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Fires in the night
Raxxar wearing nothing more then a pair of overalls and a bandana beings work on repairing the hall. Finding a shoring up or replacing the bad Support beams as well as putting up a few planks to patch over the holes in the roof.

On a table in the center of the hall is a Sketch of the hall now with steel shod stone walls and a metal scaled roof.
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
The night elf straightened up. "You are so anxious for revenge? Does everyone else feel the same way? What would you do, go to our homes and murder innocents? Have more die? That is why you are Horde." He spat the last word out. "You know nothing of order or peace. I would die before I willingly caused the death of my kin or my allies. So," he leaned forward, glaring Zaevian in the eyes, "will you be the one to stick the knife in?"
Zaevian shakes his head. "To have such large ears it is amazing how many elves never learn to listen... I'm not out for the blood of innocents. Do you really think we are such mindless killing machines that we would stoop to the same level as your compainions? Attack homes with families, children, innocents? I fight to protect the family I have found here, I fight to rid this world of that which threatens not just the horde or the alliance but all life in this world....And just as your actions have shown you to be a better person your compainions actions have shown them to be something that is a threat to all of us. You didn't hear what I said. But I suppose we can't expect much more from those who embrace ignorance."
Steered by the sound of angry bees and the smell of honey, a small, dark grey flying squirrel swooped across a clearing, corrected his aim, and landed gracefully at the side of a giant black bear. He straightened his cap, adjusted his satchel straps, and stiffened formally.

“Ahem,” he said in his high, piping voice, “I has a message for Master En-gang-guh from—“ the squirrel jumped aside to avoid a large glob of honey dribbling off the bear’s fur. “Hey!” He hauled off and kicked the bear in the back of the leg. “Dangit! Listen up!”

The oblivious bear, head stuck completely inside a beehive and totally covered in golden, sticky sweetness, continued his wholesale ravaging of next season’s best Feathermoon clover honey. Finally satisfied, he sat back and contemplated his next meal. Bear form had its benefits, but weight management wasn’t one of them.

“Sir!” The messenger tried again, “You is received a communtictation fr—gah!“ he leapt back, dodging the heavy paw which had come near to squashing him as the bear rumbled to his feet.

Nganga shook his head, sending clots of honey and comb flying in all directions. He sniffed the nearby marigolds and moseyed off towards the lake.

The little squirrel dashed along behind, squeaking shrilly, “Sir! Sir! Wait! I must be gives you this lett- ffsskikpphthhthhkkkikikik!” This time he was unable to dodge the huge wave caused as the bear flopped into the cool water. Dripping and shaking with indignation, he loaded his blowgun with a nettle dart and shot the bear in the tummy.

“Wrynn’s shins! Who did that? Show yourself!” The bear dunked his head to clear the remaining honey residue from his fur and looked around wildly.

“I did it!” piped the squirrel, “If you is ruined my letters, you’ll be have nettles in your bed next times!”

“Eep, sorry Zag. I didn’t know you were there. What brings you to Feralas?”

Abandoning all pretense of formality, the squirrel shrugged and handed the Druid a rolled parchment. “This is be for you, from Cappin Donalzon. He say to Zag: ‘Zag, take this fast fast to ‘Ganga. Ironsong Tribe calls for friends.’ Me, I go fast, and here I is.”

Nganga returned to his Tauren form and quickly built a small campfire. “Dry off a bit, Zag, while I read this letter.” Scanning the terse note, he gasped. “Cultists? Fire elementals in the guildhall? Goblin bombs!? Burned buns of Bolvar, BARON GEDDON?? I thought we took care of that guy years ago!”

He turned to Zag, who was standing so close to the fire in an effort to dry his satchel that he was in serious danger of bursting into flame. “Can you send this message on to my sister, Heifertiti? I think she’s in the Needles this month. She’s finally reached her majority, and it sounds like the Tribe needs every able hand. What do I owe you, little guy?”

“Three peanuts and a filbert for delivery confirmation, and a walnut for my dry cleaning.”

Nganga fished around in his pack, frowning. “Aha!” he said, and a coconut landed in the little squirrel’s outstretched hand…and lap. “I’m afraid I don’t have anything smaller, but you can keep the change!”


“Come, Rani!” the Druid bellowed in the general direction of the stables, “We must go swiftly! Bring Taniwha with you, we may have to ride all night!” He stamped off toward his home, mumbling about packing extra socks and a supply of bandages.
Nganga Nyeusi
He is fast and is the danger.
What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?
The night elf sat back, folding his arms across his chest. "As I have already said, I will not give away the location of my friends willingly. While I feel bad for what we have done, I cannot betray their trust by divulging their location."
Aracna arrived at the remains of the guild hall a little stressed and a little high off fel. It was all she could do to swallow her pride. Dannion was wrapped neatly in a sling around her chest, something he had refused to be in for some months, now he sat quietly weakened and tired. Carefully she walked up to the Night Elf. "Thank you," She blurted out. "For saving my son."

With that she found where her seat had gone off too, put her chair back right side up and sat down.
Rhogarran nodded at the blood elf. The demon presence he had felt in the boy was strong. He hoped that the cleansing spell he cast on the boy was strong enough, for having an enemy with powers that great could spell trouble for the Alliance. He stood up and stretched, raising his arms to the sky then brought them down in a wide arc.

Far in the distance, the gnome saw the signal. He brought the telescope down. He disliked being even this close, in enemy territory. "He is still fine," the gnome said to his tall companion.

"That is why I hired him," Ryak said. "Let's head back."

"Hold on tight," the gnome said, pulling out a device.

The tall man grimaced and grabbed the gnome's arm. "I really do hate--" he began to say, but was cut off as they disappeared.

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