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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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So, ET:QW is released today. The Demo was released in early September if anyone is interested in checking out the game, and it's available at the site listed.

I've played FPS games for...well most of my life, and so far this is by far one of the best ones I've played. It's a team-based game where each player selects one of 5 roles (Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, Cover Ops). There are pre-set objectives to each map (ie- build the bridge so you can escort a tank across which will take up a position and launch a missile that you need to get into a certain building for another objective). There's alot of strategy, communication and teamwork involved, and it's beautiful when it all comes together.

The storyline is neat too. For any of you familier with Quake 2 and 4, this is the precurser to Quake 2 (where the humans organize a counter-attack) and subsequently Quake 4 (when the counter-attack builds steam). The Strogg (as identified by the intro video on the site) are an alien race that harvests organic material in order to merge and program them with their warmachines. ET:QW plays out the initial assault, and the missions play out various battles of import across the globe.

If anyone else is getting this, has it or whatever, send me a PM, I'd love to meet up for a game or two.
Used to love FPS myself. But I really can't play the run and guns anymore. I loved the original ET, but I've been playing games that require me to actually use cover and controlled stationary bursts for too long now. Tried the demo and just simply could not keep up, run and gun infuriates me now.

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