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Eye of shadow
Okay, since we have defeated MajorDomo in the Core, I am in dire need of the Eye of Shadow for my Benediction/Anathema staff. The Eye drops off of some rather tough baddies in the southern part of winterspring that I cannot kill alone. A tank and I could successfully grind them, but it goes much more quickly with a few DPS classes as well. The times I am available are very flexable, just drop me a tell in-game if you are interested in helping out. Thanks in advance everybody.
I can kill those demons solo, you know.

*strikes a pose*

Just letting you know. :twisted:
I'd actually love to help you (and any other Ironsong priests reading this) look for an Eye of Shadow! Such challenges are great fun!

I've been busy on duty for the Warlock Order of late, but perhaps I will have more time soon. Let me know when you have an evening of demon-slaying in mind!
Here's the thing I don't get. You can pick up eyeshadow just about anywhere. Hell, I can count off about twenty places off the top of my head. What is it about this particular eyeshadow that makes it so desirable? To think that you're willing to brave demons by the score in order to get it. I mean, talk about commited to beauty.
The mighty cannot stop me, nor the wise make plans against me.
<facepalms> I'm not going to even try to explain.
*smiles helpfully* It changes color with the mood of the priest *nod* It is mood eyeshadow, so it is rare.
Didn't we have this exact same eyeshadow conversation the other day in IronsongOOC? =)
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
Yes....yes we did. Apparently they just wanted to share it with everyone that wasnt there to see it first hand.
[Image: 18177.jpg]
The eye of shadow comes mostly at night. Mostly.

Also posting to say that I need that accursed eye as well.
If I'm on when you get ready to go for it, I'll be glad to help!

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