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Felhounds of Sargeras nutshell guide
The second boss we will tackle is the Felhounds of Sargeras.  There are two hounds in this encounter, named F'harg and Shatug.  They share a health pool.  They must be kept 40 yards apart at all times (or they gain a 100% damage buff) and must be pointed facing away from the raid.  They each have an energy bar, and will cast special abilities at 33% and 100% energy (on heroic, they'll cast one at 66% too).

The tanks will position them 40 yards apart from each other.  Half the melee will go with one hound, half with the other, while the ranged and healers stand in between so they can reach both.


F'harg attacks with Fire abilities.

Burning Maw and Smouldering: this is an anti-tank ability.  The Burning Maw buff will appear on F'harg right before he begins to cast the ability on the active tank.  The active portion of Burning Maw does moderate Fire damage to the tank.  It will also stack Smouldering on the boss, which deals Fire damage in a 25 yard frontal cone.

Desolate Gaze (at 33 energy):  Projectile line attack.  Fiery lines will connect random players to the boss.  The players will have 8 seconds to position these lines, then he will cast Desolate Path in which several copies of him will charge across these lines, doing damage and a knockback to anyone in the line.

Enflame Corruption (at 100 energy):  DoT + small AoE to some players, and raid-wide damage.  Applies the Enflamed debuff, which deals moderate fire damage to the player plus anyone within an 8 yard radius.  Also applies raidwide damage (called Erupting Flames).


Shatug attacks with Shadow abilities.

Corrupting Maw and Decay:  this is an anti-tank ability, very similar to F'harg's.  The Corrupting Maw buff will appear on Shatug right before he begins to cast the ability on his tank.  The active portion of Corrupting Maw does moderate Shadow damage to the tank.  Corrupting Maw will stack Decay on the boss, which deals Shadow damage in a 25 yard cone.

Consuming Sphere (at 33 energy): This sphere travels slowly in a line along the path of a random player, and sucks people toward it.  Its pull is more intense the closer you are to it.   If you touch it, it will do ticking Shadow damage and apply a debuff called Consumed. This increases the damage of further ticks by 75%.

Siphon Corruption (at 100 energy):  Players will be afflicted by the Siphoned debuff, which deals heavy Shadow damage after 4 seconds, split evenly with all players within 8 yards.  It persists for 9 seconds.  The raid will also take raid-wide damage from Erupting Shadows.


The tanks should pull the hounds 40 yards apart, to either side of the arena.  Melee should be split between the two hounds, while healers and ranged stand in the middle of the room, between the two groups.  We'll place a raid marker there.

Tanks should position the hounds facing away from the raid due to the frontal cone.  There is no need to do a taunt swap at any point.

Use mitigation as the stacks mount up.

33 energy:

F'hart:  Players targeted with the Desolate Gaze lines should spread out in the middle of the room and make sure none of the charge paths overlap.  Don't point the paths at the tanks!

Shatug:  Avoid the Consuming spheres. Mobility cooldowns can be useful here.

100 energy:

F'harg:  Prepare to SPREAD for Enflame Corruption:  Players with the Enflamed debuff should quickly move out to the group before their debuffs explode.

Shatug:  Prepare to STACK for Siphon Corruption: Ranged and healers plus affected melee should stack tightly in the middle of the room to share their debuffs.  Use healing cooldowns.

We will bloodlust at the start of the fight, as soon as the hounds are in position.

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