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Hi everyone! I got a nice ring from Shantow and I'd like to put a really nice enchant on it. Could someone make me a Gift of Haste to ring? I'd very much appreciate it!
I just spent a few of my books on some enchants, but I think I focused on Mastery. I can have a look today and see if I happen to have that, or pick it up for you if you need (I think I still have some books to grab the enchant). Its a fairly expensive enchant and I am running low on Temporal Crystals but if I can help I will!
By any chance, is there a +Armor enchant to Rings/Neck? What may I offer you in exchange Eru?
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The Ironsong Tribe

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Bonus Armor enchant? Yes please!

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I don't recall seeing one, but I will have a look. My understanding that Ring, Neck and Cloak Enchants are for only Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Multistrike and Versatility. The only Armor enchant I could do is the weapon one, Mark of Blackrock (Bonus 500 Armor Chance below 50% Health), which I don't have currently and with my current supply of materials...expensive.

For tanking, I believe you want Versatility as it increases damage and reduces damage taken, unless there is another stat that weighs higher.
There is not an enchant for either Bonus Armor or Spirit (because those would be no-brainer choices for Tanks and Healers respectively).

I will also note that I have a pile of books and crystals on Tempestmoon, since I've been generating them daily but haven't bothered to use any yet. I'm intending to use them for raiding purposes once I knew what people wanted and what we already had available. I'd be happy to use some earlier for people who have items that are likely to last a long time (whatever would count as BiS for your personal play style, such as the Legendary quest line ring is likely to be).

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