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End Game Raid Forums
Hi Tribe,

Just posting to notify the many End Game raiders in Ironsong that (by popular demand) I've set up a forum for the raid.


I'm leaving registration and activation e-mail based for the moment to ease the transition of raiders making accounts, so please make yours soon-ish and spread the word to any other End Game raiders who might miss this post. For everyone else, this means that you don't have to worry about me wasting space on the IST forums for all these silly raid-specific notices. Smile

Thanks for your patience!
I'll register.. as long as I'm allowed to have the handle of Sound_doom or something equally obnoxious. :D

In seriousness, do you want us to put something IST'ish in our names/somewhere else to signify our OOG'ness to the others in BB?
Sound Wrote:In seriousness, do you want us to put something IST'ish in our names/somewhere else to signify our OOG'ness to the others in BB?

Oh no, nothing like that. Anyone we know or who wants to participate in the forum is welcome. Can't imagine anyone just up and wanting to join without a reason to, either way. We're a small guild and we tend to know who is and who isn't "one of us" Wink
Hey Elyana, is there a way to get the email verifications sent out again (the one which is done when signing up)? Both my hotmail and gmail junk mail filters seemed to have blocked it (I tried with two different names with the said different email accounts). I'm out of email addys now.. but have however tweaked with the junk mail settings a bit to hopefully allow it to come through now if it can. I think that made sense.

If I'm remembering correctly, it did this with IST's site too back in the day.. silly thing!

And while it would of been typical on behalf of Sound, she did in fact not manage to spell both emails wrong when singing up. :>
Activated the use "Sound" manually. Hopefully that works! Smile
Sound... your avatar is adorable. ^_^
hehe, thanks Kret. :] Here's the original of it-- <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://onjedone.deviantart.com/art/Druid-love-41123359">http://onjedone.deviantart.com/art/Druid-love-41123359</a><!-- m --> (Note the Cenarion, Wildheart and Ironfeather!)
I'll have to warn you that if you continue to use that avatar, you'll no longer be allowed to post more than twice in any given thread Sound. More than that and it will exceed your allowed cuteness level.

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