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Fires in the night
Anca tugged at Lucinther, helping to pull him further down the tunnel, for the opening was already filling with flame and beginning its own collapse. As it was, the tunnel was barely large enough for Luc's shoulders to fit through, and it went pitch black when the opening crumbled behind them.

"Not safe yet," Anca said, trying to help Luc along whenever the squeeze got a bit too tight. "Still crumbly here." Luckily, the downward slope helped the movement a bit.

The sounds of the battle were closed off with the tunnel, but there was another sound in there, the sounds of animals, as Anca was apparently herding some in front of her as well.

Soon, Anca climbed from the tunnel up to a tiny chamber barely high enough for Lucinther to sit, and only a few feet wide, but at least there was some room. "There, strong roof here," she said. A soft, green glow came off some of the lichen growing on one 'wall,' revealing the place to be a kind of nest, where several of Anca's small animals apparently made their beds. She peeked back down the darkness of the tunnel they came from. "That all blocked up," she observed. "Can't go back."
Zaevian cursed as he threw yet another bucket of water on the fires and mutters. "At least they are starting to die down....And where in the Blazes did Lucin get off to?"

"I wonder what could have caused this.... It didn't seem like any of the cultists would have been able to get past the defenders at the front door...What caused those damned explosions?" He looked at the collapsing parts of the guild hall. "I hope noone got caught in there." He then continued to douse the fires.
Lucinther sat hunched over, trying to stay slightly comfortable in the small space. He pulled out a small cylindrical device form his pack. He flipped a small switch and a cone of light came out from the tube. He handed it to Anca. " Lead the way, kid."
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
With the explosion, Tursiops immediately leaps out of the window without even pausing to see if he was in any danger. He knows damn well that no cultist or elemental had gotten past him, which means that they had rogue, druid, or sabotage issues. As he falls, he looks around to spot a night elf flying away from the building.

Giving a low bellow, he flashes into bird form near the ground, scraping his claws against a stone and dashing fully towards the night elves form. It looks like the enemy bird is deep in thought, flying with frustration and the job half done. Knowing fully well that druids are unable to focus enough to fly while in pain, Tursiops focuses to his top speed and readies the power to throw both the aerial insects to swarm that night elf and also spots the location of the moon, ready to blast the damn firestarter out of the sky.

As he gets into range, Tursiops begins his airborn assault, buzzing and blasting filling the air.


As the night elf is forced into humanoid and begins to fall, A loud battle-screech shatters the air:

"Nobody lights my home on fire and lives!"

Knowing that his own parachute is safely prepared at all times. Tursiops dives after the suddenly falling night elf, clawing and shredding the enemy's back.
Lailya stepped purposefully after the retreating cultists, casting shadowbolts and incinerate spells to chase them down, not paying Sentei any heed when he joined her so long as he stayed out of the paths her spells took. She carefully sidestepped those cultists who had thrown down their weapons and surrendered: even in the depths of her rage, she had enough sense to realize they posed no threat.

And if they changed their minds... Well, she wasn't adverse to initiating a little spontaneous combustion, as it were.

The sudden explosion that rocked the area drew her attention away from the Twilight's Hammer and back to the guild hall. The warlock stared in shock, not noticing when her Metamorphosis spell faded away. The guild hall was burning.

This night had just gone from bad to worse.

She noted a large bird-like form flying from the roof - and not long after, another shot off after it with a cry. It was too dark to tell just which of the tribe's druids had taken off after the saboteur, but she had no doubt he (or she) would take care of the matter. There was nothing more she could do on that front.

The blood elf briefly entertained the idea of dismissing all her demons save Flaadhun, but dismissed the idea. Instead, she took a few deep, calming breaths. Her brothers had called her hard-headed and as stubborn as a mule while growing up, but the sheer depths of willpower she possessed was what ultimately made her one of the best warlocks of her generation. She couldn't afford to collapse now, not when there was still much to do.

"Pizpit, Vilyla, Shaathun," she snapped out. The imp, succubus, and felhunter immediately came to attention. "Round up the cultists that surrendered and keep them under guard. Keep them alive for questioning, but if one of them escapes, run him down."

Shaathun slavered in delight and came over to rub against his mistress's legs. Vilyla and Pizpit bowed in acknowledgment and then the three demons moved off in the direction of the nearest cultists.

Lailya turned to her voidwalker and felguard and said, "Krakgak, Flaadhun, get a bucket brigade going, we need to help Zaevian douse those fires now." Krakgak and Flaadhun bowed and hurried for the well. As she ran to help the death knight, she yelled over her shoulder, "Sentei! Get a move on it!"
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
The night elf let out a screech as he got hit by the blast. He tried to beat his wings, then realized that they had lengthened back into his arms. "Ysera, protect me," he whispered. Leaves began to swirl around him, as he felt the healing powers.

He hit the ground hard. The wind rushed out of his lungs, but even as he was on the precipice of death, he felt the healing powers bring him towards the living. Green leaves began to swirl around him, mixing in with the red, and he felt restored. Feeling his energy restored, he looked directly at the tauren, defiance in his eyes and yelled, "Andu-falah-dor!" Feeling the power of Elune backing him, he began to channel the energies of the moon, gathering them and releasing them at the incoming tauren.

Tursiops watched the Night Elf survive the landing and swore in Taranthe.

Diving hard, he controlled an extreme flight until he landed with a powerful war stomp in front of the elf, interrupting her druidic movements for a moment while he took his place within arm's reach - challenging her.

"You will not survive this." he growled, as his skin took on a bark texture and he accepted the incoming blast from the elf, knowing that he was untouched by the fall and had the advantage even with the damage done.

Using the time he gained by accepting the arcane burn, he channeled the form of the Moonkin and began summoning the power of local stars to join the barrage of the insects and lunar fire at the Night Elf. Carefully watching for any sign of escape, he smiled angrily and found his combat and pursuit stance, beginning to channel the stars with one hand - and secretly adjusting his engineered net launcher with the other.

(edit: color issues)
The lanky young orc rogue, dressed in robes too big for him advanced on the hall, spindly arms wrapped around a larger device. He would be rewarded for his efforts. He would be put on a pedestal by the master himself! His mouth stretched into a smile as he got closer. He started to giggle, the closer he got. With a tremendous effort he heaved the larger device, throwing it through the cavernous burning opening. He shouldn't have been able to throw it that far, but the device whirled through the air, as if attracted to the flames. He appeared ten feet to the side of the blood elf death knight and began to laugh maniacally. "Yes! I AM AWESOME!" He felt, just briefly, the blade. And then the world tumbled around him, spinning wildly. The last thing his eyes saw was a headless scrawny body falling to the ground.

The device landed in the burning rubble, spinning. A red portal, larger than the others opened up. Several elementals came out. These ones looked different from the others. These looked stronger than the others, each protected by a fiery carapace.

A booming voice could be heard from the portal and flames from the guild hall began to swirl into the opened portal.
"I, Baron Geddon shall prepare the way for the Fire Lord! There will be no one to stop us this time! AZEROTH WILL BURN!"The fires collected and swirled and then disappeared into the portal. There was a heartbeat of absolute silence. A heartbeat of absolute stillness. A heartbeat later, a ring of fire burst out of the portal, and the elder fire elemental emerged, a raging inferno bursting through the roof and destroying all that surrounded him.

Mula stopped short, her heart began beating furiously at hearing the voice of the one that had been defeated so long ago. She remembered him being strong then. He looked even stronger, now. She had more pressing issues right in front of her. Two of the elementals were coming right at her. She swung Shadow's Edge, half expecting to cleave right through it, but her blade barely made a dent in the elemental's tough armor. "Ish na wa Ovaktalo!" Mula yelled in challenge, and began the attack.
Rhogarran, swore as the tauren landed. "I am your servant, Ysera," he said feeling the healing energies and transforming into a large black panther. He leaped at his feathery foe, teeth and claws bared.

The young troll shaman, finally able to recover from the earlier ice bolt to his torso, saw the giant fire elemental appear and stood in fear. Instinctively tossing down a small forest of totems, he stood at the window, quiet with indecision, flames behind him and elemental in front of him.

He stood for many seconds, watching the demons run in circles, the druids fly and fall, and the arrows and blades of his guild mates glint and flicker through the air. He put one hand to his head to feel the headache forming.

....and then he whispered.
"Eadaoin, oh no." and he shifted into his ghost wolf form, leaping with shocking grace from tile to tile down the building and vanishing into the nearby forest.
Tursiops smiled as the other druid leaped and fired the net launcher into the cat's face, taking one step backwards as the net enveloped the panther. He knew it wouldn't keep the elf immobile for long, but would force a form shift, taking her off her combat rhythm, and if he was lucky, it would anger her, getting her arrhythmic in her tactical dance.

In a shockingly direct and teacher-clear voice, he spoke as he channeled his next step.
"Ysera would be ashamed that you now worship destruction and chaos."

Not waiting for a response, he completed his calling of the sun and a blast of light ripped through the sky, pulsing and striking the elf in the neck and head, fur singed and flesh burnt.
The druid shredded the net, then shifted into his night elf form. "You are right, she would not approve. But, you are wrong if you think that I caused this. There is a greater threat at hand," he said, indicating the gigantic fire elemental. "We can carry this on later. What say you?"
Zaevian watched as the portal opened and fire elementals poured out. "GRRRRAAAAH!!! I just put out those fires!" He then unleashed another wave of decaying energy and started leaping from one elemental to another dealing hard blows not enough to kill them or seriously hurt them but it should be enough to get them mad enough to chase him finishing by jumping and stabing the elemental lord in the chest. As he lands he shouts out "Come on you little candle flames let's see if you have what it takes to kill me!" He then goes dashing off in the direction of a nearby river throwing out aditional waves of decay and death coils to keep them following. Grining as he runs past the two warlocks that were coming to help he shouts out. "Why don't you guys come and join the party once you get those fires under control!" Now lets hope I live that long......
Lailya swore viciously in three languages as she readjusted her course to take in the direction of the newly-summoned Baron and his entourage. "You have an interesting definition of a party, Zaevian!" she said as she came up beside him.

She stared for a moment at the scene before her and thought. Cultists probably wouldn't answer any questions anyway, and at this point, sad as it was to say, the hall was looking like a lost cause. So.

The warlock whistled shrilly, and her demons were immediately converging around her. Pizpit leaped up to hang from her shoulder, staring wide-eyed at the chaos before them.

"I don't think my fireballs are gonna do much," the imp said.

"Shut up, Pizpit."

Pizpit shut up.

In a sick, twisted way, it was kind of flattering that the Twilight's Hammer and the other servants of the Old Gods would consider Ironsong enough of a threat to devote a significant part of their resources to eliminate. But it made her wonder just why they thought that way. Ah, well, she had other things to worry about.

With a snap of her fingers, Lailya was again encased in the writhing shadows that signaled the start of a Metamorphosis spell. She said something in Eredun and then she and her demons leaped into the fray.
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
There were too many of them.

With the elemental rifts tearing open around the city, and the elementals pouring through, the small contingent of Blood Knights stationed in Orgrimmar had been spread about, and Althaniel found himself combating a wave of burning beings of flame alongside a number of orcish warriors, with none of his compatriots in sight. And they still kept coming.

"Enough of this!"

Focusing his will, he called upon the Light, emerald green eyes blazing a bright gold as he charged ahead, wings of shimmering energy spreading behind him. Ancient elven steel cleaved through the elementals, several of them dissolving in wisps of fire as they were defeated, the Blood Knight quickly shifting his attention to the next foe.

And all around, Orgrimmar burned...

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