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Eonar Nutshell guide (Heroic)
I didn't write up a Normal Eonar guide, but we know the encounter quite well so I'll just write up the Heroic differences:

The ship above our heads, The Paraxis, gains a new spell in Heroic called Spear of Doom.  This is an ability that fixates and chases a player with a beam that leaves a path of green fire in its wake.  This fire damages players who stand in it, AND increases the movement speed of adds if they step in it too.

--> Players who are fixated must kite the fire away from other players and ALSO out of the path of the adds.  The adds follow a set path so they can't be taunted out of the fire by the tanks -- it's up to the fixated player to make sure their fire trail stays out of the adds' path.  Do this by dragging your fire trail PARALLEL to the adds' path.  The adds tend to run down the MIDDLE of the ramps and bridges, so just make sure your fire trail is off to the side.

We'll also get a new add from some portals called Fel-Powered Purifiers.  These must be tanked.

* Purifiers have a Purification aura that makes all nearby adds IMMUNE to CC.  Tanks must pick up this add and move it away from any small adds.  

* Purifiers also cast Fel Swipe at the tank, which is a short-range frontal cleave.  Make sure to face the Purifiers away from the raid.

* Purifiers are the lowest-priority kill target -- kill the other adds before killing them.
We'll need to be more organized on Heroic Eonar than we needed to be on Normal.  To this end, we will be dividing the raid into sub-groups and we will be sending these sub-groups to various levels to handle different types of adds.

Here's a quick overview of the adds:

Small adds

Small adds have no abilities and move on a set path toward Eonar.  They must be CC'd in every possible way.  Slows, knock-backs, grips, stuns, and roots all work.  Fel Lords are slow and have high health, Felguards have normal speed and medium health, Fel Hounds are fast but have low health, and bats (Volant Kerapterons) have normal speed and medium health but they fly.

Big Adds

The Fel-Charged Obfuscator runs on the same set path as the little adds, but he has a cloak which causes all nearby adds to become untargetable.  He needs to be single-targeted down.  Adds can also be CC'd so they fall behind the Obfuscator and then targeted and killed.  The Obfuscator is the top priority kill target.

The Fel-Powered Purifiers are only on Heroic Mode.  They have a Purification aura which makes all nearby adds immune to CC.  Tanks should pick up the Purifier and move it away from the small adds.  Fel Purifiers also cast Fel Swipe, a short-range frontal cleave, at the tank --> tanks face the Purifiers away from other players.

The Fel-Infused Destructor is the big fel reaver type add.  He'll move to a set location and then becomes tankable.  He must be tanked (melee let the tanks hit him first).  If he is not engaged in melee combat he will cast Artillery Mode, which launches a rocket at Eonar which does a lot of damage.  Artillery Mode must be interrupted.

Kill order:  Obfuscators have top priority, followed by the little adds, then the Destructors, and lastly the Purifiers.

Obfuscators --> little adds --> Destructors (big fel reaver types) --> Purifiers.


For some of the raid, we'll be fighting all together as a group.  However, we will designate two sub-groups which we will pull away to handle particular waves:

* Ranged group for bats:  We'll designate one sub-group of ranged with cleave and multi-DoT abilities, plus a healer, to handle the bats (on the middle platform).  This will happen twice during the encounter.

* Strong AoE group:  We'll also have a sub-group with strong AoE, plus a healer, which can be split off to handle a problematic Felguard spawn on the upper level.  This will happen once during the encounter.

Two halves:  We will divide the raid into two halves (minus the ranged group) for the last wave of adds.  This wave spawns from two different levels simultaneously (upper and middle).  For this wave, the ranged will already be handling bats, so the rest of the raid will split into two groups to handle the upper and middle spawn points, then we will all regroup at Eonar to finish killing off the bats.


Red = middle platform
Purple = lower platform
Blue = upper platform
Green = bats (middle platform)

Spawn 1:  0:05. Middle Portal.  Felguards and a Destructor.  Raid stays together.  ALL TOGETHER.

Spawn 2: 0:30. Lower Portal.  Felhounds and a Destructor.  Whole raid jumps down from middle to lower path.  ALL TOGETHER.

Spawn 3: 1:00.  Upper Portal.  Fel Lords, one Destructor, and one Obfuscator.  Whole raid uses Extra Action button and jump pads to get to upper paths.  Focus down the Obfuscator, then kill the Fel Lords, then the big Destructor.  ALL TOGETHER.

Spawn 4:  1:50.  Middle Portal.  Felguards and a Purifier.  Entire raid travels to the middle platform.  Tank the Purifier to the side.  Kill the Felguards, then the Purifier.  ALL TOGETHER.

Spawn 5:  2:30.  Middle Portal.  Bats.  The group of ranged & multi-DoT DPS and a healer splits off to intercept the bats as they fly past the middle path. RANGED GROUP.

AOE Group heads to the upper portal, while...

Spawn 6:  3:05.  Lower Portal.  Felguards, one Destructor, and one Purifier.  Each tank should take one of the big adds.  The rest of the raid kills the Felguards, then the Destructor, then the Purifier.  RAID MINUS THE AOE GROUP.  Meanwhile...

Spawn 7:  3:15.  Upper Portal.  Felguards.  The small group of strong AoEers intercepts and damages these adds. AOE GROUP.

Spawn 8:  3:40.  Middle Portal. Felguards, Fel Lords, Felhounds, and one Purifier and one Obfuscator.  The raid should regroup on the middle path.  Tank pulls away the Purifier.  Raid focuses down the Obfuscator, then the small adds, then the Purifier.  ALL TOGETHER.

Spawn 9: 4:35.  Middle Portal.  Bats.  The group of ranged & multi-DoT DPS and a healer splits off to intercept the bats as they fly past the middle path.  RANGED GROUP.

Spawn 10:  5:15.  Upper Portal.  Fel Lords and a Destructor.  Half the raid fights off the adds at the upper portal.  Once these adds are dead, head straight to Eonar to kill off remaining bats.  HALF THE RAID (minus the ranged)

Spawn 11:  5:15.  Middle Portal.  Fel Lords and a Destructor.  The other half of the raid fights off the adds at the middle portal.  Once the adds are dead, head straight to Eonar to kill off any remaining bats.  HALF THE RAID (minus the ranged)

Spawn 12:  5:20.  Lower Portal.  One Obfuscator.  Ignore this add because the fight should be over by the time it reaches Eonar.

Note:  I got this portal order from Wowhead.  There is a contradiction in their last wave which I believe I have rectified.  I am trying to verify the portal spawn order & add waves, as different guides have different portal orders.  If you know of a totally accurate guide please post it below and I'll fix this one.

It also appears that many guides lump some of these waves together.  Here's a different visualization:

Here's a narrative account of the fight.

LITTLE ADDS:  There are three kinds of little adds:  squishy dogs that move fast, tanky fel lords that move slow, and felguards which are in the middle.  Bats fly around a set path, spawning near the upper portal and slowly flying around until they slowly skim the circular part of the middle path.

BIG ADDS:  There are three kinds of big adds:  Purifiers need to be tanked away from the little adds as they have an aura that makes the adds un-CCable.  Also tank them facing away from the group as they have a short-range frontal cleave.  Destructors run to a set location and stay there.  The tank must keep aggro on it or it might CC a DPS, and if nobody's in melee range it will bombard Eonar with massive damage.  We need to interrupt Artillery Strike also, as it does a lot of damage to Eonar.  May need an interrupt rotation or at least verbal coordination.  Obfuscators just run toward Eonar and can't be CC'd.  They have an aura which cloaks nearby adds, making them untargettable.  We can put down slows to make the little adds fall behind where they can be killed.

The PARAXIS puts green circles on players, move them out.  They also target players with Spear of Doom which makes you leave green junk on the ground.  This stuff doesn't just hurt, it also speeds up the adds, so take it to ONE SIDE of the path and and run along that as the adds run along the middle.

We can use the JUMP PADS to quickly go up a level, and we also have an extra action button which lets us fly.  Pro tip:  you can reactivate your extra action button in the air which lets you jump down to a targeted location.


The first portal to open is on the MIDDLE PATH.  Have the whole raid there and obliterate the adds.

Then everyone JUMP DOWN to the LOWER PATH to destroy those adds.

After destroying the lower adds, use the jump pad and the extra action button to get to the TOP PATH.  Focus down the obfuscator before killing everything else.

Then glide down to the MIDDLE PATH and once again destroy everything.

Now, here is the first time we'll need to split the raid.  We'll have a bat spawn, but we won't be able to do much damage to them until they reach the middle path, because they'll be so far away.  We'll assign a small group of good multi-DoT and cleave ranged DPS to SIT on the Middle Path so the bats can be damaged as they fly past.  Not all the bats need to die, as Eonar will finish off any low bats as she casts her next Life Force in a few moments.  As these bats reach the Middle Path, the Lower and Upper portals will spawn.  The majority of the raid and both tanks need to be on the LOWER PATH as it has a Destructor and a Purifier, and some small felguards.  Tanks pick up the two big adds and tank them on top of each other so they can be cleaved down.  Cleave and finish off the felguards.  The UPPER PORTAL will ONLY spawn a few fel guards.  Send a few good AoE DPS and a healer up there to CC them and kill them off.

Once this is done Eonar will cast Life Force which will finish off any small adds that are left over.

Immediately re-group at the MIDDLE PATH to kill any of the adds flowing from there.

Then there will be a short respite to regroup.

Then bats will spawn, and as they reach the middle platform all levels will have a portal open.  Have a small group of multi-DoT and cleave ranged DPS deal with the bats, while the rest of the raid splits EVENLY in two.  One half goes to the UPPER PORTAL and the other half goes to the MIDDLE PORTAL.  (The lower portal will only spawn an Obfuscator which we can ignore because the fight should be over before he reaches the boss).  Both groups should annihilate their Destructor and any other adds that spawn from their portals.  Once that is done, have everyone REGROUP at EONAR to finish off any adds that slip through.  At that point she'll cast her last Life Force and the fight is over.

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