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Excerpts from the life of Donalzon
19th of February, 7th year after opening of the dark portal

Danella looks out the window. Now that its evening, the flashes of destructive magic can be seen on the horizon from her tower in Quel'Thalas. The forces of Arthas have been drawing closer, and still no sign of help coming from the alliance. The suspicion of the human's will yet be their downfall. With the fall of the city the alliance seals its chance of patching the division with the high elves. Danella knows that she must meet the fate of her race here, and do what little she can to try and stop Arthas.

She turns to look at Donalzon, asleep in an armchair, a tome of children's stories on one knee, and sitting on the other, with her head nestled into his shoulder is Danira.

Her children are the future of the elves, their fate lies elsewhere. She has raised them to judge people for their worth, and not for their ancestor's mistakes. Their vision and hope will soon be needed.

Danella calls gently to her eldest, "Donalzon..."

Immediately his eyes snap open. He is still young enough that she was able to keep him away from the battle, but his zeal has come through in his training. He truly is a warrior born. He sits still letting his sister continue to sleep.

"Yes mother?"

"The undead approach. I know you would stay here and defend Quel'Thalas, but I have already foreseen its demise. You will soon be needed to give your strength and vision, and see that the rest of our people have a future. I am sending you to Dalaran to your cousin Kael'Thas."

Donalzon's face falls. "Must I go?" Very uncharacteristic for him to question her word, but she knows he'll do as she asks.

"Yes my heart." She scoops up the still sleeping Danira. "Go with my love and my hope, you are now your own man, please see Danira safe to Dalaran before you take up your destiny."
"Cypher is saddled and ready in the stable with all you need to see you safe. Your father's sword is with him as well. Take whatever things are dear to you and make haste."

She calls for the steward, he enters immediately and at her motion takes the sleeping Danira.

"Bring her too the stables. And await my son."

A short time later she leaves the letter she is writing and goes to the window at the opposite end of the suite. She watches as the gray bearing her children vanishes into the night. Behind her a loud bang and screeching sound comes as the first attack lands on the city wall. She closes her eyes and thinks of better days.

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad

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