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Fare Thee Well - Dispaya
Dispaya sat in the darkness of her crypt slowly rocking in a squeaky old rocking chair. A single candle lit the crypt as she sat with the hood pulled around her face. In her lap she gently stroked the fur of her pet rat whiskers. The creature did not move....for he had been dead more than three weeks now of old age. Dispaya barely seemed to notice as she sat just staring into the darkness.

She had grown weak in the past months as the magics that used to maintain her undeath began to unravel. When the Dark Sorcerer left he had also taken away something she needed to stay animated and fully alive. Her powers were weak and she could no longer manage to focus a spell. Slowly she lifted a mirror and looked again at her face. It was no longer the face she once knew but something hideous and scarred. She had been burned once by a great dragon but had managed to maintain herself with her magic. Now that magic was failing and she was now once again so very ugly.

A door gently creaked open behind her and her dear sister Anca stood silently in the doorway gathering her courage before slowly creeping up behind her. Dispaya pulled her hood tight so her looks would not frighten the girl.

"Spaya...?" She asked quietly. "Ever one wonders where you are? Anca not know what to tell them."

"Tell them I am no longer well child. Please tell them I still love them all."

"Anca have something...Anca FOUND something...shiny!"

She held out her hand and showed Dispaya the small heart shaped locket now partly covered with rust. It gleamed in the candle light and silently whispered to her.

Anca explained that she had found it in the sewers under Dalaran. Somehow it seemed to call to her. She know it had to be returned to her mage sister at once.

A faint glimmer of hope appeared in Dispayas eyes as she looked at the trinket. She slowly reached out with a burned hand and took the locket from Anca's palm. The orc girl recoiled a little at the site of her sister's hand.

"Anca...should you not see me again...would you promise to remember something always?"

"Anca ....promise." Tears began to fill her large beautiful eyes.

"Remember that I always loved you best of all."

As her sister turned to leave, Dispaya opened her hand to look at the trinket. She knew what it held. She did not want to leave, but it was all she could do for now. It was the only choice now left to her. She had helped them all she could. She had done all she had been able to do. Now it would be time for them to go on without her.

Slowly she opened the locket. A blazing white light filled the room and completely enveloped her. When it died the candle was out. The room fell into darkness.

We can ask ourselves philosophic questions about death and undeath. What happens to an undead being who "dies?" Are they souls who go on to other places? Are they simply animated bodies preserved by magic that hold the memories of their former life like some kind of ever living library? If the opposite of life is death then what is undeath? And what is the opposite of that? How does an undead truly die? I would like to postulate that the opposite of undeath is perhaps...life!

Perhaps when an undead creature returns to life, that is the only way it can truly die.


A human mage wandered into the tavern at Southshore. She pulled her hood away from her face to reveal beautiful pale white skin and long flowing hair and stood proudly upright in a gown of pure white with purple trim. Several patrons of the tavern turned to regard her visage and several of the mens eyes lingered on her shapely form. The mage lowered her head and glided to a nearby table and sat quietly down. The barmaid smiled and asked what she would like.

"Just an ale please," the mage girl quietly whispered.

"Right away miss." The maid replied.

The bar maid set the drink in front of the mage but her face caught the wizard girl's eye.

"Excuse me...pardon me for asking but...do I know you from somewhere?"

"No I do not think so Miss." The barmaid responded.

"Might I know your name girl?"

"Yes Miss, " The barmaid replied quietly smiling. "It's Caroline."

Dear Members,

I have been inactive for some time and finally feel it is time for me to leave. I have officially cancelled my wow account as of today. I'd like to say farewell in the Salty Sailor section here where I have spent so much of my time the past few years.

My reasons for leaving are varied but the most simple and honest explanation is that I disagree with a few fellow officers on some issues that have beeen ongoing and never resolved. This does not mean I dislike or disrespect anyone here. The Officers here are among the best people I have ever known and you are all very lucky to be in such a fine guild as this.

This is a guild filled with amazing and creative people and I know I am going to miss everyone and the great times we have all shared. It has been my great honor to serve as one of your officers and to run rp events with everyone. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am sorry to be leaving on a sad note. I honestly tried everything I could to stay but it just has not worked out.

Please remember to always SING TRUE!
All my love and power,
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Sing True Ironsong!
Farewell Dispaya. I don't entirely agree with your reasons for leaving, but I understand. I hope everything works out for you and you find happiness.

You will always be welcome if you decide to return.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
aww Bye Dispaya Sad Good luck in your real life adventures and hope to see you again sometime when you get bored and inevitably return to Purgator... err, WoW. Smile

actually I have a better idea...

*Activates God mode and ties up Dispaya and drags her back to the guild hall, feeding her ice cream until she forgets.* Crisis averted!
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Kureei lie curled up on her bed, tears streaming down her face. What did that mean, no longer well? Was she ever coming back? Fresh tears welled up in her eyes and she collapsed into her pillow.

"I'll miss you Dispaya. I hope we meet again one day."

((Thank you so much for everything you've done for us Dispaya. We really will miss you :cry: . Good luck with whatever life brings you.))
No longer well...

How could she be no longer well? Anca had been kind enough to tell those in the guild hall at the time, but it wouldn't be long before all knew.

Melikar sat outside the guild hall, his knees drawn up towards his chest and his elbows resting upon them. He sat atop the roof, actually. It was a very peaceful place and from here, he could see the Barrens stretching out before him for miles. It brought back memories of when he'd first set foot out to become a great warrior. And that, he had obtained well. He was taught to charge into battle, to show no remorse or fear towards his enemies. And his troll blood often ensured that wouldn't happen. When he was hurt, he hardly felt it. All the healers on the battle-field mended him swiftly, and when they couldn't, he persisted.

But no pain he felt before could compare to this. And who could heal it? No one. Only the slow-mending of time. When Anca had said Dispaya was "no longer well", he knew it didn't mean she was just sick for a short time. He knew it meant he would most likely never see her again. Tears had began to stream down the little girl's face when she began to tell them, it was only so obvious.

A noise from below caught his attention for a moment. The creaking of the guild hall door and foot-steps on the porch below. A tall figure emerged, blond hair quickly following in his wake. Melikar watched as Kardwel set a fast pace for himself down the hill away from the hall. More commotion followed as another elf ran out after the first, this one with brown hair. It must've been Sentei, Kardwel's brother. The two of them conversed for a few minutes. The troll watched as Sentei put his hand on Kardwel's shoulder who immediately shrugged it off.

Melikar and Sentei both watched, defeated, as Kardwel continued to hurry away.


"Listen, I know it's hard, but you never even SAID anything!"

Kardwel turned abruptly as Sentei ran up beside him. The warlock continued speaking.

"This may not be the end, Kard." he tried reassuringly, "You never know what the future can bring and you have to stay positive about it."

He reached up laying a hand on Kardwel's shoulder and was rewarded with a quick shove off.

"Don't touch me." Kardwel quietly stated, the Thalassian forming poison on his tongue. "I never let myself fall for anybody, not since Mehri. And the one person I begin to really feel anything for, and she's gone too."

Sentei stood, listening. He knew Kardwel didn't open himself to people very often, if at all. But Dispaya was one of the people he should've said something to before it was too late. He could hear Kardwel's voice quivering as he spoke, and he could see the gleam overcoming his brother's eyes.

"Whatever god or goddess rules this world..." Kardwel slowly began, "...they must hate me."

Sentei knew nothing else could be said. He watched, helpless as Kardwel stalked away down the hill. Where he was going, the warlock could only guess. Dispaya had done so much for Kardwel. She had made him realize he had a heart and shouldn't be afraid to love or care for others. She had given him a new body when his powers grew too much for him to handle. She had been there through all the mysteries surrounding that particular Sin'Dorei. Some of which still remained unsolved. He remembered her guidance to the tribe, and her love for telling stories and singing songs.

No one could replace her or what she had done for not just Kardwel, but everyone.

Slowly, Sentei turned back towards the guild hall. He would have to help comfort others now who had just heard the news. As a warlock, it really wasn't in the nature of his kind. But he had never been one to follow such stereotypes. So distracted he was, that he never noticed the troll looming on the roof-top above, feeling much the same as everyone else.

((Dispaya: I will really miss you. It was so much fun coming up with RP ideas with you and seeing all the events you planned for the tribe. And I still thank you for the RP about giving Kard a new body. He'll always be thankful to her for it. Smile

I wish you the best of luck in life, and I will happily wait your return for if you decide to join us again.

~ Meli))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Mirounga looked quietly amongst the sad faces and then closed his eyes, listening.

He didn't move for hours, only muttering every so often in an alien stream of vowels.

As the sun set, he opened his eyes and in a voice barely above a whisper muttered. "Gone from here, but not gone to darkness." With a slight smile, he ambled to the corner of the room and sat down.

He then quietly went to sleep, not willing to share.


I hardly knew you, but wish you the very best.
Dear Dispaya,

Ironsong will not be the same without you, but you have to do what you think is best. I believe that there is always compromise out there that will resolve whatever issues afflict you. Nevertheless, best wishes to you. Like Kosath said, you will always have a home here if you want it.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
The sound of pounding feet can be heard quickly approaching the Guild Hall. The great door is thrown open and Krell hurriedly enters the Hall, a look of anguish on his face. "Anca! Where are you child?" His eyes searched feverishly for the young Kor'kron Hunter...and they quickly settled on her form. She looked smaller somehow, hunching down amongst the Tribe. She was being comforted by many members but it looked to Krell as if bearing this news may have taken a toll on her. Seeing her like this forced him to push back his emotions and calm himself for her sake. "Anca," he said as reassuringly as he could, "I need you to tell me everything she said. Will you come with me?" Quietly, but together, they adjourned into Krell's living quarters. After a few minutes Anca returned to the remaining Tribe in the Guild Hall. She didn't say much to the others, other than to explain that she just told him what she had already told everyone. Then she shrugged.

Time continued to crawl forward until Krell was seen again. He stepped from his room and carefully picked his way through the growing number of Tribemates that had returned to the Hall. To all who observed him, he appeared packed for a trip. He had slung a heavy pack over a shoulder, and had his sleeping roll on his back. He moved with purpose however, and slowed down just a bit to say, "I must look for her." No reasons why, and no further explanations given. With that he turned and exited the Guild Hall. A sharp whistle was heard and a familiar barked followed. The last words that were heard were, "I will send word when I find something. Farewell."
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
This saddens me deeply... I'm sorry to see you go, old friend. You have been a steadfast presence in the Tribe for a very long time. I've long valued your unswerving devotion to the vision of the Tribe, your caring heart, and your ability to engage and inspire your Tribemates.

We've seen a lot of ups and downs together. This is the biggest down, by far. Drop me a line if you want to talk some more; you know how to reach me. I hope that you see fit to come back to us someday. You'll always have a place by my fire.

[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
(( I don't know what to say, but that I will miss you greatly. You'll always be welcome. ))
Cora wept.
(( Look, I know not everyone's character has a deep connection here, or you may just not have time to write out the characterization, but this is an RP thread in an RP forum for an IC goodbye to an amazing roleplayer. Can we at least pretend to keep it that way?

We censure people who get too OOC in their guildchat, even when they're using brackets - can't we expect at least that much from our officers and members? ))
((Dispaya, thank you for all the things that you have done for the Tribe, for they are too numerous to list.

I wish I could come up with something really clever to say that could make you change your mind. So, I will instead say to you, take care and best wishes.

I do hope that you will consider returning to us when you are ready to do so.

Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman
Best of luck, friend. We all wish you well.
((Coranda makes a good point. This is an IC thread in an IC forum; sorry about my OOC post. Lucinther, I removed your reply because it was in danger of hijacking the thread and turning it into something Dispaya did not intend. I invite you to post your thoughts in a more appropriate space, like Member Meeting. Everyone, please remember that emotions are running high right now, handle each other with care.))
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