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Enchanted Thorium armor
Hey all, I know there is one other armorsmith in the guild other then myself. Heh and they are probably skill 300 unlike myself. I am 59 and am going to try for a strong push to 60 this weekend. Enough about that I was wondering if anyone was able to make the enchanted thorium armor pieces?

As of right now I can supply the thorium and also get it enchanted if need be. I also have one arcane crystal I happened upon mining in Winterspring at the owlbeasts. I was looking at the stats and everything and I figured it would be a better idea to try for these pieces then waiting on valor drops or well any drops. I'll gather the materials for the pieces as needed as well just wondering if there is someone that can craft these armor pieces?
Kosath can, would happily help you make them, he usually has some spare gems and such.

If Kosath isn't available, my alt is a 300 Armorsmith that can make all three pieces of Enchanted Thorium.

I spent a lot of time and gold getting all parts for each book and learning them, and haven't once made any of the peices. =P
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
(( I am available to enchant the thorium, as well...though, I believe my current stockpile of dream dust is VERY low (down to 1 stack, I believe) ...I am more than happy to use what I have for you, though. ))
Now that I have broken my wallet just on the essences I will need I am wondering if anyone in the tribe could help me with the other components needed?
I still need
2 blue sapphires
3 huge emerald
2 Azerotian diamonds
and 3 more essense of water

The metals I will try to gather or buy myself the arcanite being the harder to come by.

Again thank you for the help.
(( Afraid I don't have any of the gems listed, as I have no miners at level to mine such things up - however - I would be happy to go out and help you farm for essences one day when there aren't 80 different other things going on Smile I had several people come keep me company for a little while at a time while I was farming up the things for my hide of the wild, so I never mind returning that favor. ))

Lucrey, I think I have enough of the gems to help you out, and Essence of Water is pretty easy to come by if you can devote about an hour or two killing the plagued elementals in southern EPL.

Lemme know what you need.
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
((Well right now I need arcane crystals to make arcanite. Unfortunatly I spent a good portion of my gold on getting the water essence from the AH. I still have 6 essence of earth and I might get two of them transmuted to water.

So my main problem is getting my thorium enchanted and getting arcanite. Though thanks for the offer of gems that will help alot!))

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