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Fires in the night
Upon seeing the cultists Aracna did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed her small son and ran to her old room, followed by Scampie. She set Dannion down on the bed and locked the door with the flimsy lock. That won't hold them, she thought to herself. Have they finally come for him? Have they discovered what he is? She readied her weapon and bit her lip.

"Mommy, whats wrong?" The little boy asked.

"Nothing sweetie, just keeping you safe." She looked to him trying not to panic. "Summon your void walker."

He blinked, "But you said no magic in the house."

"I know, but he'll protect you. Its ok. Summon Jazman."

With a few motions of his arms the void walker loomed in the room. Aracna turned to her beloved spider. "Protect the boy." It hissed and shook, "I know I know...but hes the priority. Don't worry about me protect him." Finally he obeyed and moved closer to the bed. The sounds of battle began in the main room.

Focusing with all her might she filled her bow with fel energy, nearly draining all that she had; she collapsed to one knee. Aracna took a deep breath and labored back to her feet, unsteady. And waited at the ready.
He wasn't entirely sure what had been going on outside the guild hall. He had been woken up from a rare deep sleep by screams and shots. His thoughts immediately went to his wife and child.

He grabbed his bow and began looking for them, knowing that she'd probably taken Dannion somewhere safe. Ruse followed behind, keeping a close eye on everything he wasn't watching. He stopped in front of her old room and pushed the door open. If it had been locked, the lock had given little resistance.
Startled, Aracna nearly screamed. Realizing it was Firvan she quickly ushered him in and closed the door, now dragging the night stand in front of it as a barricade. She went to her husband and hugged him, "Whats going on?"
He held her in his arms, "I'm not sure.... sounds like a fight outside. Don't think anyone inside really knows whats going on... all I caught on the way back here was some shouting and someone saying that they 'had' Lucin... Not really sure what it all means though." A look of concern crossed his face, " Are you and Danny alright?"

He looked over at the door. Ruse had decided to curl up on top of the nightstand. " Well... at least she's not growling at the door..."
She nodded with relief. "Yea we're ok." Firvan can tell her bow glowed with dark fel energy and she was already showing signs of withdrawal. "Luc should be ok. He can handle himself."
Rincewindy found himself sitting in the middle of the main hall. He vaguely noticed Mula charging through the main doors. He suddenly felt like an outright fool for freezing up like that. He picked himself off of the floor and headed after Mula.

He stopped short as he passed by the kitchen. Something small and dark was in the corner crouched over something. Rincewindy stepped through the opening of the kitchen, trying to get a better view. The small figure was covered head to toe in dark leathers, a mask covering his face. At that moment, the figure looked up at him...and bolted. Except that Rince was ready. Ice particles came up from the kitchen floor stopping the gnome dead in his tracks. Except this gnome twisted out of the ice and headed for the window. Rince let loose a barrage of arcane missiles at the gnome. The gnome dodged a few of the bolts, but staggered as he got hit by the rest. He ignored the pain and climbed up to the window struggling with the latch. Rince began to gather a massive amount of arcane power, the gnome glanced back at him and then laughed. Rince'€™s brow furrowed. He then realized the gnome wasn'€™t looking at him, but past him. He started to turn, just in time to see the butt of a knife coming right at his head. Everything was swimming. Rince tried to focus.

"A present from your friend,"€ the human said, and drove the knife into his back. "€œCompliments of Squigvicious," he said and drove the second knife in.

The man followed the gnome out the window and disappeared into the night.

Rince swayed on the spot for a brief moment the fell to the ground.

The druid stepped through the opening out onto the roof. He stopped short as the young female orc turned, and pointed the arrow directly at him.
Mula charged through the guild hall doors, axe and mace swinging, and tearing into the fire elementals. She roared, feeling the blood coursing through her veins. With each swing, she took out an elemental, sometimes two or three. Seeing that her friends were taking out the devices, and the rest of the elementals, she ran down the hill, a certain troll female in her sights. Halfway down she leaped. She came down, knocking the troll to the ground. "€œThis is when you order the retreat,"€ she said, holding the axe to the troll'€™s throat.

"€œYoah death will be much worse den mine." She spat, and jerked her head upward, slicing her throat on the blade.

A shadow bolt struck her in the shoulder, and Mula turned to face the attacker. "€œYour leader is dead! Be gone!"€

The attacker looked down at his leader, and then at all of his fallen companions. He fell to his knees and put his hands up in the air. "€œI surrender!"€ Several other cultists followed suit.

Mula turned away and started walking back up the hill to the guild hall. She felt her baby kick and she stopped at the top of the hill. She stroked the fur of her belly, soothing the one inside her. She turned and looked at the carnage at the base of the hill.

It was then that she felt a blast of heat strike her in the back knocking her to the ground. The explosion came from the kitchen, blowing out the side of the wall spraying debris all over the place. Several more explosions went off in other parts of the complex. Mula turned and saw the guild on fire. She staggered to her feat, ears ringing. She pulled a piece of wood that had lodged in her leg out and headed into the burning guild hall.
Laughs as he sees the fighting stop and the cultists start to surrender then grins at Lucinther. "Well looks like the party is over...." Then he feels the ground shake as several parts of the guild hall explode almost shaking him to the ground. "What in the darkest part of the nether just happend?" He said shakeing his head and getting up. He then sees the guild hall on fire and dashes for the water well.
Melikar had been fast asleep when the initial attack struck. Years of combat taught his body to wake at the first sign of disturbance. However, with his room so far down the hall, he hadn't heard the first cries when the fire elementals had attacked. But, a sudden explosion within the guild hall itself had him to his feet in an instant.

Grabbing his sword from its resting place beside his bed, the troll barreled out the door. Standing at almost 8.5 feet tall, anyone caught in the way of this warrior would've taken quite a hit. He ran into the main area of the guild hall, seeing the door wide open to the outside and hearing quite a commotion from there. Turning his head, he eyed the doorway that lead to the kitchen area. A second explosion rocked the earth beneath him and it took a moment for him to realize that the motion was caused by an actual explosion and not just another one of those seemingly endless earthquakes.

Darting to the kitchen, he found part of the wall missing, chunks of rock and wood littering the floor. Smoke rose from the edges of the newly formed hole and Melikar found himself running to it and glancing out. He couldn't see what or who caused it from here, but it wasn't about to stop him from continuing his investigation. Stepping through the hole and landing int the grass outside, he paused to see if there were any infiltrators.


Sentei had heard the cry for battle. However, by the time he'd been able to fully dress himself and get his imp, Zeplop, in order, a lot of the battle had already passed. He could hear the cries of a female, her voice twisted and sounding quite demonic.

As Sentei rounded the corner to the actual battle, he stopped in his tracks seeing the form of another warlock within the guild. Expect her body was changed, morphed to fit like one of the demons she summoned. It was a skill Sentei was familiar with, having performed a Metamorphosis before. But he saw that not only was she in such a form, she had managed to summon all five of her demons to fight.

Watching her, Sentei felt the panic and the rush from entering a battle begin to fade. The only thing he seemed able to focus on was her power, her energy and her raw desire to kill those who would pose danger to the tribe. He felt a bit of heat rise in his cheeks, his heart seeming to beat faster and slower at the same time. Though a Metamorphosis changed one's physical appearance, they still retained a lot of their usual form too. Her long strands of auburn hair still tangled about over her shoulders, her ears created tall slits up through the strands, her clothing swirling about her curving body and her eyes alight with a fel-green that not even Sentei had seen on one of his kind before. It all made her so...so...


It wasn't until a sudden explosion shook the guild hall that Sentei had the might to turn his eyes away. Knowing that keeping five demons on this plane would surely drain Lailya of all her power, Sentei found he wanted to be there for her if she fell. Keeping an eye on his surroundings now, he stepped forward finally, calling for Zeplop to begin casting fireballs at the retreating cultists. He summoned forth power of his own, a deadly bolt of chaos forming on his hands.

Whoever it hit would be one unlucky fellow.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Lucinther rolled to his feet after the blast from the explosion. Zaevian was still next to him.

"What in the darkest part of the nether just happend?"

" I'm not sure..." Lucinther looked up and saw a night elf on the roof of the guild hall. He could just barely make out Anca's small form near it. "... Anca!"

Lucinther began a mad sprint for the guild hall, stopping only briefly to pick up his weapons that were by the cultist leader. Doors were a waste to him at the moment. He vanished near the wall, stepping through the shadows, and appearing again on the roof, running towards Anca.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Felling the shake of the explosion...then another, it took Aracna a moment to realize it wasn't an earthquake.

Dannion looked up at his parents, "Fire."

"Yea, I smell it too." Aracna thought for a moment, "The stables should be safe, most of my pets are there." She scooped up her infant son. "It'll be ok sweetie, we're going to the stable."

FIrvan nodded, "You take him, I'll protect you." He stole a quick kiss and the family headed out of the sleeping quarters and into the hall, choking on the smoke. The large hole on the side of the building burned brightly, as did most of the ceiling. The building creaked and moaned as the support beams burned. Through the smoke she saw Lailya and Senti fighting. The front door still seemed full of cultists. Firvan stepped in front of her and fired a few shots to clear the path. Delicately Aracna slipped past the bodies and ran to the stables.
The roof was collapsing under her feet, but to the nimble little girl, it was just like one of the bigger earthshakes, or being on a ship on the northern seas. The problem, however, was that it was collapsing the wrong way. Not outward, where she could try to jump clear, but inward, and quickly.

Jumping from "safe" to "safe," and the choices were rapidly diminishing, she deftly made her way back further until she heard Lucinther's voice through the din.

She made eye-contact with the rogue, not understanding that it would look to others like she was running right into the most dangerous part of the collapsing building. He was already in the collapse, though, and she hoped he'd know to try to follow her, that she knew what she was doing.

She dived for the hideyhole in the rock wall that had just been exposed, and scrambled in, hoping Luc would be close behind her.
The night elf druid cursed as the explosion rocked the building. Changing from his panther form into bird form, the druid began to fly away from the building. He was going to have some words with that gnome about setting the timers on the bombs so short.

Another nearby explosion nearly knocked him from the sky. Ok. That was one of the bombs he placed. He was seriously going to have some words with the pesky gnome.
Lucinther froze momentarily as he made eye contact with Anca. There was a certain look of confidence in her eyes. Lucinther knew she was well aware of what she was doing and that she wouldn't run into danger if it could be avoided. He ran after her quickly, avoiding the flying debris as he deftly ran from stone to stone, trying to avoid falling. To anyone watching from the ground, it would have looked like an amazing feat... in truth, he wasn't even sure how he was managing to keep is footing. He dove into the hole she had just scrambled into, barely fitting. The hidey holes weren't designed for someone his size... Rinu and Anca had made them for someone their size.

" Kid.... I'm beginning to think you are as crazy as me. Where does this thing go?"
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]

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