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I be Known as Firaina.
I am a bringer of fire, a maker of Ice, and a keeper of the arcane secrets. In short the masses refer to us as a mage, but our glory is so much more. We are Death Incrante.

As for who I was that means very little, For upon my death I became so much more. I awoke a from the grave to discover my new powers and set upon improvining myself to the fullest and within hours I have become 10 fold stonger soon none shall stop me!! " Firaina begins to cackle meniaclly and foam at hte mouth."

huh oh my profesions, a yes as before I build bombs, I like bombs so much fire and destruction. mmmm flaming carnage. "Firaina drools." Ohh I like first aid as well helps to hold the bittys on if you know what I mean. See. "holds open a loose flap of skin" Are you ok you are looking a little pale?

Clans oir tribes?? you mean before I was killed they matter not. And after I have not been awake that long to form those tpye of ties. So why am I here, becase I met these really nice undead pair who had recently made your equatance and they sent me on to talk to you. Nice pair even if the still seemed very much alive.

My greatest trial, hmm lets see I have just came back from the dead!! That is not a fun proccess I can tell you. lets see other than defing death, I kept my stomach down when I ate my first raw corpse. Surpricingly Humans taste like a fatty pork. Umm you are starting to do that pale sickly look again. looks good on you. "smiles"

Goals?? have you not been listening I crave Power!! oh and I plan on Blowing up stormwind, but that is really more of a hobby than a goal. Watch the eplosions, so pretty the fire and the screaming. What do I enjoy the most. you must have a set set of questions. Because it would be the Bombs, Flames and carnage and just a little but eating corpses seems to be habit forming. I hope it doesn't cause my butt to get big though.

The code..... Yes yes I think I might be able to make some concessions. Ya I am pretty sure I could follow them. I think....
Aie yi yi... Nightlily - it followed us. If the mage joins the Tribe, can we keep her?
I think so.. as long as she doesn't blow US up too in her craz.. err.. her excitement.
Invited 10/12/06.

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