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First step
((Please forgive my writing. This is my attempt at describing a battle that Stalk fought.))

Stalkinghoof stood motionless over the corpse of the Wrymcaller vile he had slain. The wind howled and the cold bit into his exposed flesh. None of this seemed to matter to him. He was far away from this cold dreary place. He was in the place of his chilhood. Bloodhoof Village. His Mother was calling him to dinner and his Father was reminding him to practice his sword drills. A smile crept across his face whenever he thought of his parents. "How long have they been gone?" He thought to himself. "How long has it been since they fell to that damn plague?" The smile started to fade from his face. The large lynx, Brokentooth, his constant companion, brushed up against him and brought Stalkinghoof out of his reverie.

Stalkinghoof patted the lynx affectionately. "I know you have no patience when you sence their is more fighting to be done," he said. "Old friend please give me a moment to gather my strength."

He called out into the cold night sky. "Parents hear me! I made an oath to you when you fell to the Scourge plague! I said I would perfect my skills and come to Northrend! Well, I am here!" He looked around as if he expected a reply. None came except for the howling wind. "I swore that when I came to this place I would help defeat the cursed Lich King!" He spat the name out with contempt. "What I do now is the first step to fulfilling my oath!" The night went silent as the echos of his voice faded.

He bent over and picked up the unholy looking horn from the corpse. He looked to the great Lynx. "Thank you old friend. Ready yourself for battle, we have to face our toughest foe yet." He drew a deep breath and blew into the foul horn. The sound from the horn was a deep sickening rumble. As the sound from the horn faded into the surrounding mountians, he heard the the rythmic drumming of wings. The Wrym came into view and let out a roar that shook the ground. It was Glacion, undead Frost Wrym, a thing from nightmares staring at Stalkinghoof with murder in it's eyes.

Stalkinghoof took a deep breath and pulled the hammer back on his rifle. Glacion swooped down at Stalkinghoof. Stalkinghoof yelled "Brokentooth attack!" The Lynx leapt and was clawing and ripping at the Wrym in an instant. As he attacked he let out a ferocious growl. The Wrym turned and let out a jet of icy breath at his attacker. The lynx winced in pain as the icy breath covered him, but he still pressed the attack. Stalkinghoof raised his rifle and took aim. He pulled the trigger. The rifle barked out it's familiar sound. The rifle had some effect on the Wyrm, but not enough. Stalkinghoof knew what he had to do if they were to survive this battle.

Stalkinghoof closed his eyes and concentrated. He channeled the fury and wrath of the beast. He felt his anger rise up in him. It was unbearable. Stalkinghoof and Brokentooth transformed into the fury of nature incarnate. Brokentooth clawed and slashed with more ferocity than before. Glacion ripped into the lynx savagely.

Stalkinghoof didn't know how much more of the punishment the lynx could take. Stalkinghoof looked through his scope trying to find a weakness in the Wyrm's defences. At last he saw a joint that looked weak where the wing connected to the spine. Stalkinghoof took careful aim and pulled the trigger. His shot struck true. The Wyrm roared in anger and turned to face Stalkinghoof. Glacion leaped at Stalkinghoof and tried to crush him. Stalkinghoof anticipated what the Wrym was trying to do and rolled out of the way. As he rolled he came back to his hooves and drew his axes in one fluid motion. Stalkinghoof was very graceful for a Tauren. Glacion recovered and swept his claw at Stalkinghoof. His claw easily parted the mail armor and bit deep into the Tauren's flesh.

The Tauren cried out in pain then growled. "I am going to send you back into the blackness where you came from Wrym!" Stalkinghoof summoned the power of the mongoose and the raptor and swung his axes. The axes connected with a loud cracking of bone. The Tauren smiled grimly at his success.

Brokentooth meanwhile was attacking the Wrym's flanks with great effect. The battle was turning against Glacion and he could sense it. In desperation the Wyrm summoned all of its remaining energy and attempted to bite Stalkinghoof. Glacion's teeth sunk deeply into the Tauren's shoulder almost severing his left arm. Stalkinghoof roared in pain and droped one of his axes.

The bite almost succeded in killing the Tauren but the attack left the Wyrms neck exposed. Stalkinghoof saw the mistake that Glacion had made. Stalkinghoof was starting to passout from the massive wound, but willed himself to stay conscious. He had to end the battle now or they were both dead. He swung his remaining axe with all of the might he could muster, crying out. "Ancestors, lend me your strength!"

His blow landed squarely on the side of the great Wyrm's neck. The strike was so mighty it sundered all the way through. The two foes slumped to the ground; only Stalkinghoof stood back up.

Stalkinghoof's legs were shakey as he stood over the body of Glacion. He pulled out a healing potion and drank it quickly. The magical elixir felt warm as it went down his throat, his body tingled as it worked to repair some of the wounds he had sustained. He then turned to Brokentooth and began to tend to the Lynx's wounds.

"We did it!" He hugged the Lynx and repeated it over and over, as if to try to convince himself that it actually happened. After he had tended Brokentooth's wounds he looked up into the sky. "Yes, the first step. There will be more things to accomplish to fulfill my oath. But this is the first." He smiled again imagining his parents were there to congratulate him. But, that could never happen again. He turned and looked down at the the remains of Glacion. He thought for a moment and then picked up his axe that he had dropped. He then used the axe to remove one of the Wyrms teeth. "This will make a fine blade for a skinning knife and also remind me of what we have accomplished this day." Brokentooth looked to Stalkinghoof as if trying to understand what his master was saying. The lynx just brushed up against the Tauren and Stalkinghoof patted him.

"Come Brokentooth we must not linger here."

Stalkinghoof ran into the night and the lynx followed him. He imagined he was running on the plains of Mulgore in warm sun. He smiled to himself and said "That is worth fighting for."
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman

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