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Farewell to Sreng - I Think Of You - Lyrics
To hear this beautiful song google the following:

i think of you, lyrics, renaissance

Select the first option to listen to a little of this song from a site called "lala"
(You can probably hear a preview on Amazon also.)

This is from the Album: Renaissance, Turn of the Cards
They are a group from the 70's who I feel were way ahead of their time. If you do not own any of their music...you need to.
They are the band who originally inspired me to create Dispaya and to make her a bard.
This is the voice I hear in my head when when I say " a voice both haunting and melodic."
So if you ever wanted to know what Dispaya sounds like when she sings, this is it.

I Think Of You

I love you like a stream flows restless to the sea
See you like the mist touches clouds, touches me
See you in the stars wherever you may be
I think of you, think of you

If ever you're near and have some time to spend
I love you every way, love you like a friend
And then when you leave a whisper in my mind
I think of you, think of you

When I see a bird fly over to the sea
And the sun in the sky is shining warm and free
And when I feel the wind blow cool over me
I think of you, think of you
Sing True Ironsong!
"Hugs his little sis hard"

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