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Eveline's Honor
((This is largely, save a few brief sentences at beginning and end, transcribed from screenshots of Eveline's RP in guildchat upon becoming Honored with the Zandalar after our first sets of attempts at defeating Arlokk, the Panther Priestess of Zul'Gurub. Since then we have defeated Arlokk and only Thekal, Tiger Priest, remains before we can do battle with Hakkar himself! Hail Ironsong!

Without further ado, here is the story of Eveline's return to Yojamba Isle...))

A warm ocean breeze sweeps in from the South Sea as Eveline walks across the beach of Yojamba Isle toward the settlements of the Zandalar, the sun setting in brilliant streaks of color out over the water beyond. Moving into the troll encampment, the Demonhost of Ironsong comes to a stop before the ancient Servitor of Rastakhan, Exzhal of the Zandalar.

He turns to face her, intoning his greeting as he has done in the past, almost ritually. "The Zandalar honour you for your actions on our behalf. You will always be welcome among us, as long as you never betray the trust we place in you this day.

"Have you completed the collection of heads, Eveline? Have you slain the Priests of Hakkar as well as Jin'Do?"

Eveline kneels and clenches a handful of sand in her bony fingers. "No Exzhal. With my Tribe I have fought against the maddened trolls that Hakkar has called to him. We have defeated three of the Priests that Hakkar has in his thrall, the Priestesses Jek'lik and Mar'li, and the Priest Venoxis. Today, we ventured into a Ziggurat that reeked of death to seek out the Priestess Arlokk. But her will was too strong...I fear what the Hexxer Jin'Do has in store for my Tribe."

Exzhal peers into his cauldron with concern. "We do not have a great deal of time, Hakkar's power grows with every wayward troll that pledges their faith to him, with every sacrifice that Jin'Do completed in his name."

"We will not stop until the Blood God's Power is broken, Servitor Exzhal. Ironsong feels the need of your people, and like you, we fear for all of Azeroth should Hakkar's will be freed from the confines of Zul'Gurub." Eveline rakes at the sand with conviction. "My Tribe has pledged all our warriors to this, we have not rested since your people first came to the shores of Stranglethorn. High Priestess Shillatae has been blessed by the Loa Samedi, she bears his mark. Ironsong is strong in spirit, though Arlokk managed to defeat us this day, the Baron Samedi will not let any of us fall until Hakkar himself has been defeated. I vow to you, Exzhal, Ironsong stands beside the Zandalar always."

The creases of worry on Exzhal's face relax, and he motions for Eveline to rise. "Your Tribe has done well, we have not missed the work of so many fine warriors. I merely wish for you to keep in mind the great threat that remains within Zul'Gurub. You have battled for months, but the greatest battle of all has not yet been tried. Jin'Do the Hexxer knows of your coming, he is not one to ignore such calculated attacks on the Priests of Hakkar. And the Blood God himself will not fall before you until much blood has been spilled."

Eveline begins to retort, but the troll nods knowingly. "Yes, I know your Tribe came prepared for blood. You may not have guessed how much would be required of you, though. It is a great boon that Baron Samedi watches over you all. Now, young warlock, though the Zandalar do not practice Demon binding in a conventional sense, our Demoniacs are quite familiar with the powers of Shadow. You are honoured by my people now, and there are certain artifacts we would like you to have. To aid you in your battle against Hakkar!"

Exzhal beckons Eveline up the steps of one hut. "Rin'wosho the Trader here, will be willing to share some of our rare Patterns with you, as well as opening up our stores of delicious Essence Mangoes to you." Before Eveline can become too taken with Rin'Wosho's goods, Exzhal beckons her up the winding stairs to the second story of the hut. The ocean wind blows stronger up here, rustling the heavily thatched roof. Headshrinkers stand guard around an ancient troll with cracked tusks. The gem of his turban gleams as he kneels over a low table. A large map of the entire world of Azeroth is spread before him!

"This is Al'tabim, the All-Seeing. He is well versed in the powers of the Demoniacs, and shall help you, Eveline."

Eveline kneels once more. "Al'tabim! You have gifted me with bracers used by your Demoniacs, and I have used them well. I do not seek to bind a Demon into my body, as some Zandalar do, but I would learn more of your ways."

Turning away from the Azeroth map, the troll crouches down and stares at Eveline eye-to-eye. "The Demoniac seeks to embody power outright, not just possess it. More than one of our Demoniacs has lost a fight with a demon; with our enemies threatening us, especially in Zul'Gurub, that pwoer is worth the sacrifice. Our survival depends on crushing those who would destroy us; the fall of the Gurubashi Empire taught us this.

"I would not ask such a thing of you, Eveline, of or other warlocks of the Horde. Your methods are different than ours...but you have done well enough by them to earn this."

Eveline nods in acknowledgement, already aware of her end of this exchange. From her packs she carefully takes the Primal Hakkari Sash, 2 Orange Hakkari Bijous, and handfuls of Hakkari and Witherbark coins. She lays them on the ground before Al'tabim, unwilling to disturb the map on the table. The troll seems pleased with her offering.

"Well done, Eveline. The Paragons of Power from Zul'Gurub should act as a reminder of wasted power. The Gurubashi were strong at their height, but they allowed themselves to be consumed by it. A Demoniac knows that the game they play is much similar, but the power unleashed is often the very thing needed for survival. Use this mantle as an honored ally of the Zandalar...it will serve you well." Al'tabim the All-Seeing presents the young warlock with a Zandalar Demoniac's Mantle.

Eveline seems very happy, and casts her Shroud of the Nathrezim aside immediately.

Al'tabim pauses as if considering something, then reaches into the folds of his robe. "Accept this talisman, warlock. Accept it and use its power to strike down our mutual enemies. Know that around your neck you carry a piece of history.

"Kezan was once a grand territory of the Zandalar Empire. Alas, the taint of goblin trade princes would force out my proud brothers and sisters. Kezan is now home to the goblin capital of Undermine, but know that before the taint, it held greatness. Still to this day, Kezan is considered sacred to my people."

Eveline gets to her feet, and looks to Servitor Exzhal. "I thank your people for their generosity. Your friendship is one I will honour in turn. Before I leave tonight, there is one more thing I must do."

Exzhal inclines his head in agreement, and looks to the engraved obelisk to the west of the hut. "Yes, Eveline, that would be a good thing to do indeed."

The Temple is decorated with many winding runes, but there is a visible snake motif here. A narrow tunnel leads to the altar within. Eveline pauses at the bridge and looks down at Juk'nagma. The Imp turns a little cartwheel in midair and disappears back into the Nether, a rude noise echoing behind him. Eveline crosses the bridge and walks through the narrow tunnel. The Altar of Zanza is open to the sky though enclosed in the temple walls. Eveline kneels before it, and whispers the inscription aloud to herself.

"We call upon you, Zanza of Zuldazar. Bless those that ask for your help, Loa Zanza. Bless those that would ally with the Zandalarian people. Aid us in this time of need.

"Aid us Loa. Give us the power to strike down our enemies. Give us the power to once more defeat the Blood God."

Eveline smiles slightly, and whispers, "In life, I believed in lesser gods than these ancient Loas of the trolls...now...I rely on myself and my Tribe. But I have seen enough through my travels, I do not discount your power, Zanza.

"I met with your avatar today, and you have blessed me with this Hoodoo Hex. I thank you for watching over my Tribe, for I know that you fight alongside us against the Blood God."

A few silent moments pass. Eveline rises and leaves the Altar of Zanza, as well as Yojamba Isle, now shrouded in the cool South Sea night, to return to the company of her Tribe and the bustle of Orgrimmar. She knows that she will return to the Zandalar, that Ironsong will keep faith with their latest allies, that Hakkar will fall.

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