 energy: One tank tanks the overheated cinder wolf facing away from the raid.  The fixated player kites the other wolf away.  Do not hit the raid with the fire line connecting the two wolves.  And do not use an immunity to lose the wolf as it may target someone else and the change in direction could be fatal.  When the wolves’ roles switch, the tanks should swap the new wolf and the boss to handle Charring Breath.  The two wolves must be killed in the same 8-second window, and this has to be fast, because if the boss reaches 100 energy with a wolf still up they’ll do raid-wide damage and it will wipe the raid.

75 energy:  Blazing radiance DoT.  Just move 10 yards away until the debuff runs out.

100 energy: Firestorm.  Very damaging raid-wide spell.  Use healing cooldowns.  

Post-firestorm:  Move out of the Magma Monsoon targeted areas; tanks perform a swap for Rising Flames.

Use Bloodlust at the start.


* One tank takes the boss, the other takes Aknor and faces him away while the raid kills him.
* When the cinder wolves are up, one tank should take the overheated wolf while the other has the boss.  Each time the wolves swap roles the tanks should perform a switch.
* After firestorm, tanks should perform a tank switch to handle the temporary flame fury ability and rising flames.

* Watch for high raid-wide damage from firestorm at 100 energy
* Beware of high damage from players soaking Molten Torrent
* Dispel any players with Singe (from touching the fire line between the wolves)

* Kill Aknor first.
* When the wolves are up, kill them as fast as possible.  They must die within 8 seconds of each other.

* Casters and Healers should spread out
* Don’t touch the Lava Slash lines, the armaments, or the line linking the wolves
* If you get fixated by a wolf, kite him so you don’t damage other players with the line.
* If you get targeted by molten torrent, stack to share damage
* If you are targeted by blazing radiance, move away until it expires.
* Move out of areas where Magma Monsoon will land

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