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Event planning help
I need some help.
I am planning a 10-plus step roleplaying event. What will happen is people that indicate to me that they are interested in participating (in one way or another) will recieve a cryptic note in the mailbox. The note will give them a clue telling them where to begin.
I have the clues written. I have the locations picked out.

Here is what I need:

Basically I need some kind of motivation for people to want to do this.
I have no ideas as to what nefarious/amazing plot could be discovered,or what great reward could be given to those who participate. Mostly roleplay is not its own reward. Could I really get people to fly/run all over the known world (and probably die at least once) over the course of a week just to find out a storyline?

My problem with writing a storyline is manifold. I am not such a great writer. I also do not know what would be acceptable story to roleplay sticklers in terms of a storyline. Can the players discover some kind of evil goings on? A plot to kill one of the Horde leaders? What should be the end result of the information that will be presented?

I may also need helpers to play the part of quest givers to further this event. What will happen is that on the designated day and time you will be at the location given in riddle by the previous questgiver. You will only need to stay there for an hour. I hope to have the entire event lasting about a week. One riddle per day and 2 on the friday, and sunday, 3 on the saturday. If nobody helps with that part I am able to do that by myself. Needless to say, if you are a helper, then you may not participate in the rest of the event. (other than as a helper)

People will be allowed to do this as a group, and share the details(so everyone can get a chance at the end reward/learning the whole storyline-I plan to run this for a week and some may not be able to make
some of the weekday times). The event could potentially be soloed by someone level 45 or so. Grouping would be better, but it is up to you. One will be more sucessful at this if some basic exploring has been
done. Some of the places are off the beaten path. There will be clues, but the places may be hard to find.
Some may be near impossible if you have never been there before, which is why I would encourage collaboration.

I can think of several ways that a sucessful story/event would go.

One would be with some Alliance people involved in the "plot". If I could get about 5-10 Mid-high level (45-60) Alliance to help me with this I could develop this some more.
Alliance would be 'bad guys' from the Horde perspective.
Any Horde doing this would likely need to group. There would have to be some PvP involved I think. I think that something like this has been done before.

One would involve me giving the winners money or items. This is feasible after I turn 60 and have bought all of my spells. I could probably put up around 50 gold to the winner/s. Maybe more. It depends on when this happens and how much cash I have at the time.

One would involve finding out something and going to inform the Warchief. I would absolutely need someone to play the part of "speaker for the warchief" so that with the roleplay one could actually interact with a prominent NPC.(This, I personally think, would be a GREAT lead in to Battlegrounds.)

So I have some possible endings, what should the story be for your favorite ending?

I am going to post this several places and see what kind of stories I get.
Ohhh...this sounds like fun! I'd be happy to assist.
I'd really like to participate/assist in any way I can. Let me know what you want me to do, but I'll have to work around my hectic schedule.

I'm also willing to help write. Contact me via email at [email protected] adelphia dot net, or on AIM via DominusPugnae.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
I'd love to participate
I have written the text and "lines" for the event.
I decided on having it be a lead in to Battlegrounds. (pending any other story ideas. I had none so I whipped something up. That is what came out. )
I am going to set it up so that even if a day is missed (day of dialogue and clue to the next location) that there will be "gossip" (you will be able to see the previous days action and dialogue in screenshots on the server forum board) and sharing of information will be encouraged. I think for what I am doing having a in game reward could be detrimental. (People rushing through the roleplay to get the goodies. )
I have not decided how many people I need yet.
I do need someone to play the part of "Speaker for the Warchief"
I need an Undead rogue
I need a shaman who is high enough level to be in Feralas alone probably.
I need to clean up the script and I will email it to anyone who wants to participate.
If anyone wants to give some critiques and help me flesh out what I have (The story is kind of flat) I would greatly appreciate it. I did just bang this out today.
There are 10 possible parts to play(I think), I may be able to cover a few of them with my alts if I can't get enough players.
More later on this.
Ooh! How exciting! Great idea!!
I am more than willing to help. I will do what I can around my schedule. If you want to email me the script, I'll do what I can to help. ((I'm a big fan of fantasy/sci-fi and cyber-punk)). My email is diana-wow @ catharsis dot org.
Sign me up for Speaker for the Warchief! That sounds just cool enough for me!!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
I would like to help by being a quest giver. Just let me know what you need me to do!
I can be a quest giver as well.
I'm also willing to 'die' for the cause as a bad guy or whatever you may need.
((Gah! Multi post!))

Now that I deleted all the extra posts my original reply is gone...

I am glad to see so much interest.
I still need an undead rogue( must be able to get to booty bay) and a Shaman over level 50 or so.

Anyone who may want to play a questgiver or help develop the storyline more either send me your email address in game or you can email me at bkymonster @ taocoyote dot com and I will email what dialogue and storyline I have.

Right now I am hoping that the first week in June will be a decent time for this.
The amount of solid comittment for this is not large. Staying in one place for an hour on one day during the week.
The way I have designed the event, anyone should be able to participate in some way with any play time that they have.
The event wll go on over the course of a week with about an hour of necessary comittment for the "questgiver" per weekday and 3 tops on the weekends.
The participants(those who get the "quests") will have less solid time comittment (since they will not have to stay in one place for an hour) but hopefully will spend time roleplaying the story with other participants.
I will also need people to play gossipers where your job is to run around in Orgrimmar (or anywhere) and strike up roleplay conversations with people about the storyline and tell them what has happened and what <their character thinks> will be happening. I hope to write some script to improvise around for that as well.
My ideal outcome is that the event will start small and snowball by the end in terms of participants.
(Also ideally I would like to have the event climax a day or two before battlegrounds are released, but since I don't know when that is, though I suspect early June, I have to guess)

Right now I am thinking that the first week in June would be good for this. I know a lot of people have school and other comittments.

((I think this project is huge and ambitious, but I am motivated))
oooh oooh Me! Me! I'm an undead rogue. Seriously though this sounds like a fantastic idea to me, I happen to be living impaired and a living impared of the rather sneaky slightly nefarious variaty. I'm not on much lately for personal reasons but at the VERY least once a week I am on. If you'll have me. I'm your man.
This should be happening around the 30th of May and ending on the 5th or 6th of May.
So far I have down as helpers Merrina, Brannora, Nicoaa, Eveline, Neruk, Gidayo and Sreng.
I still need a shaman, but if I don't get one I can rope my Husband into helping.
Pending feedback the storyline is pretty much done and I will be sending out lines to people through in game mail.
People who play questgivers(listed above) let me know what day of the week, and what time you are able to commit. For the rogue, I need you on a Friday. I will put up a schedule of when I need people later today.
I am going to put the dates up on the silverhandserver.com
(eeee! so excited)
I'm available for the days you listed above. My family and I are going out of town Jun 9 thru that weekend, but we may be finished with the storyline by then.
Feel free to email me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">mailto:[email protected]</a><!-- e --> with additional information, questions, etc.
Here is a quick schedule:
Monday may 30th: Inanna
Tuesday May 31st: Inanna
Wednesday June 1st: Merrina
Thursday June 2nd: Nicoaa
Friday June 3rd: Brannora and Lokus
Saturday June 4th:Gidayo and Shaman TBA
Sunday June 5th: Neruk, Eveline and Sreng.
If anyone has issues with these days let me know. I will try to talk to everyone in game. Haven't had a whole lot of time for that lately.
The times on these days can be changed to suit your schedule. Brannora and Lokus will be an hour apart, as will Gidayo and TBA player. Neruk and Eveline will be at the same time, and close to Sreng.
The bulk of this event should be the discussion that I, and others, will incite throughout the week in regards to the story-line.
If anyone cannot make it at the last minute I have an alt to fill in for almost any situation.
I believe I can assist with the shaman part.

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