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Fires in the night
Tursiops paused a moment, not having expected that reply.

He looked at the Night Elf, casting healing on himself and preparing to resume his assault at a moment. "Why would you burn our home?"
Anca lead the way down a steep shaft, just as narrow as the previous tunnel, but with gravity working for them. Little ledges dotted the sides, marked with scrapes from claws of many animals passing through. Deeper underground they went, far under the guild hall with its collapsing tunnels, and they emerged into a much larger chamber, large enough for sound to echo. Anca shined the mechanical torch around, marking the eyes of many animals gathered together, including her warpets. Standing before them all was Snuffletusk.

Anca skritched at his ruff as she looked around. "All the little aminals okay? Eveybody got here safe?" Snuffletusk snuffed at her, almost a sneeze.

The room held a different scent from the tunnels. Though the animals gathered here, they obviously didn't live in this room. The light from the tube shown around as the girl asked Luc, "Anything here can help?"

It was Dispaya's lab, closed off months ago.
Zaevian laughs at what Lailya said. "Well what can I say I'm a sucker for a good fight..." He flashes a wicked grin. "Besides someone had to get them away from the guild hall to give them some time to get everyone out.... And lucky me I'm a master of annoyance and I'm pretty good at taking hits so I can give them that time." He barely dodges out of the way of a giant fireball that was hurled at him by one of his pursuers. "I think I might have pissed them off a bit too much..." He nods towards the river that they were approaching. "That river is deep enough that it should weaken them a bit maybe just give us enough time for our guildmates to get here and help out."

Throws his head back and laughs as he summons the power of frost to allow them to cross the river safely. "But hey looking on the bright side of things if we survive this we will be what epics are written about.... And if we die I won't have to worry about getting clocked by Lucin for doing something so stupid. Still glad you followed me?" He flashes a killer grin at Lailya as they reach the far side and then spins and takes on a battle stance.
Lailya snorted, clearly unimpressed as she neatly dodged a blast of fire. "Well, you've given me a damn good reason to make sure you stay alive," she drawled as they came to the river's opposite bank. Her sudden grin was nothing short of nasty. "Watching Lucinther browbeat you is going to be quality entertainment."

Pizpit snickered.

Her other demons now arrayed with her and Zaevian, Lailya turned to face the oncoming elementals. Her grin widened, becoming feral, and she raised her hands to make a "come and get me" gesture. The elementals, harassed and taunted beyond their tolerance, roared and charged.
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
The night elf shrugged. "You can blame your friend for our retaliation. But it never was meant to go this far. We'€™ve got to stop Baron Geddon before he does destroy all of Azeroth!"€

With that, he began to run towards the home he had helped try to destroy and towards the elemental that was looming over ruble.
Mula could feel the elementals begin to weaken under her constant blows. Her fur was slick from her efforts and she prayed to the earth mother to protect her child. She was beginning to tire from the effort, but just a glance at the destruction around her, gave her the strength to double her efforts. She roared at the elementals and attacked with a renewed effort. She felt the carapace crack, as she hit it with Cryptmaker. She didn'€™t hesitate at the opportunity before her. She gripped Shadow'€™s edge firmly and swung it in an overhead arc, aiming for the weakened area of the armor. She brought it down, and the elemental staggered underneath her blade. Several more swings and the elemental was down. She focused on taking the other elemental down, using similar tactics.

When the second elemental went down, she dropped Cryptmaker and pulled the shield from her back, and charged in, striking the spinning device with Shadow'€™s edge. The device shattered, but this time the portal did not close, as they had done in the past. "€œYou will have to get past us, before we will allow you to destroy our homeland!" she yelled up at the behemoth. She raised her shield just in time as a wave of fire was aimed at her. Her battle cry echoed across the hills, "€œWE ARE THE IRONSONG TRIBE!"
The forsaken one heard the battle cry, from a dark distant place. He began to rise from the debris, the two knives sticking out of his back, forgotten. He saw the behemoth looming over the wreckage. He saw the portal, then knew what he had to do. He fed on the arcane energies surrounding him, drawing them in and absorbing them. He then drew the circle of magic and the runes. Seeing Mula charge in, he knew that no mistakes could be afforded. He began to cast the spell, Before he even realized it, he was speaking the words that were needed to begin the closing ritual. The words hissed from his throat, like dead ghosts, but it was enough. The runes began to glow and spin. He focused on closing the portal at the base of Baron Geddon. The elemental was too strong, he would have to be defeated before the portal could be closed.
The fire elementals screamed as they entered the water. Zaevian took a quick count of how many there were....5...10....15...25...35...40... Damn, about forty of the elementals and it looks like the baron didn't follow him....Oh well he had to contend with the rest of the tribe and it looks like most of his backup is here.... "Hah, about twenty to one against.....Care to place any bets?"

"You're an idiot...."

"Yea Aman I get that but I had to buy them some time they have been good to us despite how rude you have been.....So you gonna help me get out of this mess or spend the next month healing my body from an immoble state?"

"Guess I don't have much of a choice... You have to be the worst person they could have stuck me in elf!"

"Yea yea, quit your whining and lets get to work..." Zaevian's eyes glow bright blue and his skin takes on a paler hue and he flashes a feral grin. "Now let the fun begin!" He shouts in a strange double voice that sounds almost like two people talking at once as he jumps at the nearest elementals and starts striking in a flurry of blades and magic.
"I can help." Dannion squirmed in his mother's grasp.

"No, I don't want you going out there." She brushed his hair with her fingers trying to console him.

"No..you don't understand. I am meant to help." He looked at her with an odd determination.

Acranca locked with his eyes for a moment not wanting to believe the time had come. "Are you sure? Is this it?"


She kissed him and stood up. Her walk back to the guild hall felt like it was in slow motion, going over in her head again and again. All along praying her father would protect the boy. Is this how he dies? She didn't want to think about it but couldn't help it. From the time he was born they knew he was going to die...soon. Now the 4 month old was ready...but she was far from it. "I love you, Danny."

He hugged her with his tiny arms, "I love you too mom. Don't worry so much."

She stepped around the elemental, Frivan again trying to clear the path. Aracna set Dannion on top of a table in front of the portal at his request, and stepped back. She She joined Firvan in taking shots at the elemental. All the while making sure to keep her son in sight.

Dannion stood up as straight as his little body would go and he stared down the Baron. His eyes went from a sparkling green to a glowing fiery gray. He began shouting something at the Baron in the old tongue, Aracna had no idea what he was saying but he seemed to be yelling back sternly at the Baron. She could almost see the C'Thun in him stir. The elemental began to surround the boy, he smiles and seemed to ask a question. The Baron looked nervous, "Get that child!" The elemental obeyed and reached out for Dannion. His grin grew larger as he raised his hands to the sky and began channeling a spell. Aracna began firing shots at the device creating the portal, until it was shattered into pieces, crying as she did so.

She looked back to her son. It took her a moment to realize what he was doing. It looked like Hellfire only the flames licking the attackers were black...she could feel the coldness of the shadow magic from where she stood. "Everyone, get down!" He shouted above the roar of the black fire. Aracna and Firvan both dropped to the ground, hoping the others had heard him. He let out at the level of his table a wave of shadow so powerful it shook the walls, killing all the elemental in the Hall and putting out some of the fires. Everything was quiet for a moment, Dannion teetered and then his body fell lifeless onto the table.
Tursiops stopped his headlong flight towards the Baron, seeing the wave of shadow without comprehension.

He looked at the Night Elf running beneath him and pondered for a moment, before choosing to protect or vengeance. "Another time.", he said as he wheeled away to the damaged guild hall.
Lucinther rolled to his feet as he hit the ground beneath where the tunnel ended. He knew where he was before Anca had used his device to light up the darkness. As he stood, he muttered something quietly under his breath and almost instantly every old torch and candle in the room sprang to life with a roaring flame at the end of it. He smirked slightly.... magic triggered by a key phrase that anyone could use.... at least Dispaya had found more practical ways to use magic aside from the occasional spell or two.

He smirked again, " Guess I'm not the only one with a secret way in here..." He glanced around the room. " I don't know what all she had in here... but if there's going to be a place to find something useful... it'll be here." He began searching the room for.... something.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Mula dodged and blocked the behemoth's attacks. She was barely staying ahead of Baron Geddon. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Aracna, Firvan, and Dannion. "Wha-?" A blast of fire knocked her to the ground. She heard the boy...no baby, yell for everyone to get down. Well, that was easy she began to think and brought up her shield to protect herself; the wave of darkness passed over her.

"DANNION!!!" Aracna's horrified voice echoed across the hall.

Mula was on her feet and raced over. "No! No, no nonono." Tears filled her eyes as she saw the lifeless body.


Rincewindy put up his shield just in time as the wave of black shadow came at him. It hit him hard, but his shield managed to hold.


He nearly lost control of the spell at the sound of the heart-wrenched cry. His brow furrowed in concentration, and he managed to keep the spell active. The runes swirled around him, as he tried to keep the spell ready to close the portal that was keeping Baron Geddon when he was weakened sufficiently.
Anca went about calming the animals, the younger ones, the skittish ones. The warpets needed no calming. She watched Lucinther sift through the room. Not much was left there. And Anca didn't know what might be important either; she spent more time cleaning up after things she spilled or broke than she did paying attention to what Dispaya did in the lab.

But then, like it was yesterday, she remembered the box.

She skipped from one wall toward the center of the room, counting to herself in sing-song. She finished the count, landing on both feet, then bent to lift the flagstone.

The oaken box below it was bulky for the little girl, but light enough to lift out. "How 'bout this?" she asked the rogue, opening the box to let a golden glow slowly fill the room.
Rhogarran heard the mother's cry and walked towards the child, head bowed. "Ysera forgive me, I helped cause this," he said. He reached out towards the child, and began to channel the powers of spring and rebirth. Aracna moved to stop him, but Mula held out an arm, stopping her.

A brilliant white light filled the boy's body, lighting up the night. There was a soft cry as the boy breathed again.

The night elf stepped back.

"Go to him," Mula said quietly.

The night elf spoke quietly, "His body had been cleansed of the dark magic that had possessed him. He is now free to choose his own path."
Lucinther crossed the room and walked over to Anca, who was holding the box. He thought he knew what it was, but he wasn't entirely sure. " What is it?" He looked down at it trying to inspect it carefully, almost afraid it would break.

He looked up and towards the door. He had heard Aracna's cry for her son. He looked downward, closing his eyes for a moment, and whispered, " I'm sorry Aracna..."
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]

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