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Flag RSP - a Must-Have Addon for RPers

I thought I would take the time to tell you all about the wonderful addon that many RPers use these days, called FlagRSP.

It's a very simple, self-explanatory addon that allows you to give your character a surname, title, description, and even set your RP-style preference. (ie: Casual RPer, RPer, Full-time RPer, etc)

It also allows you to see these things on other people who have the mod. (I wish I had a screenshot of Damo's wonderful (and ludicrously long!) description Wink ) It's amazing for locating RPers and for opening up the grounds for more RP.

If you're interested, the curse-gaming link is http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1028 and, if you download it and have any questions, just ask me here or ingame.

(You must download both of the files that are marked for the most recent release (5.3 as of Nov. 1) and then install it by clicking on the executable. Be sure that, when you update the mod (as it is updated often), to read the "WARNING" area, so you know what to do to keep from losing your character descriptions Smile ...thank you all for taking the time to read this!)


[Image: FlagRSPscreenie.jpg]

Haida on a wyvern!

[Image: Haida%20on%20a%20wyvern.jpg]

Unfortunately, I still have no screenshots of the description windows...but I WILL mis-hit the print screen button many more times Wink
(( This, like all other add-ons, was made on a PC for other PC's. The one (and it's a BIGGUN) downfall of the Mac is that Apple can't possibly make all its software (Windows Media Player works about 1% of the time. iTunes/Quicktime? 99%. GJ Microsoft) and its user base is no where near the size of PC's. And Macs are used mostly for, like, media stuff. Graphics, sound, video, whatever. Not gaming. So...I'm a little screwed here.

(( But if you know of a version of this (and Recap, please!) that works on a Mac or perhaps how to get it to, I'd gladly get it. I promise I'll think of something more fitting than...))

Brian Urlacher
Number 54, Linebacker for the Chicago Bears
<Ironsong Tribe>
Level 45: Tauren Druid
Rank: None
<Casual Roleplayer>
Status: [variable]

((Ah hahahahha!))
(( Sorry, no idea if there's a mac version :/ .. I wish I did, as I have several other friends who are also Mac users who cannot use the mod...they are always poking me for someone's description. hehe ))
(A friend of mine does use a Mac, and she has the addon. I will question her about it when I see her next.)

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