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Faerlar, application to the tribe
My name is Faerlar and I am a mage. I have been, hmm, alive I suppose doesn't fit, but I have been around for awhile now and have seen many Ironsong tribespeople out and about. Having watched thier interactions for as much as I can, I have come to decide that I would like to join your ranks. I do not think I have hunted with any of you as of yet, though I suppose you could have been in disguse. ((OOC: As far as sponser, I have no IC ones but OOC-ly Zema, Edonil, and Zinthas should be able to give you a good idea of me))

I would guess that starting at the begining would be good, however the begining for me is not really the begining. I was once a paladin fighting on the side of light. Much of it is hazy now but I do remember falling in battle, I'm sure it was a glorious death as most humans die so well. In my new life I have taken up the art of magic. I find I enjoy my new arcane lifestyle and have no remorse for my past life. Then again I have no remorse for anything. I have also learned to craft cloth into clothes and bags. I learned skinning to acompany this as many of the patterns require leather. That and it seems there are many that will pay a great deal for the outer shell of dead beasts.

I have not been around long enough to make many allies. And beyond a strange warrior that seems to follow me around for the shiney gems I have no friends, that is if you consider something I use just so I don't come to harm as a friend. I find that perhaps more is needed to continue my path. That and I long for more meaningful conversation then the random shiney remark from the warrior. Most of all I know that many great things can be accomplished by a strong group that could never be done by one person.

I suppose the greatest trial I have had to face would be my awakening. Having some memories from my life and the confusion of finding my way to the surface made it difficult at first. I still will become confused and try to use a sword on creatures rather then my spells. The transition is going well and I feel I am much better now. I just try to live, heh live, every day as it comes. I do wish to become a great mage someday and control fire as I breath, as little as I actually breath now but the point is still there. Beyond becoming a great mage I want to find out what is wrong with my companion. Not to say there is anything wrong with his actions but it does seem he should be able to do more then he does now. All I can do is hold him out in front of me, I mean stand by his side, and wait for the future to show more signs.

Enjoyment is an interesting concept. I am not sure I really feel it anymore. If anything I suppose finding a new area to explore gives me enjoyment. The new creatures to kill and skin, the new groups of humans to kill, and the fresh unburned flora around just waiting for my touch. I have read over your conduct codes and I agree with them and to follow them.

Faerlar (those from the Asylum in TeamSpeak know him as Dlar), is a dear friend from our EQ days. We have just convinced him to turn to the dark-..er.. I mean Horde side and play with us Wink

He's an excellent RPer and a talented (and stubborn!) player Smile


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