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Fizzlewix' Salvationary Brews
((This application is an exercise in character development for my upcoming Goblin character. I'm writing it as a brief commercial script, as if there were commercial in Azeroth. I have tried to answer as many of the questions from the Ironsong Application as possible, to boot))

Background: the dividing rift in the Barrens. Ominous music is playing in the background.

Voice (Fizzlewix): Scared of the apocalypse? I know I was... down on my luck, just escaped from some hell in the Lost Isles... came to in Stranglethorn Vale, elementals surrounding me. I thought I was going to die. We all did.

Scene of goblins being beat up by other goblins in cheap foam Earth Elemental costumes. Suddenly, the tarp overhead is moved, letting sunshine pour onto the scene, and the goblins-in-costumes run away. Fizzlewix steps into the scene.

Fizzlewix (a male goblin): But then I was saved by member of the Ironsong Tribe! So I'm joining the Tribe, and bringing my skills as a Certified Priest of the Order of St. Viggius ((there is a subtitle disclaiming that there is only one member of the Order)) and I can save you, too!

Shot of some goblins dressed as Tauren. They are picking leaves in an area of Stranglethorn that has been deforested. Think a short version of http://www.freakygaming.com/gallery/cosp...tauren.jpg.

Fizzlewix: Here in Mulgore, I've got the best free-range Tauren working round the clock to bring me the finest herbs, so that the Order of St Viggius is pleased to offer you Fizzlewix' Salvationary Brews! ((subtitle: no actual Salvation guaranteed)).

Scene switches to Gallywix' Pleasure Palace

Fizzlewix: I mix these up myself, so I personally guarantee that if you get killed by Deathwing, you'll be going to your own best afterlife ((substitle: Unless you're undead)). Send 75gp by mail to Fizzlewix, and you'll get your Salvation in a Bottle delivered to your doorstep immediately! Order today, and there's a 5% discount for Tribe Members! See you soon!

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