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Explainations on Silithus
I just wanted to make a seperate post to explain some things about the Silithus runs we are now doing as a weekly event (or as turn ins permit - Send me crests, not just clothes!)

Every time we kill one of these Barons - a scepter is dropped.

The scepter has two turn in possabilities.

A) A nature resist ring
B) A chest of supplies.

As of right now, we are not turning in scepters for A. Currently the tribe is not as a group doing any instances that require significant nature resist, thus the B. option works out better.

The B option yeilds
1. Essences - random types of the basic elements (fire, earth, water, air)
2. 5 healing pots.
3. 5 Mana pots.
4. Resist potions (Shadow, Fire, Frost, Arcane, et all.)
5. 60 Gold.

These are being distributed as follows.

1. Essences are being held by shillatae to be distributed for needed enchants to tribal equipment.

2. Healing and mana potions are essentially retained by myself

3. Resist Potions Are held by Shillatae to distribute during raids where needed.

4. Gold is used currently to buy arconite for the tribes crafting of one of Zlinka's axes.

A scepter will be given to you only if you are revered with the cenarion circle to obtain the Chest. When you obtain a chest, you are responsible for distributing its contents as listed above. Fail to do so and I may just find a nice way to guild kick you. Though you can keep those mana health pots - Woo!

(Fair Warning, to many people put effort into this to make it any one persons reward)

Please Do Not Ask Me For A Scepter For A Nature Resist Ring. We Are Not Doing This To Appease Any Singular Persons Desire For Loot But To Aid The Tribe As A Whole.


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