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I am not writing this to argue or create drama. I am doing this for those whom I RP with and feel they deserve and explanation as to why I have left the guild. I will be posting this and removing myself from the forums.

The guild is going in a direction I do not care to follow. Some of the leadership want us to become "more than just and rp guild". I would like to remind you that you ARE more than just an RP guild...IST is THE rp guild. Go into trade chat in any day and ask for a good rp guild, you will be recommended IST. You are the most recognized, sought after and respected RP guild on the server. You have over 5 years of a long standing rp tradition..to be thrown aside for guild perks. You have cast the role players into a join able channel to be ignored and eventually lost. The guild hall once a place of sanctuary will be come an Oubliette. What IST will become in the end is just like every other guild on the server "Friendly, social, leveling/raiding guild. Gbank ,cool tabbard; pst."

Now, before you think of this as an RP vs. Raid argument let me explain something. I have two 80s. At one point I was raiding 6 nights a week doing icc10 and 25 on both as well as the weekly, R/S 10/25 and Uld. Prior to Cata both my girls had over 6k gs. I am an avid raider. However, my heart and the reason for joining this guild in the first place is RP.

On the same subject there is nothing keeping me on this server anymore. I am transferring Aracna and eventually my other characters to another server where RP is more active and respected.
Please say Moon Guard. When I return I plan on spending some time there
I disagree with your assessment of where we are headed as a guild. I feel that it betrays an enormous underestimation of the people you played with.

I'm sorry to see you go, though. I hope you find what you're looking for elsewhere.
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I was writing a very different reply to this, but then re-read that Jettanyx would no longer be checking the forums, so I changed it to a different post. Sad to see someone feel that they had to give up on the RP of the very old communities of both IST and Silver Hand. I hope that her destination is a good fit.

- -
Personally, I have been worrying about points brought up by Jetta and others in the other threads and how to envigorate the guild RP. I moved my first big RP re-energizing idea into a new topic in the RP forums - to be discussed.

p.s. (By the way, the recent flurry of RP forum threads have been great, so my big thank you and impressed smiles to the talesingers for those!)
It's sad to see such a great RP'er go, and will just have to pray that she changes her mind. Come back to the tribe, Aracna!!

I have to agree with Sreng, though. I don't think that recent changes will have much affect on how well our guild can RP. RP is like an argument...it's easier to do with more people, but there are times when you can find yourself arguing with yourself....But, hey, that is still just as entertaining!

Silver Hand does pose its challenges for dedicated RP'ers, where RP is done more within the guilds and less out in the open. What I'd propose to help rectifiy this is, as a guild, see what we can do to make RP more of an encouraged thing. I have characters on other RP realms (Cenarion circle, Scryers, Wyrmrest Accord, ...umm and a few others) and apart from Wyrmrest, they're just as (for lack of a better word) 'unmotivated' to RP as Silver Hand.

Let's show Silver Hand what it means to role play as opposed to roll play!
I'm sorry to see you go Aracna, but I can see from your post that you really don't like the guild tabard. Let me assure you that you don't have to leave. We really don't mind if you choose to wear a different tabard. And if someone confronts you about it, just tell them it's at the dry cleaners. That's what I do.
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